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Season One. Today:  s1e3

Indira Varma

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Cybervampz is basically just Danni Ashe and Lorissa McComas getting nekkid. Today: Lorissa.

Scoop's note: the late Ms McComas died a couple of years ago at the tender age of 38, "after a long illness."


The Crossing


A quick series from an old Aussie movie.

The Crossing is a 1990 drama about Sam (Robert Mammone), who comes back to town after leaving 18 months beforehand, hoping to continue where he left off. Things are looking good until he gets to his ex-girlfriend Meg (Danielle Spencer), who has moved on and is going out with his best friend Johnny (Russell Crowe), and Johnny has just asked Meg to marry him. Of course, tension develops between the two and they take out their frustrations by racing their cars against each other. This is all going to come to a head when Meg is asked to choose between the two young men and the result is going to be devastating. Pretty simple tale of a love triangle gone wrong, nothing special, but the leads are all pretty solid especially Robert Mammone who has a bigger role than Russell Crowe here. This is a rare period of time for this to happen.


(collages from season one)

Melissa George

Morven Christie

Film/TV clips

Suzan Anbeh in Der Kriminalist: Nacht am See (2013) in 720p

Marie Roennebeck in Der Tote Im Eis (2013)


Amy Adams upskirt (panty hose?)

Jennifer Lawrence getting painted up for the new X-Men movie

Miranda Kerr was not supposed to be topless in this photoshoot.

Betty Gilpin in last week's Nurse Jackie