Phoenix (1998) is a crime drama that takes place in an alternate universe where all the cops are corrupt, or are addicted to gambling and owe bookies and loan sharks. Our tale focuses on Ray Liotta, who is a compulsive gambler, but whose three partners are real winners. One is an enforcer for a lone shark, another works for a bookie, and the last one is married to Kari Wuhrer who is having sex with everyone in uniform. To get out of debt to the bookie, Liotta comes up with the bright idea of robbing the loan shark. Things do not go well.

IMDb readers have this at 6.3 of 10, presumably due to the credible cast and non-stop violence and action. Wuhrer shows breasts and buns in one of her sex scenes. Not my sort of film, but it is likely a C. Genre fans seemed to enjoy it. Note that there are other films by the same name with different naked women, a fact which has confused some popular Internet resources.

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    The Shout (1978):

    Jerzy Skolimowski's The Shout is an adaptation of a short story by the noted classical scholar and pacificist poet Robert Graves (I, Claudius). The story caught the director's eye because of the prevalent "ambiguities and sense of the absurd." I have not read this story, but that comment surprises me because I've read "I, Claudius" and "Claudius the God", and found Graves's prose to be tidy and straightforward, and his narrative to be logical. I don't know if Skolimowski is correct about the source material, but I can attest to this much: the movie version of The Shout is certainly ambiguous and unapologetically absurdist.

    There is a core story inside of the various bizarre non sequiturs, but even that is decidedly offbeat. John Hurt and Susannah York play two English provincials who seem to have an open relationship. Their quiet life in Devonshire is interrupted by a stranger (Alan Bates) who ends up accepting their hospitality, then insinuating himself into their lives and never leaving. He spins mad tales of having killed his own children, and of having learned powerful and dark secrets in fifteen years of living with the Australian aboriginals. Among his purported powers is the ability to kill with nothing other than a powerful shout. He gradually uses his Aboriginal magic to turn Susannah feral and take her away from John, but John learns some tricks of his own, and ...

    Oh, who knows.

    As Vincent Canby wrote in the New York Times:

    The story starts off well, like almost any ghost story made up by a child, but then it becomes so full of loose ends, contradictions, cryptic symbols and close-ups of objects that, at the moment, have no meaning, that one eventually tunes out of the narrative, much as one does when the child's ghost story becomes too hopelessly muddled for even the child to unravel.

    The time shifts from present to past, and there are flashbacks within flashbacks, and dreams within reality. Things happen in the present which inexplicably affect the past. Then there is a framing device in which the entire story is being recited by an inmate watching a cricket game at a mental health institution, and we see eventually that the husband and wife in the story are actually people from the crowd at the cricket game. So we think, at least momentarily, that perhaps the lunatic just made up a convenient story from the things he saw around him - except that ending is apparently not ambiguous or confusing enough, so there is also another framing device around that framing device, providing a completely different ending, and we aren't too sure what the hell that one means.

    Sometimes the entire story just degenerates into silly romps. At one point it starts to rain during the outdoor game at the asylum, whereupon the scene on the cricket grounds makes a metamorphosis into complete chaos, with one man stripping off his clothes and dancing around while others blow up the scorer's hut, all of which has little or nothing to do with the story in Devonshire. The entire movie is consistently loud, shrill, and more than a little bit incoherent.

    Some of the horror genre sites love this movie. DVD Maniacs wrote:

    With its eerie electronic soundtrack (one hates to call it a score, as it's more of a compilation of odd noises and stings) and moody cinematography by Mike Molloy, The Shout remains a noteworthy thriller.

    They are correct about the cinematography. It is absolutely a a great looking movie. There are wind-swept sand dunes, angry oceans, verdant country lanes, and picturesque countryside vistas, all integrated with the human forms in brilliantly artistic compositions.

    I reckon you've heard enough to know whether you would like it. Even the positive reviews acknowledge that it is one of the oddest and vaguest films they have ever seen. I don't like The Shout at all, but I'm not a fan of surrealism or Theater of the Absurd, and you may be. One must acknowledge that the production values are excellent, and the actors are first-rate, so if you're up for something strange and deadly serious, this may turn out to be a favorite.


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    Danielle Petty

    Danielle Petty and Diana Kauffman

    Nice toplessness and some mild lesbo-lovin' in scenes from the extremely low-budget movie "The Mailman". You gotta give indie director Tony Mark credit for following the Scoopyian unities of film making. If you're going to make a movie about a axe murderer, you're going to get an R rating...so you might as well have some hot chicks gettin' nekkid!

