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"Under the Skin"

Under the Skin (1997) stars a 19 year old Samantha Morton as a young woman whose mother dies rather suddenly of brain cancer. She has always felt that her married and pregnant older sister was mums favorite, and also that her boyfriend doesn't really pay attention to her. The death of her mother sends her off on a self-destructive foray in hedonism. Each time I put a film in my drive that I know nothing about, I start fast forward and watch for nudity. In this one, the first frame of the film contained Samantha showing full frontal (see image one) and I knew it would be a project. She shows breasts and buns several times in the film, and has some good see/poke-throughs as well.

She leaves her boyfriend, gets her own apartment, quits her job, and starts sleeping around. This is clearly not working well for her, and reaches critical mass when she discovers that her sister took a ring belonging to her mother that she had wanted, is mugged, her date blindfolds her then pisses on her face, and she finds that her best friend is now sleeping with her old boyfriend. Her sister is on a business trip, and she goes to her house and tries, unsuccessfully, to seduce her brother-in-law.

The film is highly thought of. IMDB has it at 7.0 of 10, the film won 8 festival awards, and was nominated for 4 others, and had great critical acceptance, mostly due to Morton's performance, which I admit was riveting. I had a huge problem with this film, however. It was cinema verite, which, to me, means the film technically is absolute crap, and the grainy photography, bad lighting, stark camera angles, and nearly constant use of a shaky-cam spoiled what, for me, might have been a good film. Still, it is a critical hit, has good exposure, and a great performance from Morton, so I will award a C+.

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    "Second to Die"

    Second to Die (2001) is a straight to vid thriller staring Erika Eleniak as the sister who is discovered dead in the opening scenes. Kimberly Rowe is really more of a plot device than a character, and serves as the audience point of view and the naked person. Rowe is swimming at night in the rain as her artist boyfriend paints her when she gets a page, and finds that her sister is dead. She rushes home to her alcoholic mother that she lives with and cares for, and discovers and starts reading her dead sisters diary. Along the way, we learn that Rowe works in a cocktail lounge, gets no respect from her mother, and has a low self-image growing up in the shadow of her older sister, who has married into money and lives in a big house.

    Things were not all candy and roses with Eleniak. She was forced to take care of her husbands severely retarded and wheel-chair bound daughter from a previous marriage, and the husband is distant, cold, gone a lot, and has made her sign a pre-nuptial. She has an affair with a friend of her husband, and the two of them decide to off the husband and collect $2M in insurance. This makes the police suspicious, until they discover the policy had a second to die clause, which meant that the beneficiary only collected after the second one of them died. She then thinks someone is going to kill her.

    I will stop there with the plot, as those of you less demanding of a thriller than I am may want to rent this. Eleniak kept her clothes on the entire film, but did look pretty good. Rowe gets out of the pool in wet panties with bush clearly visible through them, as well as buns, and has ok see-through in her colored t-shirt, then shows breasts and buns in a sex/after sex scene. I didn't believe the Rowe character, as a young woman with great priorities and a sense of responsibility, who knew her sister was shallow and self-serving, and yet felt inferior to her. Eleniak's performance would have seemed poor even by hard core standards. Paul Winfield as a police detective, as sort of a Colombo-like character, was the most entertaining performance. This is barely a C. It has the genre essentials, including red herrings and plot twists, excitement and some suspense, and a supposedly surprise ending (which I guessed), but is nothing special.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)


    Starship Troopers is Paul Verhoeven's bizarre adaptation of Robert Heinlein's juvenile novella. It goes gung-ho pro war, then satirizes war propaganda. It's a creature movie, then it's a satire of creature movies. I really like parts of it, dislike other parts, but it is a big sweeping space spectacular and a great technical achievement. Someday I'd like to ask Verhoeven why he decided to hire Denise Richards and Casper van Dien in the same movie, as the leads. This may be the most perfect pairing of acting talent in history.

    It will be released Tuesday in a new 2-disc special edition. I don't really recommend it unless you are already a fan. It has plenty of insight into the special effects, lots of featurettes, and two commentary tracks, but no real treasures like unseen footage. There are a couple of moments in the original that I can't follow, indicating that a minor sub-plot had been cut. But there is no additional insight here - just the same deleted scenes that were on the first DVD.

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    Graphic Response
    • Deborah Kara Unger, flashing her pubes for Ralph Fiennes in a scene from "Sunshine" (1999).

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

    One last batch from "Emmanuelle: A World of Desire"

    Krista Allen in the first scene of the movie. In it, Krista enters an old dude's office, reclines on a couch, strips off her blouse and sticks her hands down her pants. And how does he react? Just stands there about ten feet away and watches. So I got to thinking that if I ever get this old and clueless, each of you has my permission to do me in. I'll deserve it and would view it as an act of supreme mercy. Anyway, Krista shows plasto-hooters only in this scene.

    • Krista Allen (1, 2, 3)

    Angela Cornell plays a stable girl who lights a friendly alien's fire. This is a single B scene, with breasts only.

    • Angela Cornell (1, 2)

    Claire St. Patrick plays a model, who shows some distant, out of focus nekkidness; the scene also includes Krista's bum in thong undies.

    Debra Beatty is the second-order starlet of this movie, and she brings to it a pair of homegrown hooters at least as good as those Krista had to pay for. The collages come from two scenes and include Debra in revealing lingerie, with some implied lesbo action from Krista, and Debra sport-humpin another alien. The third of these is a single frame showing off Debra's impressive credentials.

    • Debra Beatty (1, 2, 3)

    Dede Shire and Angela Mia play gypsies. One keeps her clothes on, whereas the other gives us a good look at one boob. Haven't a clue which is Dede and which is Angela.

    Delphine Pacific plays a maid who also sport-humps an alien. Two collages showing boobs only.

    • Delphine Pacific (1, 2)

    Joy Figueroa and Priscilla Choi play a Tibetan monk and a Chinese soldier, who visit a monastery for some serious lovin'. Joy gives us a triple-B performance. Priscilla's collages show boob only, although there is a distant but impressive shot of a guy eating at the Y.

    Tami Simsele plays a maid who pleasures Krista/Emmanuelle. You get to see only a brief nip-slip from her in a loose fitting costume.

    Segue to the last of these things: a couple of collages of Tami in an extremely tame girl-girl encounter with Krista. You will notice that unlike guys in this movie, who held Krista's boobs from the bottom, as if they would fall off, Tami holds them from the top. Apparently she was concerned they might float away. Geez, Tami baby, they're filled with silicon, not helium.

    • Krista Allen (1, 2)


    Today is truly a "Babe in Bondage" Day as we feature Judy Brown in the 1971 WIP flick, "Women in Cages".

    Judy is taken by sadistic warden Pam Grier to a torture dungeon in the prison, and tortured with a cauldron of fire.

    Astrid Combes She's a complete unknown, but in this Scoop's opinion, if there is a such a thing as the perfect breast, I think I have found it. From the French movie "Déjà mort" (1998).

    Claire Keim The French actress goes topless in "Service(s) compris".

    Cylia Malki Excellent toplessness in scenes from "Déjà mort".

    Eva Herzigova The mega-supermodel in an extremely see-thru top with clear nipple sightings. From "Les Anges gardiens" (1995)

    Minnie Driver Brief breast exposure in "The Governess" (1998).

    Sophie Aubry
    (1, 2)

    Breasts, bum and a hint of pubes in scenes from "Pas de Panique".

    Zoé Félix
    (1, 2)

    Another totally smokin' actress showing off a great body in "Déjà mort" (1998)