Downloading Nancy


This is one of the most unwatchable films ever made, not because of the quality, but the subject matter. The acting and production values are all fine, but it all adds up to a top-notch snuff film, which is probably not most people's concept of a proper movie-going experience.

The script is loosely based on the murder of Sharon Lopatka by Robert Frederick Glass. She was a suicidal masochistic housewife and an internet addict who recruited her own murderer online. As requested, he tortured her and killed her. In the film's version of the story, the two form a "romantic" bond which starts to interfere with their plans. She just can't resist a sweet talker who uses her poonani for an ash tray. That sexy lug! Meanwhile, there are various sub-plots involving the woman's douchebag husband and his eventual encounter with the murderer.

Pretty cheerful stuff!

14% at Rotten Tomatoes

Anyway, Maria Bello got naked.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








That Obscure Object of Desire

part 2 of 2


Carole Bouquet film clips (samples below)







Lust Connection


We return today for one more time with Glori-Anne Gilbert in "Lust Connection." Yesterday Glori-Anne met her demise, but that oh-so-lucky dude still dreams about the past and getting it on with her .Glori-Anne shows it all and there is even a hint of "Tool Time" action in these caps and two clips.



TV Land


Over in TV Land Megyn Kelly of 'Fox News" puts on a leg & thigh show while announcing to the world that she is pregnant. Caps and a HD clip (sorry, the sound is a little out of sync).








Notes and collages

The Ragman's Daughter

Victoria Tennant




the legendary Pia Zadora










Scorpion continues a multi-part tribute to a B-movie favorite, Maria Ford

Today's epic: Showgirl Murders (Parts 5-6-7 of seven. See below)









Film Clips

The women of Chocolate: Lucie Laurier, Leah Graham, and Ali Staseson

Jasmin Tabatabai in Die Putzfrauen Insel and Gripsholm. The latter also features Heike Makatsch.

Rachel Weisz in Agora (sample right)


Rare footage of Josephine Baker topless in a silent film, Siren of the Tropics (samples below - the last three are from the DVD special features)