TV Round-Up

As is the recent custom, the Saturday TV focus shifted to Europe for Xanadu. This week it was episodes 7 and 8. DeepAtSea was all over it (his compilation file is below each clip):

Nathalie Blanc and Mathilde Bisson in s1e7


Mathilde Bisson in s1e7


Mathilde Bisson in s1e8



Passion Play

I decided to took a look at Megan Fox in Passion Play. It is, as Mickey Rourke has infamously told everyone, a weak film, and a very odd one. In fact, it makes no sense at all until the last thirty seconds, but the ending does at least explain why it did not make sense earlier. Anyway, Megan looks spectacular. Here's one more scene that was not included in the previous clips, and a few assorted captures which may or may not expose some nipplage.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



The Sinful Nuns of St Valentine


Francoise Prevost. Captures below.

Jenny Tamburi. Captures below.

unknowns. Captures below.




"The Killer Bra"

(2009 short)

Very funny sex comedy hastily shot in Toronto to fill up a DVD of Russian sexploitation shorts on the TROMA "Shameless, Tasteless" collection.

Emily Dix: very nice topless.

Gergana Zabunova: topless.

Miranda Calderon: upskirt.

various: sexy shoppers

Daydream Nation

(2010; Recent DVD release.)

Kat Dennings: sexy.

Laura Jacobs: underwear as student stripper.

unknown: sexy.

Katie Boland: very dark topless but it's her first nude scene.

BONUS: Katie Boland showing a lot more skin in the unreleased movie "Die"

Cycle of Fear: There Is No End


Low budget horror.

Evi Spiliotopoulos: very nice topless.

Emily Andrews: also topless but may have used a booby double.

Valerie Morrissey: sexy.



Recent Quebec release.

Sophie Desmaris: sexy as goth chick.


(2011; le tv series)

French Quebec tv series that I missed but fortunately the episodes are still online. Stars the tasty Catherine Berube who appeared in a number of forgettable English productions and a KFC commercial.

Catherine Berube: ooh la la, finally topless!

"Urban Legends"

episode: "Close Calls"

The old classic tale of a whoremonger husband finding his wife working at a bordello.

Suzanne Farla: sexy as hooker wife.

various: hookers in underwear.

"Outlaw Bikers"

episode: "Devil You Don't Know"

An old television production trick used to save money is to use unaired stripclub footage shot from a previous episode.

Lynzey Patterson: bra and panties as stripper.

"True Crime Scene"

episode: "Shortcut to Murder"

Another episode of the Cold Blood crime-reenactment series,

Loren Steplock: buns as rape victim.


episode: "Jessica and Lauren"

In this episode they have two bimbo blonde sisters as prey who wear short skirts in the woods which in Canada is an invitation to get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Jessica Phillips: poledancer from Ottawa shows some cleavage and upskirt. She's not to be confused with the "Wipeout Canada" gameshow hostess of the same name whom we know as Jessica Rimmer.



Notes and collages

Bobbie Jo and The Outlaw


Lynda Carter


Scoop's notes: hey - it's Wonder Woman naked, and these are probably the best collages ever made from this movie, from a source far better than any I have seen before.

Film Clips

Jennifer Perry in Hard Breakers (2010) in 1080p HD. see below.

Sophie Monk in Hard Breakers (2010) in 1080p HD. see below.




Lindsay Lohan captured by paparazzi with high-powered lenses during a Miami photoshoot

Just for reference (and entertainment) - a repeat look at Lindsay as MM