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The Last Picture Show


HD film clips:

Kimberly Hyde and Cybill Shepherd

Sharon Ullrick













Barbed Wire Dolls


The Time Machine once again goes back to the seventies. The star is Lina Romay and it's a Jess Franco flick, so you know what to expect. In these scenes Lina is a "Babe in Bondage" who gets some shocking treatment. Caps and 2 clips.

Part 2 tomorrow.



TV Land

Over in TV Land we visit New York's "PIX Morning News, " where judge Carrie Ann Inaba of "Dancing With the Stars" comes out from behind the desk and shows she has legs  Caps and a clip.








Notes and collages

Valerie Leon: Double Bond


Never Say Never Again


The Spy Who Loved Me  



Teri Hatcher








Cold Comfort


Margaret Langrick film clips

Samples below









The Machinist


Although this 2004 drama/mystery/thriller is an altogether good movie, perhaps the most amazing part of it is Christian Bale's performance. He lost 63 pounds for the role, going from the 180's to 120 pounds. Had he not, no amount of special effects would have been near enough to make him as convincing in the role.

Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) operates a lathe at a machine shop. He has a case of severe insomnia and hasn't slept in a year. Eventually this takes its toll, and Trevor is indirectly responsible for an industrial accident at work, in which a man loses his arm.

As things go on, Trevor begins to doubt his own sanity as events become more bizarre and he becomes friends with a co-worker that everyone else at work claims does not exist. During this time, his relationship with Stevie (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a hooker that he frequents, grows into something more than that of a client, but Trevor soon reaches the point where he doesn't know what is real and what is not.

This is an incredible movie, and unlike some of this type, everything is actually revealed and made clear at the very twisty ending. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.


Jennifer Jason Leigh






"Toronto Stories"


Find of the week. I was expecting the post-Shortbus CBC hostess Sook-Yin Lee to be only topless but not only was she full frontal but sporting a shaved pooter as well.


"Personal Effects"


Awfully long movie released straight-to-DVD shortlyafter a limited theatrical run.

Sarah Lind: nude but dead


Driven to Kill


Steven Seagal straight-to-DVD stinker where he's just as unintelligible in English as he is in untranslated Russian.

 Holly Eglington: sexy only

Rita Edwards: topless as stripper

Yasmine Vox: busty stripper from Good Luch Chuck

Francine Cohen: topless as schoolgirl stripper

Christine Sutcliffe: nude lapdancer for Jabba the Hutt

Sarah Drzazgowski: sexy as hooker (looks like Christine S. but Christine is a noted Vancouver area pole dancer while Sarah D. is just a regular bikini model)



 season III

episode "Mile High Baby Club"

A very pregnant Stephanie Moore has a lesbian orgy. Nude model Andree de Villers is the girl on your far right.

episode "Handicap Hummer"

Stephanie Moore gets eaten out by Kimberly Huie








Elena Sudakova

Helena Christensen


Film Clips