"Dangerous Passion"

Dangerous Passion (1990) is a made for TV gangster film staring Carl Weathers, Billy Dee Williams, and the multi-talented Tony nominated Lonette McKee. Billy Dee Williams is a crime boss, married to McKee. He is very controlling, and fairy abusive to McKee. Weathers is a straight arrow doing some security installation for Williams. Williams blows away a hit man who sneaks into his house, and Talks Weathers into telling the cops he was the shooter, in exchange for big money. As Weathers is saving to buy land in Napa, he goes for the money. He soon has reason to regret it, as Williams makes him an accomplice to another murder. Things really get in motion when he starts an affair with McKee.

McKee talks him into leaving with her, and Williams sicks his dogs on them. McKee shows breasts in a post coital scene in the back of a car. IMDb readers have this at 4.9 of 10. The basic problem with it is that it looks too much like what it is -- a TV movie. The acting is ok, but the story just was not at all engrossing. All of the twists and turns were telegraphed well in advance. This is a D.

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    "Showgirl Murders"

    Showgirl Murders (1996) is a Corman produced "black widow" evil woman story. Maria Ford, a stripper, leaves town with a bunch of drug money, and ingratiates herself into a job at a bar owned by Matt Preston and his wife, D. S. Case. The bar is run down, and not even breaking even. Further, Case ran over a little boy the day the bar opened and has been an alcoholic ever since. Ford convinces Preston that she would bring in business, and he hires her as a cocktail waitress. It doesn't take long before she starts stripping, and the bar takes off. It also doesn't take long for Preston to decide he would rather bed Ford than his alcoholic wife. That leaves the wife in the way, but Ford has an idea of how to solve that problem with rat poison.

    That is really enough plot. I am sure all of you can figure out where it goes from there. Ford spends most of the film doing strip routines in a thong. She also shows some bush in a sex scene. We also have breast exposure from Nikki Fritz and Jane Stowe as strippers. IMDb readers have this at 2.7 of 10. There is one, and only one positive to this tired story. Each strip act by Maria Ford has a different theme, some of which are creative. Ford fans will be pleased, but Fritz fans will be disappointed by the length of her scene. The nudity is the only possible reason to watch this one. D.

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    Stay Hungry (1976)

    From 1970 to 1990, director Bob Rafelson had a fairly solid string of successes.

    It's interesting to look at them sorted by IMDb ratings.

    By now you are probably thinking, "Among all those famous and/or acclaimed films, how could there be one movie on the list that I've never heard of - a film which scores below six at IMDb?"

    That's a fair enough question, but I guess the film in question, Stay Hungry, wasn't that obscure when it came out. After all, it earned a Golden Globe for its co-star, a large muscular man named Arnold Schwarzenegger. About five or ten years later, the big fella hit pay dirt in Conan and Terminator, and the rest is history, but in this film he played a much more realistic role than his usual larger-than-life super heroes and villains. Arnie played a bodybuilder from Austria who was competing in the Mr Universe competition and trying to make a new life in the United States. You have to admit it was a pretty solid job of casting.

    Jeff Bridges is the star of the film. He plays a rich boy whose parents died in a plane crash. He lives in his parents' home, but he still calls it "their" home. His own life has not yet begun. He doesn't really fit in with his rich relatives and friends.

    Somehow, Bridges falls in with a sleazy real estate syndicate which is trying to buy up entire city blocks to erect high rise office buildings. One project is being blocked by a single hold-out.  (How many movies have used this plot?) A shabby mom 'n pop gym is the reluctant seller, and Bridges is assigned by the syndicate to charm, cajole, or otherwise convince the owner to play ball. Bridges, however, turns out to be one of those rich guys who is more comfortable with genuine working class people, and he strikes up friendships with some of the people in the gym.

    (This is a recurring Bob Rafelson theme, and is also the basic concept behind Rafelson's best movie, Five Easy Pieces.)

    Bridges pals around with Big Ah-nuld, as well as a slightly trashy but refreshingly unaffected female employee of the gym (Sally Field). Ah-nuld and Bridges form a relaxed love triangle with The Flying Nun, and Bridges pretty much forgets about his assignment to buy the gym, at least until some sleazebags show up to do with muscle what Bridges failed to do with guile.

    Meanwhile, Bridges takes a certain perverse pleasure in foisting his new friends on his rich pals, and watching the fireworks between the two groups. Fields finds it callous of Bridges to take aloof pleasure from everyone's lack of comfort in the forced social mixture, so their relationship becomes turbulent.

