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"The L Word"

moving on to season two

1080hd. s2e10

Mia Kirshner


Amber Tamblyn



It’s soft-core time and for the next few weeks we will see some good old-fashioned naked ladies, and not much else. There is no time for a plot or story in these cinematic masterpieces.

Intergalactic Swingers

The women in Intergalactic Swingers (2013) are:

Christie Stevens

Erika Jordan

Krissy Lynn

Sophia Bella

Tasha Reign

Film and TV Clips

Josephin Busch in Winnetous Weiber (2014) in 720p

Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux in Horsehead (2014)

The women of Valentin, Valentin (2014)

Marie Gillain

Isabelle Migotto

Lea Wiazemski

Malena Morgan
(+ others) in Pleasure or Pain (2013) in 720p

The women of Passion's Obsession (2003)

CC Costigan (nice scene, even if ripped from The Whole Nine Yards)

Susan Hale and Joanne Choo (mostly Choo)


Choo and Hale

A classic nude performance now in 1080hd: Barbara Crampton in Re-Animator (1985)


Carmen Electra see-through at some charity thing

Rachel Hilbert