Hey Uncle Scoopy, I noticed that you guys posted region free progressive scan DVD players in the Fun House page. I picked a name brand (Phillips) up from a vendor selling on Amazon and the price is substantially cheaper. I don't know if anyone is interested in them but here is the link:


You can pick this Phillips up new from these vendors for around $85, which is pretty good considering you can also play PAL formatted DVDs with this player.



Deadwood, Season 2 (2005)

There are twelve episodes in Season Two, but there was female nudity only in #1, #5, and #11. A little bit of wind came out of the sails of this series after Wild Bill died, but Season Two still had Ian McShane's increasingly brilliant portrayal of Al Swearingen as a complex, thoughtful, highly intelligent bad guy who mixes near-Shakespearian eloquence with a level of common vulgarity that Andrew Dice Clay would envy. Great stuff! Powers Boothe also supplied some interesting moments as another charismatic scoundrel.

As always, HBO did a superlative job on every aspect of the show as well as on the boxed DVD set, which is filled with commentary and a whole extra disk full of special features.

Episode 1 - Molly Parker shows her breasts in a sex scene and afterwards.

Episode 5 - Izabella Miko show her breasts in a well-designed bath scene.

Episode 11 - Robin Weigert provides the only lower frontal nudity in this season when she flashes her pubes. She also exposes her bum for a prolonged period. (Unfortunately, she's the woman who played Calamity Jane - not our first choice to do the nudity!)

Episode 11 - a young prostitute played by Ashleigh Kizer exposes her amble bosom while blowing Al Swearingen (Ian McShane)



Molly Parker

Izabella Miko

Robin Weigert

Ashleigh Kizer





Other Crap:

Obesity Rises Faster in Poor Teens
  • I don't mean to be callous, but I think there is a major problem here with the definition of terms. By the world's standard, people with too much to eat are not really "poor"
  • Boy this article is full of bullshit. Check out this quote: "The campaign against obesity and the struggle against poverty are, in fact, one and the same," he said. "...Healthier diets cost more." That is in direct contradiction to earlier in the article, where it attributes the increased caloric intake among poor teens to sweetened drinks. In other words, healthier diets cost LESS! Last time I looked, the healthier choice (tap water or a drinking fountain) was a lot cheaper than the unhealthy one (soft drinks). The problem is not their lack of money, but their lack of good parenting and/or education about appropriate lifestyles. If they simply had more money, they would drink more soft drinks, not less.

JoBlo reports from Cannes about Oliver Stone's screening of the first twenty minutes of World Trade Center

A clip from Southland Tales, the Cannes entry from the director of Donnie Darko (Click on "le trailer du film," but it is not a trailer.)

A new clip from Babel, the new drama from arthouse hot-shot Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

The trailers for Ghost Rider

  • The movie seems kinda cheesy, but you'll be impressed with the quality of the HD trailers.

Former US treasury chief Lloyd Bentsen dies at 85, thus living about as long as Joe Kennedy. Of course, I knew Joe Kennedy and you, Bentsen, were no Joe Kennedy.

The top headline in Norway today: "Man finds badger under bed"

  • You regular readers know that I lived in Oslo for years and the Aftenposten often had top headlines like "purse snatched at airport" - and this in a city with more than 500,000 people.
  • I'm trying to remember why I was in such a hurry to leave when I had several years left on my contract. Looking back on it, boredom seems like a good thing.

The Ten Most Controversial Religious Movies

This would have to be one of the harder checks in hockey history

American Idol Steel Cage: Round 3!

VIDEO: "Will a new pair of boobs win the attention of Mr. Right?"

All spoilers, all the time!

URL says it all:

ESPN: NBA Mock Draft 2006

The trailer for The Banquet

  • "The Banquet has been described as a loose adaptation of 'Hamlet'; it is a tale of fate and revenge set in 10th century China"

"Watch Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder in the exclusive trailer for 'Pulse.'"

ABC names Charles Gibson to lead evening news

Letterman: Top Ten Things Overheard Outside "The Da Vinci Code"

Brilliant But Cancelled - watch forgotten TV Shows that were brilliant, but ...

Last night's episode of Alias is now available online in its entirety.

