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Hottest Women on Earth


A bunch of caps from a Mystique disk called Hottest Women on Earth. 'Tis a strip and wiggle extravaganza. Robohooters to the left of me, robohooters to the right...but a couple of real nice looking women with factory installed equipment. Love that Katia Corriveau, as you can see by the number of collages, Anyway, no plot, just gals. Nekkid ones. Lots of 'em.

I will make clips and send them along shortly.

Roxanne Galla


Sunny Leone



Amy Miller



Aria Giovanni


Deanna Merryman


Diana Kaufman


Erica Campbell



Katia Corriveau 11










Sassy Sue



Today we return to "Sassy Sue" for more erotic sex as we continue on our tour of oldies from the seventies.

Blonde Sandy Carey gets it on with one very lucky hayseed in these caps and nine clips.



Sharon Kelly returns this time for a lesbo outdoor bathtub scene with Tallie Cochrane and it's Tallie who really reveals all in these caps and two clips.










Hollow Man


Elisabeth Shue

(film clips)







Notes and collages

Along for the Ride


Penelope Ann Miller




Virginia Madsen






Just film clips today:







Film Clips

Several women from Chocolate (2005), an episode from the Masters of Horror series: Ali Staseson, Leah Graham, Lucie Laurier

Brigitte Bardot in her 1958 prime in Les Bijoutiers du claire de lune

Jane Asher in Deep End.

She's the pretty, blue-eyed redhead who was involved with Paul McCartney for many years, starting when she was 17. They were engaged and seemed to be totally in love. but she caught him with another woman. They tried to patch things up, failed, broke up, and Asher has never spoken or written a word about it since, although she was only 22 when they broke up, and turned 62 a month ago. She married another man in 1981, and they are still together. Asher has written three novels and about a dozen books on food and lifestyle.

Deep End was made in 1971, three years after her separation from McCartney, when she was 25.

Luise Baehr in Von Wegen (2005)

IMDb's summary: "Fabian and Jana just wanted to hitch a ride to Italy, but this little arrogant prick in his Jeep really didn't deserve any better. First he almost runs them over, then he tries to blame them. Big mistake. So they do what (almost) everbody would have done: Fabian and Jana steal his car. Although a couple of miles later they make an unpleasant discovery: the arrogant prick's girlfriend is sleeping off her marijuana flush in the back seat. And she's holding her boyfriend's gun. No problem for Fabian, who's always game for a loony scenario. He starts telling the girl a really tall tale, trying to convince her not to return - but instead to keep on driving to Italy. He succeeds, of course, but keeps on telling his tale. Slowly but steady Fabian loses track of his own story, mixing things with his own past - thus swiftly skipping genres from horror to romance and all there is in between. Eventually Jana hits the breaks. Fed up with Fabian's constant tale-spinning she only wants to hear one thing: the actual truth. No more stories, no more charming lies, no more covering mistakes from the past."

Margot Kidder in The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975, about three years before Superman.)


Melika Foroutan in Die Dunkle Seite. (2008. A new thriller from Germany, per IMDb. Sample right.)