    Rural country music and Ah-nuld's bodybuilding provide the colorful backdrop for the film, often in tandem, because Ah-nuld's character is a helluva country fiddler as well as a bodybuilder! The bodybuilding and musical scenes provide a nearly surrealistic underscore to the film, especially when Ah-nuld's gigantic hands finger the ol' fiddle. Bridges does an amazingly good solo dance number when his character gets liquored up and is persuaded to dance inside a circle at an impromptu country jamboree. He has to perform well, albeit drunkenly, and he has to convey both exuberance and embarrassment at the same time. He pulls it all off with aplomb.

    This is not a very good movie, as you can guess by the fact that you never heard of it despite the presence of several major talents. It is kind of an interesting movie in some ways, often veering off into truly quirky and surreal directions. Let's face it, there's a lot of fun in seeing Ah-nuld playing the fiddle, or Jeff Bridges clogging up a storm, or Ah-nuld wearing a Batman outfit, or Sally Field just prancing around in the altogether in her first and last real screen nudity. Perhaps you join me in having a lot of curiosity about seeing what those three big stars looked like a quarter of a century ago.

    The major problem with the movie is this: after I watched it, I read the DVD box and noticed that it was supposed to be a comedy. I never suspected that for an instant. I thought it was just supposed to be an offbeat romance about a guy trying to find himself. I don't remember thinking anything was especially funny, although certain of the most surreal scenes seem funny in a way. There is a scene, for example,  with dozens of bodybuilders prancing through downtown Birmingham in their little bathing suits, occasionally stopping to do pose-downs for the street people, and even riding single-file, standing, on top of a public bus. I guess that was supposed to be funny.

    The film was not extraordinarily popular back then; it has been forgotten over the years; and it doesn't seem good upon a fresh look either. Given the presence of Rafelson and some big talents, I expected more than this film delivers, although I still enjoyed watching it for the curiosity value.

    • Sally Field. The Flyin' Nun had a mighty cute rumpus! (1, 2)

    There were also some naked floozies. Tuna covered them. See Tuna's section for his images.




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    The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    One of my favorite movies. The rare film that manages to be artistic without being pretentious, and brainy without losing its heart.



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    Crimson Ghost
    Another batch of in depth Skinemax coverage from the Ghost....

    Today is part one of the Ghost's coverage of "The Awakening of Gabriella" (1999).

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "Cannibal Rollerbabes" (1997)
    Minor cult hit by the same people who bought you Solid Cover. No-name cast with the slight exception of Canadian hefmag model Lisa Heughan who had a bit role in Death Wish V and is now a frequent Howard Stern guest.

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "Party Animalz"
    My biggest complaint about this 2004 direct-to-video comedy is there was not enough. Not enough laughs, not enough plot, not enough acting talent, and not enough naked women.

    When two painters from the barrio gain access to a house in Beverly Hills for a night, what do they do? Throw a party, of course. Predictable, lame, not very funny except in a couple of places, and just barely enough scenery to make a collage. My advice is to skip this one (and I wish I had :-).

    'Caps from the 1989 Italian flick "Diva futura" (1989). Both ladies bare all 3 B's and even show some gyno-views.

    • Moana Pozzi (1, 2, 3)

    • Petra Scharbach (1, 2, 3)

    'Caps and comments by Oz:

    "Blue Crush"
    Starting off with a chick surfing movie, and not the worst one I've seen. No real nudity just lots of sexy bikinis and pokies. The lead actress is Kate Bosworth and we do get to see a bit of worker's crack when she takes a shower. The girls with her are Sanoe Lake, Michelle Rodriguez and Mika Boorem. There is also some nice cleavage by an actress who looks familiar but I couldn't place her.

    "Double Whammy"
    In Double Whammy there's the briefest of nipple shown by Elizabeth Hurley as well as a bit of see-through. Laurie Ann Wallace, Majan Dore and Tamika Thomas show a bit of low quality non-nude cheerleader action.

    "Deep End"
    Plenty of nudity in the British movie Deep End, although the story was pretty weak. Some brief bush by Jane Asher, whose main claim to fame is to be a former girlfriend of Paul McCartney. There's also nudity from what looks like a Swedish naturist film and Anita Lochner. Diana Dors shows that she has seen better days.