Howstuffworks: "How The Da Vinci Code Doesn't Work"

  • It's not about poor theology, but factual inaccuracy



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


La Peau Blanche aka Cannibal (2004)

La Peau Blanche (2004) is a French Canadian film released in the English part of Canada as White Skin, and is now available in The USA with yet another title, Cannibal.

Marc Paquet is an English Lit major at the university, and lives with Frédéric Pierre, a black student and wannabe author. Pierre has a girlfriend, but Paquet has had a long dry spell, so Pierre treats them to two hookers as a birthday present. Paquet explains that he doesn't find redheads attractive, because their skin is so light, and so was glad that Pierre ended up with Jessica Malka, whose hair is fiery red. We soon learn just how fiery she is when Paquet hears Pierre screaming for help. Malka has cut his throat, and he is barely holding her at bay. Once outnumbered, she escapes out the window. The two don't report the injury, as they don't want anyone to know there were patronizing hookers. They tell the hospital a story about a skinhead attack.

The next day, Paquet sees a woman musician playing in the metro, and falls instantly in love, even though she is a redhead. They end up in bed, but she suddenly leaves, saying she should never have let it happen. He pursues her, and they become an item. When she informs him she has cancer, he is 100% supportive, but her problem is much different, and Paquet begins to suspect the truth when she turns out to be the sister of the throat-slitting Jessica Malka.

I never thought I would be typing this, but it is a new slant on the vampire theme, and I enjoyed it.  Writer/director Daniel Roby collaborated with the author of the original novel, Joël Champetier, on the screenplay, and the result was not just a good first feature, but a damned watchable movie! The film was beautifully shot in Montreal, which is a lovely city to see, and everything about the film is competent. The characters are likable, and, if you accept the basic premise of the film, the story is plausible.  Every time I thought I knew where the film was going, it changed direction. Best of all, it had a terrific surprise ending. In short, there are much worse ways to spend 92 minutes, and I look forward to Roby's sophomore effort.

IMDb readers say 6.1, and this film won several festival awards. The one review I read agreed with my feelings.




Jessica Malka shows breasts in two scenes.









Today the old Time Machine embarks on another journey.

First stop is 1982 for "Conan the Barbarian' ...

Sandahl Bergman lets Governor Arnold examine her tits.

Valerie Quennessen is a clothed "Babe in Bondage."

An unknown topless chick ready to jump into a pit.

Another unknown as a topless "Babe in Bondage."


Then its off to 1978 for "Killer Nun".

Anita Ekberg, who appears here only because at one time she was a big star.

Paolo Morra saves the day with some delicious full frontal  nudity.



Zara Taylor in Cigarette Burns (2005)

(This is another in the Masters of Horror series, this one from John Carpenter)







Kelly Brook in Three. Here's a sweet zipped .avi, and the collages follow.

A film clip of Mia Farrow in A Wedding (zipped .mpg)
Frypan made some caps of Melanie Griffith's youthful full-frontal scene from yesterday's clip from The Garden.

Charlie Spradling in Johnny Skidmarks

Helena Bonham Carter (left) and Nora Zehetner (right) in Conversations With Other Women



Pat's comments in yellow...

Monday, Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, who is accused of taking a  $100,000 bribe in an FBI sting of his alleged selling of telecommunications contracts to Africa, denied any wrongdoing.  Despite the FBI reportedly finding $90,000 in his freezer, Jefferson told reporters that there were
"two sides to this story," adding, "This is not the time, this is not the forum"
to discuss it.

*  His side of the story: bribery is legal in New Orleans.

In an annual online poll by PETA, "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell was voted the world's sexiest female vegetarian, beating out Natalie Portman and Nicollette Sheridan. Bell said she "loves her Brussels sprouts" and never liked the taste of meat, plus she had a "hard time disassociating the animals I cuddled with - dogs and cats, for example - from the animals on my plate."  The sexiest male vegetarian was Prince, who displaced last year's winner, Chris Martin of Coldplay.

*  You are what you eat, and Prince and Chris eat nothing but fruits and nuts.

*  We learn from this that there are no sexy male vegetarians.


Halle Berry said she struggles with the racism of Hollywood, and she still
has to audition for parts like every other actor

* If "every other actor" has to audition the same way, how is this racism?