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Drainiac is about four teenagers stuck in a haunted house. There seems to be nothing remarkable about that, but don't be fooled. Nothing about this low budget Brett Piper film is normal.

A young women (Georgia Hatzis) lives with a jerk of a father after her mother's suicide. He forces her to clean an abandoned house he bought to sell, and goes off drinking for the day. Her friends show up to bring her lunch, and the water demons living under the house make their lives miserable for the rest of the film.

This is a B horror film made with a low budget, but it is neither terrible nor amateurish. Although it was originally shot on 16 mm, it looks and plays better than you would expect. The effects are solid, and the technical overall quality is professional. On the human side, Georgia Hatzis plays a very conflicted but sympathetic character, and all of the cast members deliver decent characterizations. This film will not disappoint those who enjoy independent horror films with limited budgets.

This film was released in the US on video tape in 2000, but is coming to America on DVD for the first time on June 24, 2008.

The newly remastered widescreen version has been enhanced here and there by editing the original film, and the DVD package includes a feature length commentary by director Brett Piper, the president of Shock-O Rama Cinema.

DVD details and purchase information. (Pre-order price: $13.99)

Adrienne McCleave shows breasts and buns as a ghost.


Georgia Hatzis shows breasts and buns.








Southern Comforts


The tour of rural sex films from the seventies continues with Southern Comforts, another one directed by Bethel Buckalew, who was the king of the sub-genre of hayseed softcore. From 1970 to 1973 he directed, in addition to this film, Sassy Sue, The Pig Keeper's Daughter, Midnight Plowboy, Country Cuzzins, The Dirty Mind of Young Sally, and Tobacco Roody.

Judy Angel shows off her "Little Beaver" to the local yokel. Caps and two clips.

Monica Gayle with full frontal getting it on with her guy. A cap and a clip.

Monica Gayle & Judy Angel baring it all down by the old mill stream. Caps and three clips.

Monica & Wendy Winders all spread out, just waiting for you. Caps and a clip.

All three ladies stark naked in the barn. A cap and a clip.

Wendy & Judy having a lesbo moment. Caps and a clip.







Notes and collages



Reese Witherspoon


Black Moon Rising


Linda Hamilton







Diary of the Dead



George A. Romero is certainly the 800 lb. gorilla of zombie moviemakers, and he scores another winner with Diary of the Dead. Like with most of Romero's zombie flicks, there's a lot more than brain munching, although there's some of that as well.

As they're filming a mummy horror flick, a group of film students find that suddenly real-life zombies are on the loose. Naturally, the government at first denies there's a problem, but once the young director is convinced that it's real, he and his crew decide to film the events as a warning and chronicle, while also trying to save themselves.

It's hard to expect much from a zombie flick, but Romero manages to throw in enough satire and social commentary to make this a very good flick that's also a decent horror flick. I enjoyed it.

Amy Ciupak Lalonde






Pics by DonBun

Hi ya Scoopy. Just a quick sample of some HDTV caps I'm working on. First time I've tried HD. No need for anything but a computer anymore. Capping has come a long way from VCR's and capture cards. Almost takes the fun out of it but with this kind of quality I'll take it. More to come.

Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan
Naomi Watts in 21 Grams
Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

One Other Pic

Sandra Margot in Prime Target


Film Clips

Barbara Crampton and Regina Bleesz in From Beyond (1986)

Claudia Karvan in Touch Me (1993)

Nina Proll in Antikorper (2005). This popular German film is going to be remade in English next year as Antibodies.

Jennifer Jason Leigh in Flesh and Blood. This was the 'tweener in Paul Verhoeven's career, the film he made between his early Dutch period and his Hollywood period (Robocop, Basic Instinct, Showgiorls, Total Recall, Starship Troopers)

Katherine Heigl in Prince Valiant (1997)

Julie Christie in Demon Seed (1977)