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Pump Up the Volume


Samantha Mathis film clips. Collages below.







Women in Cages


Today is a "Babe in Bondage" day as we look at a classic seventies exploitation flick. First up we have Judy Brown, who's tied up topless and gets a little different version of a hot foot. Caps and a clip.

Then Pam Grier shows a touch of boob as she gets a whipping. Caps and a clip.

Roberta Collins is topless tied down to the old spinning wheel. Caps and a clip.




TV Land


Over in TV Land more of the fabulous legs of Amy Robach on the "Today" show as she interviews Elizabeth Edwards. Caps and a 1080 HD clip.







Notes and collages

The Hills Have Eyes, Part II


Penny Johnson


Cougar Club


Theresa Ganzel


Two Girls and a Guy

s3, e15

Traylor Howard










Catya Sassoon and Melissa Moore in Angel Fist

Sample below









My Bloody Valentine 3D


Any remake of the 1981 horror classic My Bloody Valentine has a big challenge: have loads of gore. The makers of this 2009 version met that challenge and topped it, with plenty of very realistic gore and mayhem, and a 3-D version for good measure. For the rental companies, they also released a 2-D version, and the caps are from the Blu-ray 2-D version, but the 3-D effects are pretty obvious and pretty effective even in 2-D.

Tom, the son of the owner of the local coalmine, makes a simple but deadly mistake, and 6 men are trapped in the mine. Eventually, they are found, but only one is alive, and he is in a coma. Later, it is discovered that the five did not die from being trapped but rather from axe blows to the head, and the survivor is the only suspect.
A year later, the local youth are having a Valentine's party at the mine, when the survivor suddenly awakes, goes on a killing rampage, first at the hospital where he has been comatose for a year, then at the party, leaving 22 people dead.

Ten years later, Tom returns to sell his dead father's mine, but he is not welcomed with open arms, and when an axe murderer again starts to haunt the town, Tom finds himself the prime suspect.

Keeping the classic horror ingredients, with the advantages of modern technology and the addition of a long and very cool nude scene by Betsy Rue, this is a must-see for gore hounds and horror freaks. I really liked it.

Scoop's notes: I suppose this is a darned good genre flick. Dann likes this sort of film, and it met his requirements. I don't like this sort of film, but I also found it entertaining. It also has 3-D and a great nude scene. Yup, not bad at all.

Betsy Rue Megan Boone







Lady Gaga

Natascha McElhone in Surviving Picasso

Cerina Vincent see-through

Monica Bellucci. Wow. Obviously an old pic, but new to me.

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace breast-slip

Gia Carangi (the doomed supermodel portrayed by Jolie in a biopic)

Susan Barling in Cassandra


Film Clips