TV Recap

Two feature segments on Naked News (5-22 edition):

Carli Bei continues her adventures at the Hedonism resort

Natasha Olenski hosts this week's Hollywood XPress

Music Videos

Felicia Porter and Laura Shields in "Tunnel Vision"



Kim Kardashian in "Bound 2"

Mayoli Sena Rodriguez in "Pussy"

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"The L Word"

on to season three

1080hd. s3e1

Lauren Lee Smith and Erin Daniels

Katherine Moennig


For the Emperor


Tae-im Lee probably would have won the best nekkid scene in an international film because it was quite the scene, indeed.  But it was oddly shot with very little of Ms. Lee's face, unless the camera was so close, it was stuck up her nose.


Finishing off this week's softcore:

Atomic Hotel Erotica

Atomic Hotel Erotica (2014) has Krissy Lynn,

Mary Carey

and Sophia Bella naked.

Housewives from Another World

Housewives from Another World (2010) has one of my favourites and nudity specialist, Christine Nguyen,

and Heather Vandeven

and Rebecca Love.

Insatiable Wives

Insatiable Wives aka Animal Attraction (2000) has the nakedness from:

Ahmo Hight

Chanda Marie

Lizette Oliva

LoriDawn Messuri

Lori Morrissey

Stephanee LaFleur

Lolita from Interstellar Space

Anna Morna plays Lolita in Lolita from Interstellar Space (2014).

Also naked are Christine Nguyen

and Karlie Montana.

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust


Johnny's comments:

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust is a zombie comedy where director S.M.P (Andrew Laing) is on day 3 of his low budget zombie movie and it quickly turning into a disaster. His stars, Adam 'The Body' Harrison (Mike Edward) and Jessica Valentine (Reanin Johannink from All Cheerleaders Die) are acting like divas and his supporting actor is seriously sick. S.M.P's assistant Richard (Simon Ward) has hired a new runner Wesley (Harley Neville), fresh out of film school with script in hand and he is told to take the sick actor to the doctor in town, but the town is practically a ghost town and a hotel clerk says it's because a virus has gone through the town, possibly gotten from the town's water. Wesley's day goes from bad to worse as he gets treated like crap by everyone and when asked to be a stand-in with Susan (Jocelyn Christian), the set's terrible caterer/wannabe actress and someone he has a crush on, he pops a boner to her disgust and word gets around he's a sex creep. And then his day gets even worse when he discovers that the set has been infiltrated by actual zombies and they have just eaten Jessica, who he was supposed to look after. It's going to be a long first day for Wesley, but if he plays his cards right, he might just survive the day and get the girl.

Not bad little comedy that probably tries to hard to get laughs even when it has some genuinely funny moments. It's a bit silly, leans too heavily on getting laughs from obvious clich├ęs and is surprisingly sleazy with quite a bit of focus on Reanin Johannink's Wonderbra enhanced breasts (not complaining though...) and a lengthy scene involving her going to the toilet (?!), but still has plenty of charm from it's two leads. While it's no Shaun of the Dead, it's certainly a good fun time.)

Reanin Johannink film clip (collages below)

Film and TV Clips

Debra Harrison-Lowe in House of the Rising Sun (2011) in 1080hd

Modeling legend and film veteran Lauren Hutton in Manchild (2007). I believe this was her last nude scene, which is not all that surprising when you consider that she was 64 at the time!

Former Headline News anchor Andrea Thompson in Manhattan Gigolo (1986). The quality is abominable but, to my knowledge, no better source exists.


More nudes of Chelsea Handler, including two new Instagram posts

a wardrobe malfunction from Pixie Lott

Kylie Minogue caught by a paparazzo many years ago. (Gorgeous!)

Ashley St John in The Wild Life

Kitten Natividad in The Wild Life

Tracy Hutchinson in The Wild Life

Jenny Wright, and possibly a body double, in The Wild Life

Emily Mortimer in Young Adam

Tilda Swinton in Young Adam

Pauline Turner in Young Adam

Gina Athans in Flashbacks of a Fool

Jodhi May in Flashbacks of a Fool

Julie Ordon in Flashbacks of a Fool

Daphne Zuniga in The Sure Thing