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episode 4, 1080hd

Kerry Condon

The Samaritan


The Samaritan is a thriller about a former conman (Samuel L. Jackson) who has just been released from prison after serving 25 years for killing his former partner. Determined to go straight, it turns out that it's going to be impossible to do so because the son of the man he killed wants to perform a massive con on his own boss (Tom Wilkinson). The son gets the much younger Iris (Ruth Negga) to 'help' with Sam's transition back into society. After initially refusing, he stops her from being raped and a spark is drawn between the two, and then a relationship begins. But, the son is desperate to get Samuel L in on his scam and he has one hell of a surprise planned (think Oldboy...).

Samuel L eventually relents, but this scam is going to go down his way, except this scam is not going to go as planned, it never was. An OK thriller with Samuel L. bringing his A game even though the film doesn't necessarily warrant it (and he hasn't necessarily brought his best to films in recent times). There's so many twists in this film, particularly in the end that you really do wonder how the film is going to end and it actually isn't too bad. Worth a look, but nothing special. I'll admit to mainly watching it for Ruth Negga, who I really like from series 2 of Misfits and she's quite good in this film. matching it quite well with Samuel L., even when their relationship changes. And a little nudity always helps.



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