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It just hit me as I was gazing (again!) at the pictures of Katherine LeFebvre from June's Playboy that she looks a lot like Kim Raver from 24 (Audrey Raines). I mean they could be sisters, even though Kim is a lot less full chested than Katherine. I have attached a comparison.

What do you think?

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Night Calls: the Movie

Night Calls: The Movie (1998) - Julia and Doria from Playboy's series Night Calls take a road trip to find Juli's purpose in life. On the advice of the fairy that appeared to Juli in a dream, they head North. Their producer sends Gina Everett with them to make sure they make it back to work on Monday. The two relate past sexual exploits, and Gina Everett has some sexual exploits of her own. They meet a couple in need of sex counseling (Ceci Tailor and Daniel Namath) and Julia decides that hands-on sex counseling is the mission she has been seeking. Before the journey is over, there is sex in groups of 1 to 6 people.

It is fun couples erotica, and is rather empowering in its treatment of female sexuality, making it a good choice for a date night. Colors are well-saturated, they made no effort to get overly fancy with the editing, and the entire thing is played tongue-in-cheek.

This is a C.

I covered this film from a budget copy many years ago. Since that time, it has become rare and collectable, and the copy I had is worth nearly $100.00 on the used market. Rare Licensed DVDs now has it available on a dual region DVD (1 and 4) with an English soundtrack, and optional Spanish subtitles. The transfer is not at all bad, although the original photography had a tendency toward blown highlights.


Night Calls The Movie DVD (1998)

IMDb readers say 4.3.



Juli Ashton


Doria Rone


Gina Everett


Ceci Tailor


Jeanne Kim


Chona Jason










Cannibal Ferox

The Time Machine is off to 1981 for Cannibal Ferox aka "Make Them Die Slowly." This is a nasty little flick that certainly would not appeal to everyone's taste. I didn't even like it.


Lorraine De Selle is a fully clothed "Babe In Bondage".


Zora Kerova shows off her tiny titties before also being a "Babe In Bondage" and having a hook put through her tits. Nasty stuff.


The Late Late Show

So let's wash that away with something lighter. We have Carrie Ann Inaba, one of the judges on "Dancing With The Stars," looking very sexy on the "Late, Late Show".










Recently released from prison after serving a three-year sentence for drugs and theft, Sherry (Maggie Gyllenhaal) finds that the outside world is even more harrowing than the one she'd faced behind bars as she is challenged at every turn by parole officers, her hunger for drugs, men willing to exploit her when they know they hold the power, and above all her incessant struggle to integrate herself back into the life of Alexis, the baby girl she left behind.



Maggie Gyllenhaal







Notes and collages

Mood Swingers

Alexandra Gilbreath









AKA @the dangerous sex date


According to the plot "Xenia, the librarian of the university, schedules a S&M blind date with a masochist to satisfy her fantasies and sexual desires. They spend the night in his apartment having kinky sex and the next morning the masochist is dead with a slashed throat." Since this is a typical Italian sex thriller, Xenia is the main suspect. In order to clear herself, she teams up with the dead man's friend to track down the murderer.

The film is also known as "@the dangerous sex date" since Xenia made her s&m dates at an online service which looks like an old fashioned bulletin board and it also transpires that the dead man was an undercover police officer investigating this online service.

Made in 2001, the film shows that its makers were techno-phobic as well as s&m-phobic, almost to the point of warning anyone that online dating and s&m could make you the prey of schizophrenic serial killers. This does not stop the film from delivering a voyeuristic look at s&m nightclubs, strip joints, brothels and their inhabitants, so that it will satisfy the sexual yearnings of the people who decide to watch it. After all, why else bother picking up a movie like this? This leads me to believe that a) Either the film-makers "condemn" and despise the very audience they try to attract with this movie or b) The film's audience feels guilty for their s&m inclinations and therefore needs this "condemnation."

Surprisingly the director of the film is a woman, Maria Martinelli. The famous porn star Rocco Siffredi has a supporting role, but gets top billing because he's the only "name" star in this affair. Stefania Bonafede, the real protagonist, was very good and looked even better.


Stefania Bonafede


Loretta Rossi


Under Surveillance


"Robert Davi at his best!" crows the only IMDb comment for this film. That says it all.

I think Davi, along with Lou Diamond Philips and a few others, belongs to that team of actors that appear exclusively in bad films. So if you see them you know you 're watching a potboiler, like this one, in which Davi's ex-partner is murdered and Davi tries to find who did it.

Spoiler: it's Melody Anderson, his ex-partner's wife. He discovers this in the end , but not before he has a long erotic scene with her. It's a z-movie with awful production values but I liked Melody. She gave a convincing and sexy performance.


Melody Anderson



Debra Winger and Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gerbil  Gentleman
Eileen Daly's rather famous blowjob in All About Anna
Clare Kramer in The Thirst. I tried to watch this and failed. The box called it a cross between Near Dark and Requiem for a Dream. Strange combination, eh? In other words, it's a depressing "Drugs Suck" film except that instead of being about drugs, it uses vampirism as a metaphor for drugs. (Vampires, of course, are addicted to blood.) I made it through about 25 minutes, then realized that life was too short to dance with ugly women.
Amy Jo Johnson in Fatal Thrust - about the most blatant "pastie" job ever
Marvin's final film clip of Faith Thrue in I Jomfruens Tegn, The first picture below is the thumbnail for this clip. The next 14 are his collages from all the clips.

Nicolette Sheridan and Cedric the Alleged Entertainer in Code Name: The Cleaner. Quite a nice butt on Nicolette, as we know from her previous efforts,

A cinema classic if ever there was one : "Tortured Sex Goddess of the Ming Dynasty"

Yuri Komuro
Takizawa Yuu


The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Today, the FDA is expected to give approval to Lybrel, a birth control pill that women take for at least a year at a time, and it ends their periods completely.  Proponents claim the menstrual cycle isn't necessary, and the pill can safely end a monthly ordeal.  Critics say that not enough is known about the effects of unnatural menstrual suppression on the rest of the body, and it could pose long-term health dangers.  But there'll be no shortage of guinea pigs: surveys show that up to 50 percent of women would prefer not to have monthly periods.

*  And up to 100 percent of men would prefer that, too.

*  If they just wait long enough, that problem will solve itself.

Michael Jackson's attorney announced that Michael had reached a confidential settlement of a lawsuit against a company that plans to auction 20,000 items of memorabilia obtained from a warehouse in a
separate case against Michael's parents.  Michael dropped his opposition after the sellers said that out of respect to him, they would not sell or make public certain items that might be potentially embarrassing, such as sealed records from his molestation trials, jars of skin whitener, sex aids and Jackson's own paintings of naked boys.   

*  Or other items too embarrassing to mention.

Because of all the feral cats, a species of Florida Keys rabbits named after Hugh Hefner has dropped in population by 50 percent in two years and is in danger of extinction.

* So ironically, the problem is a pussy overdose.