    Ele Keats

    Luisa Ranieri
    (1, 2)

    Regina Nemni
    (1, 2)

    All three ladies go full frontal in two (out of three) segments from the collaboration of short films called "Eros" (2004). Ele Keats is seen in the segment "Equilibrium", written and directed by Steven Soderbergh. Ranieri and Nemni are nekkid in the segment "Il filo pericoloso delle cose", written and directed by legendary Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni.

    Tiina Lymi The Finnish actress briefly baring her breasts in a love scene from the 2003 comedy "Nousukausi" aka "Upswing".

    Valeria Golino The "Rain Man" star bare a breast during a love scene from the 2004, French crime drama "36 Quai des Orfèvres", starring Gérard Depardieu.

    Another great batch of collages featuring some Prime Time Skin highlights!

    Amber Brkich The "Survivor" babe and "Amazing Race" contestant showing a little cleavage on Leno.

    Eden Riegel Here is the "All My Children" co-star looking fantastic in a very low cut dress while accepting an award at the Daytime Emmys.

    Jennifer Garner The new "ifer" in "Benifer" in a very leggy scene from "Alias".

    Kelly Monaco The former Heffer (April '97) turned actress looking beautiful in blue, and showing some cleavage at the Daytime Emmys.

    Lindsay Lohan
    (1, 2)

    I'm not really sure why she was hosting SNL for the second time this season, but I can say that her new, "I'm a blonde now and I haven't eaten in 3 months" look just doesn't work for me.

    Maya Rudolph Here's the SNL cast member doing her best (and very busty) Tyra Banks impression.

    Tyra Banks Here's the real Tyra and her cleavage for comparison.

    Teri Hatcher
    (1, 2)

    The "Desperate Housewives" star showing some cleavage while stopping by "The Tonight Show".

    Paris Hilton
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Paris all wet, covered in suds and fondling a Carl's Jr. burger.

    Kristin Scott Thomas

    Kristin Scott Thomas video clip

    Not available on video! Here is the star of "The English Patient" briefly baring a breast in scene from the French film "Arsène Lupin" (2004).

    Tara Reid
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Excellent, high quality pics of the actress/party girl stuffed into some skin tight jeans and also showing some pokies.

    Valeria Golino
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the "Hot Shots!" star baring a bit of breast and bum in scenes from 1991's "Year of the Gun", directed by the late John Frankenheimer.

    Pat Reeder www.comedy-wire.com
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Ross Geller Already Predicted This - British futurologist Ian Pearson of BT telecommunications says IT technology is progressing so rapidly that by 2050, the entire contents of someone's brain could be "downloaded" into a supercomputer. Pearson said that person's memories and thought processes could live on through the computer indefinitely, so dying would not be a major career problem. However, it will be so expensive at first that only very rich people will be able to be immortal.

  • Great: Donald Trump will be firing people for all eternity.
  • Paris Hilton could afford it, but then, her brain could fit on one floppy disc.
  • The bad news: every time Windows crashes, it'll be like getting Alzheimer's disease.

    Idiot Wars - "Revenge of the Sith" shattered box office records, earning over $158 million in four days. But what happened to all those "Star Wars" geeks who waited in line for weeks at Grauman's Theater in L.A. because they didn't believe it when they were told it wasn't booked there? A blogger covering the group said that as a good will gesture, George Lucas sent some "Storm Troopers" to escort them to a free showing at another theater. Most went along, but some called them "sellouts" and angrily stayed at Grauman's to protest them not showing the movie.

  • They have crossed over to the Dumb Side of the Force.
  • They waited in line for two months, and they're the only geeks on Earth who haven't seen it yet.
  • Oh well, it wasn't like they had anything else to do for the past eight weekends.
  • On the bright side, they all got great seats for "House of Wax."

    But Can You Dress A Turkey? - Wired News reports that the National University of Singapore invented a way to stroke a chicken over the Internet. Users touch a chicken-shaped doll, and it transmits the "tactile information" to tiny vibration motors in a lightweight jacket worn by a real chicken, which feels the stroking as if the person were touching it. A spokesman said, "We understand the perceived eccentricity of developing a system for humans to interact with poultry remotely, but this work has a much wider significance." For instance, a person with allergies could stroke his dog, or a zoo visitor could pet a bear.

  • The big question is, who's gonna put the jacket on the bear?
  • They won't get rich until they figure out a way to choke the chicken over the Internet.

    Old Spice - Former Spice Girl Mel B claims that the group may reunite next year for the 10th anniversary of their first hit, "Wannabe." While most of them have flopped at solo careers, music industry insiders say if they went on a world reunion tour, they could make nearly $20 million each.

  • I say we take up a collection and pay them $21 million each to stay home.
  • But would their old fans turn up after 10 years? Most of them are busy in high school by now.

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