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Diane Kruger

Somewhere in the period between her success as a model and her success as an actress, Diane Kruger was an aspiring actress who worked in some crappy grade-B films alongside performers like "Christope Lambert" (Lahm-BARE), as the star of Highlander is known in his crappy foreign-language films. (Christophe is his real birth name. By the way, how the hell was that guy married to Diane Lane?)

Anyway, although Kruger (nee: Heidkruger) is German, she speaks perfect French and English, thus allowing her to make crappy movies in many languages until somebody noticed her. Here are two of the crappiest. These were both released in late 2002, and may have been her first two movies, but I can't say for sure because another of her films was also released in the fourth quarter of 2002, and I'm not sure which ones she made first.

Here she is in The Piano Player (aka The Target; samples below.) This is the film to see if you've always wondered what her asshole looks like, as pictured in the second pic. Come to think of it, there is also an asshole in the third pic. He's standing on the right.

And here she is in Whatever You Say (aka Mon Idole; samples below)


Chained Heat


This is a pretty big deal. There are plenty of DVDs of this film. I think I have two or three different ones sitting around my office, but every single one that I have seen is missing the scene in which Linda Blair is raped by Dean Wormer. Like the Kelly McGillis scene from Cat Chaser, this scene has simply disappeared from DVDs.

I'm not surprised that it has been cut. It's pretty nasty stuff. Nobody plays an evil authority figure better than Dean Wormer. Hey, he's Dean Fucking Wormer, fer chrissakes.  Here he plays the warden of a women's prison who uses the innocent new inmate as a punching bag, then knocks her out cold before he fucks her. Of course, we don't really care about any of that. The key point is that he rips Linda Blair's bra off while he's roughing her up, and this film represents her first topless film appearance. While we still don't have this scene in good quality, we do now have a VHS rip, and here it is.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.











Ava Cadell 1920x1080 clips here (Captures below)

According to IMDb, Ava is now Dr. Cadell. In fact she has two doctorates. Oh, they are in some whiffy new age crap from some equally whiffy institutions, but they still count. At least in California.



Last Ride


Aussie film starring Agent Smith

Anita Hegh film clips

(sample collage below)


It's good to see LC back in action after a long absence

Katie Cazorla in Evilution (sample below)

Bruna Rubio in Evilution (sample below)

Zsuzsanna Cseh in Shark City

Talia Russo in Shark City



Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito's Way


Megyn Price - a nice non-nude scene from Rules of Engagement

Paris Hilton hanging out at Cannes, probably in a thong, but her ass looks pantiless from this angle.

Amanda Seyfried in Chloe

Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore in Chloe




The women of Visage: Laetitia Casta and some other chicks.

Swimmer Franzi von Almsick is a semi-transparent suit

Mariana Loureiro in Carmo (Sample below is new. Clip is a repeat)