Gloria Bell

2019, 1080hd

Julianne Moore - still naked after all these years.
And is that her pussy there between her legs?

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Hanni Choi

Xiaoyu Peng

Naked News


Pressly Ann auditioned on May 17th


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US Version

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Devon Ogden

The last fortnight celebrating the films and shows of the UK

Straw Dogs


Susan George is nicely topless in Straw Dogs.

 For those who remember the British comedy show from the 70s called Man About the House (it was remade in America as Three’s Company), Sally Thomsett looks good.

Daddy Issues

2019, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

Daddy Issues is a drama about a doomed love triangle. Maya (Madison Lawlor) likes to draw and wishes to go to school in Italy to further her drawing but has no money and her mother and stepfather won't help. She is obsessed with social influencer Jasmine (Montana Manning), a fashion designer who is much loved but the reality is no-one is buying her clothes and she actually makes her money through a sugar daddy, Simon (Andrew Pifko), a drug-addicted surgeon with a fetish for the infantile who Jasmine has being seeing for 6 years. One night, Maya decides to track down Jasmine and introduce herself to her and over the night and the weekend, they fall for one another. When Jasmine is late to one of their sessions, Simon goes spare and starts looking for her and along the way almost hits Maya with his car. Well it turns out Simon is Maya's long lost father. Maya has a fight with her mother and moves into Jasmine's apartment where they not only continue their relationship but Maya inspires Jasmine's fashion and her clothes begin to sell far more than they ever have. Maya even rekindles her relationship with her father and he gives up the drugs. Everything is going great for all three but their is that lingering issue that's just about to ruin everyone's happiness.

This movie does it's darnedest to annoy me but it manages to almost make me like it despite it's cheat of an happy ending which includes a baffling end credits segment set in another country with a character that is only mentioned as a social media friend beforehand. Daddy Issues is at its best when the doomed love triangle unfolds and it does a good job of unravelling the selfishness of the three characters. A good movie that threatens to be better than it has any right to be.

Montana Manning film clip (collages below)

Karine Vanasse in Switch (2011) in 1080hd

More naughty commercials

A classic - Fleggard Stores' famous topless skydiving commercial from Denmark.

Even Palmolive gets into the act in France

I don't know what Nude-Muse Magazine is, and I can't imagine how this could be a TV commercial as indicated by the file name, but I applaud it nonetheless.

Rita Ora performing

Zendaya - her strange outfit approaches but does not quite reach the see-thru line