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There was no nudity on Orphan Black (s3e6), but Tatiana Maslany really got into some shenanigans in her underwear.

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"The L Word"

continuing season three ...

1080hd. s3e2

Lauren Lee Smith

Sarah Shahi


The Pig Keeper's Daughter


The clips are not that good.  The late, great Tuna capped it years ago from a much better source and so I have sent along some of his collages to illustrate the content of the clips.  A couple of things to notice: 1) Peggy Church used the name, Patty Smith, in this movie and that's how Tuna labeled his collages of Peggy; 2) Only recently did someone recognize the uncredited Tina Smith as the gal who hitches a ride of two sorts.  I put together two things of her and Tuna labeled her as "Unknown."  it does appear from the clips that Tina and her partner in this scene held nothing back.  Or out.  But then Tina certainly did some overt coupling in some of her other films, so I guess she had little reason to hold back - or out - in this one. 

Scoop's note:

Harry Novak (producer) and Bethel Buckalew (writer/director) basically created their own film genre, hicksploitation, for the drive-in and grindhouse market. They made about a dozen medium-core films which were basically extended versions of the popular "traveling salesman and farmer's daughter" jokes.


Was a TV series made in 2009 and 2010. It was ostensibly about a group of people designing and manufacturing lingerie, led by Jennifer Korbin. However, most of the time they were out of the lingerie and busy have sex with each other, with a variety of parings. If you took out the sex scenes you’d be flat out making an hour show out of the whole series. The first series is out on DVD and this is what I’ve capped.

Episode 1 Picture Perfect

Emily MacLeod

Jennifer Korbin

Lana Tailor

Mia Presley

Veronika London

Episode 2 Designer Love

Emily MacLeod

Jennifer Korbin

Lana Tailor

Mia Presley

Episode 3 Double or Nothing

Alyson Bath

Emily MacLeod

Lana Tailor

Milena May

Sara Balint

Episode 4 Russ Gets His Girl

Alyson Bath

Elyse Genevieve

Heather Vandeven

Jezabel Knight

Lana Tailor

Lydia Lynx


Film and TV Clips

Jennifer Connelly and Melanie Laurent in Aloft (2014) in 720p

Lea Drucker and Stephanie Cleau in The Blue Room (2014)



Anne Schaefer in Beloved Sisters (2014) in 720p

Jasna Fritzi Bauer in Scherbenpark (2013)

Erin Daniels in One Hour Photo (2002) in 1080hd

Diane Franklin in Second Time Lucky (1984)


Kendall Jenner in Monte Carlo yesterday

Melanie Thierry in The Zero Theorem  2013

Jennifer Ulrich in Open Desert  2013

Petra Schmidt-Schaller in Der Wagner-Clan  2013

Ilean Almaguer in La Quinto Mandamiento  2012

Jimena Guerra in La Quinto Mandamiento  2012

Jimena Luna in La Quinto Mandamiento  2012

Hannah Herzsprung in Werther  2008

Melissa George in Dark City  1998

Natalie Bollard in Dark City  1998