Slow news day. Friday's page is becoming consistently small. Not much happens on Thursday evening, I guess.

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Season One. Today:  we finish off the series with s1e8

Morven Christie




Thandie Newton collages:


Film/TV clips

Magdalena Berus in Bejbi blues (2012)

Cristin Milioti in Year of the Carnivore (2009)

Mathilda May in La Passerelle (1988). This item alone could have redeemed today's show news day, since it is the gorgeous Ms May in her prime, offering brief full frontal nudity. Unfortunately the clip and images are approximately VHS quality.

Carrick Glenn in The Burning (1981) in 1080p

Leah Ayres in The Burning (1981) in 1080p


Recent rear views of Miley Cyrus.