I don't know if you could ask your regulars for help on this, but I'd be grateful.

Way back in the archives, there are stills of the late-lamented lesbian rock group Rockbitch (by DB I think), labelled as being from "Rockbitch in Amsterdam.".  Is this the same thing as the commercially available DVD "Bitchcraft", does anyone know? (I don't recognise some of the stills, although I have the DVD).

As far as I know, there's only the uncensored "Bitchcraft" and the heavily censored "Bitch O'Clock News" available on DVD, plus a video privately produced by the group called "Sex, Death, Magick".  There seems also to be one pirated, home-made video floating around from one of their concerts, but the only reference I can find to "Rockbitch in Amsterdam" is a music CD.  Does anyone know if there are any other videos available? The group have now transmogrified themselves into MT-TV, but have toned down their onstage act almost totally (although their music is just as good).


No idea. Anyone out there have any info?



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








The Sex Files: Pleasure World


Pleasure World is a softcore titty flick modeled after the hardcore classic Sexworld, which was in turn modeled after Westworld. A mad scientist has built a vacation destination with themed sets and clones to provide sexual thrills. He has a much more sinister plot in mind, however, that includes the President of the United States and world domination.

The topless women include Cheryl Dent, Alexandra Harlan, Leslie Zemeckis, Junu Airtsenberg and Melissa Lyndon. The sex scenes are tepid, and the nudity is limited to breasts and buns. The Sex Files series is very soft core couples erotica to begin with, and this is one of the softer in the series, but still might put your date in a romantic mood.

The Sex Files: Pleasure World (1998)

Full screen

All-region PAL

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Cheryl Dent

Alexandra Harlan

Leslie Zemeckis

Junu Airtsenberg

Melissa Lyndon








A Scream in the Streets


The Time Machine is still hovering over the seventies as we continue our oldies tour. Our sexy blonde Sandy Carey is back, this time in "A Scream in the Streets." Sandy is smoking pot and getting it on with a lucky dude in these caps and eight clips. You can also play the "Spot the Tool" game in this set. More to come tomorrow.











Gwyneth Paltrow

(film clips)








Notes and collages



Gillian Anderson









More Cannes action: Sharon Stone on a boat offshore. The third one is a collage from Rokwatch.

Madonna showed up at Cannes in a transparent top sans bra.

Rose McGowan still holds the record for the craziest dress ever worn to a red carpet ceremony. She was basically naked from the rear, and barely covered elsewhere. She wore this to the 1998 MTV awards. You've seen these before, but not in this quantity and quality.

More of Rose, this time just in a flimsy dress, slimmed down considerably.

Rikki Lake in The Business of Being Born

Sammie Rhodes in Girls of the Midnight Manor



Film Clips

Kim Kardashian shows almost her entire butt in an outtake from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. (And a gigantic butt it is. Sample right)
Alexandra Neldel in Das Mistuck (1998)

Catarina Murino, a new Bond girl, in Le Grand Alibi (2008)


Oh, those Redgraves!

Vanessa and her daughters have really shown us some skin over the past 40-some years. Some of these clips have appeared here before, but this should fill out your collection with everything available:

Vanessa Redgrave

  1. Blow-Up 1966 (Age 29)
  2. Isadora 1968. (This is the treasure of this posting. Vanessa was 31 when she made this film, and danced around a room stark naked. The film has never been issued on DVD, but these clips are just about up to DVD standard, having been taken from a good TV broadcast. The upside: it's the best look we've ever had at this scene. The downside: hard-coded subtitles.)
  3. Out of Season 1975
  4. Agatha 1979
  5. Yanks 1979
  6. Orpheus Descending 1990 (Age 53)

Vanessa also showed her buns in La Vacanza and Streaming, the latter at age 48, but we have no clips from those films.

Natasha Richardson

Both of Vanessa's daughters had been born before she did her first nude scene. Natasha is the older, having been born in 1963, when Vanessa was 26.

Joely Richardson

Joely, who looks more like Vanessa's clone than a mere daughter, was born in 1965. Both girls are the daughters of director Tony Richardson.

Some trivia: (1) Joely started her nudity before her older sister. She had just turned 20 when she did a very brief flash in Wetherby; (2) Vanessa did her last nude scene after her daughters had started doing them. In the 1988-90 period, all three of them could be seen nekkid on screen; (3) Joely did her nudity at the youngest age range (20-35), Vanessa the oldest (29-53). Natasha is right in between at both ends of the spectrum (25-42). Of course, one or both of the daughters could do additional nudity, although we do not expect that to be the case.