This is not my work, but is sort of related to the TV round-up theme. Eliza Coupe is now known as the star of "Happy Endings," but about five years ago she starred in an HBO series, "12 Miles of Bad Road," which never aired. HBO sunk $21 million into six episodes, then took a look at them, decided not to air any of them, and blew the whole project off. Here's Wikipedia's summary of the debacle.

IMDb wrote:

"Following word that HBO had been disappointed with all six episodes of 12 Miles of Bad Road already shot and had therefore decided not to air the series, the producers have taken Road on the road. Daily Variety reported today (Thursday) that executive producers Linda Bloodworth Thomason and Harry Thomason have sent copies of the six episodes to newspaper critics, including Variety, in hopes that 'some critical reassurance might prompt [HBO] to reconsider their decision ... or at least help us move the show to a more receptive environment.' However, in an interview with Variety, Bloodworth Thomason acknowledged that persuading another cable or broadcast network to take over the show would prove difficult. 'It's so tremendously expensive [reportedly $3.6 million per episode]. We designed it for HBO. There are few places in which it will work.'"

Some critics loved the show while others were scabrous. Slate's article about the show was probably the most comprehensive review, covering both the background for HBO's decision and the contents of the show itself.

I suppose we don't much care about any of that except that Eliza Coupe bared her butt in one episode. Here's the vid, with samples below.


Kim Dickens also did a brief topless scene. We have run this video before, but here it is again, in case you missed it last April. Sample below:

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



episode 9, 1080hd

Weronika Rosati



Maskerade is a horror thriler about two university students named Jennifer and Evan, who are long term lovers. Evan decides to give Jennifer an extra special birthday present, an old house that they could do up and sell for a handsome profit. This house turns out to have a past that doesn't want to go away. The former lady of the house was killed when she tried to sacrifice a child. Her son also seemed to have been killed, but it becomes clear that he is very much alive, deformed and demented. He thinks that he can get a normal face by tearing off someone else's and performing a homemade face transplant. Yeah, good luck with that. When Jennifer and Evan invite their friends to help fix up the house, and the friends get up to various sexcapades, the deformed son goes on a face-hunting rampage.

So, who's going to survive the weekend and who's going to have their face cut off?

Maskerade is a stock standard horror film, nothing special, but not bad. It does love the gruesome stuff. Some of the slayings are particularly nasty and the cutting off of people's faces not much better. So, if you like your gory killings, this film has a few for you.

Mariah Bonner film clip. Collages below.

Anabella Casanova film clip. Collages below.

"Bikie Wars"

more nudity in episode 2

Karly Crick-Bermingham, Shavaya Huskinson and Courtney Watts

Lauren Clair


The girls of Road Trip: Beer Pong (2009) in 720p

Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives (2004) in 1080hd

Leire Berrocal in Cuestion de Suerte (1996)


Saskia Reeves in Close My Eyes

Helen Fitzgerald in Close My Eyes