TV Round-Up

Hit and Miss is a new show which originates in the UK (Sky Atlantic).

The premise is heavy, to say the least:

1. The main character is a Irish hit man who is in the process of becoming a hit woman. He/she is a pre-op transsexual. To avoid constant awkwardness, from now on I will refer to the character as "she."

2. The series begins with the hit woman receiving a letter from the ex-wife she married in her days as a man. She has not heard from the ex-wife in a decade, but now discovers that (1) the ex is near death; (2) they had a son together; (3) the ex has three other children; (4) the hit woman has been appointed as legal guardian of all four children.

After some deliberation, the hit woman, now knowing herself to be a dad, makes it out to the rural home of the ex-wife, only to find that the wife has already passed on and the children are eking out a subsistence existence. Will the hit woman bond with the children and take on responsibility for the family? If so, how will she be able to reconcile a normal family life with her day job? Will her parental feelings awaken her long-lost conscience? If you care about those questions, this could be the show for you. I wouldn't expect to watch any more episodes unless there is nudity.

The show presents a nude scene immediately, right in the opening credits, although one can hardly call that gratuitous, given the need to show that the svelte woman has a nifty penis to go with her killer T&A. In other words, you're about to see clips and captures of Chloe Sevigny with a dick. Hey, nobody ever accused Chloe of marching to the usual drummer.

Just for info, here's what Chloe's real crotch looks like:

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