The White Princess


Here's Amy Manson in 1080hd this time

(Jodie Comer is also pictured in a sex scene, but with nothing exposed)

Det Mest Forbjunda

Swedish mini-series, episode three, 720p

Cilla Thorell

I'm Dying Up Here

A new Showtime series about the L.A. stand-up scene in the 70s

s1e1 in 720p

Ginger Gonzaga

Jessica Prince

Twin Peaks

One more: Nafessa Williams in s3e3, 1080hd

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Breaking and Entering

2006, 1920x800

Juliette Binoche

Vera Farmiga

Schneider vs Bax


Johnny's comments:

Schneider vs. Bax is the latest absurd comedy from Dutch filmmaker Alex van Warmerdam where Schneider (Tom Dewispelaere) is called away for an urgent job on his birthday by his boss Mertens (Gene Bervoets). Turns out Schneider is a hitman and hasn't told his wife (or kids) that what he actually does. His job is to kill obnoxious writer and apparent child killer (according to Mertens...) Ramon Bax (Alex van Warmerdam), who has just callously dumped his girlfriend Nadine (Eva van de Wijdeven) because his 'weird' daughter Francisca (Maria Kraakman) is making her yearly visit and he doesn't want them to meet. Easy job for Schneider; go to Bax's remote house, wait for him to exit the house and shoot him from a distance then go home and celebrate his birthday. Wrong. A local ranger (Pierre Bokma) thwarts his first attempt and then a prostitute, Gina (Annet Malherbe) decides to hide from her violent customer in Schneider's secret hide-out, so he has to kill the customer to save Gina and then she becomes a thorn in his side as he attempts to kill Bax. Things then get crowded at Bax's house when his actually perverted father and his latest much younger lover arrive and then Nadine comes back with her friend to get her stuff. Also, it turns out Bax isn't who he seems and is now waiting for the crafty but increasingly frustrated Schneider.

Pretty good black comedy, but I don't think it's as good as van Warmerdam's previous movies De Laatste Dagen van Emma Blank, Ober or the excellent Borgman. It does have its moments though, the leads are pretty good as well as his regulars, and Maria Kraakman's character is pretty good particularly after one incident in the movie also the final act shoot out is pretty thrilling. Worth a look if you're into the absurd, but it's hard to recommend a van Warmerdam's film as absurd comedy is not for everyone.

Maria Kraakman film clip (sample below)

Eva van de Wijdeven film clip (sample below)

Kokone Sasaki in Sukimasuki (2015) in 720p

Andrea Thompson in an episode of NYPD Blue (s5e1) in 720p

The Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) in a 1080hd still from Voice from the Stone (2017)

One more look at the unusual recent wardrobe selection by Oilvia Munn