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Eline Powell was topless on Game of Thrones (s6e5) in 720p

LATE ADDITION:  Eline Powell's scenes in 1080hd!

Natasha Olenski did this week's Hollywood XPress on Naked News (5-20-16)

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"The Tudors"

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Today: s2e2

Natalie Dormer

Krystin Pellerin


"Game of Thrones"

s6e4 (last week)

Emilia Clarke


Sehon Origen


Comments by Johnny Moronic:

Segon Origen (Second Origin) is a post-apocalyptic drama where a strange occurrence like a fireball obliterates the entire planet except at the moment of the occurrence, Alba (Rachel Hurd-Wood) was saving the life of 10 year-old Didac, who was drowning underwater and they both miraculously survive. The duo are forced to learn how to live after a scorched earth with only themselves to do everything. After an initial struggle, they manage to survive ten years and things begin to change. Didac (Ibrahim Mané), now 20 years old, begin to take a liking to Alba in a more sexual way and after initial reluctance, Alba falls for Didac. Alba becomes pregnant and has a child and then one day, a boat sails in from the sea with the first person (Sergi López) they have seen since the occurrence. He seems friendly enough and is helpful at first, but one day their child is taken by the man and Alba and Didac will do anything to get the child back.

Not a lot going on in the movie which is basically a two-hander for most of its running time. Not exactly thrilling stuff either until the man comes along and even that feels a bit forced as a way of ending the movie. It seems that this was the last movie that noted Spanish director Bigas Luna (Jamón, Jamón, Yo Soy La Juani, Di Di Hollywood, Volavérunt also The Tit and the Moon and Bámbola) was working on before he died and I can't help but think what he would have done with this considering his love of making more 'sexual' movies. Sadly, this movie doesn't add much to the already crowded post-apocalyptic genre.

Rachel Hurd-Wood 1080hd film clip (collage below)

Triple 9

Teresa Palmer 1080hd film clip (brief butt shot; sample below)

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Bathsheba Garnett in The Witch (2016) in 720p

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for reference, Andrea Thompson in Hot Splash (1987)

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One more of Hailee Steinfeld in her bikini