TV Round-Up

Carina Birrell
was topless on Lip Service (s2e5)

I finally watched an episode of this. Wow - lame is not the word for it. It plays like a parody of a soap opera. Imagine that SNL sketch "The Californians," except about Scottish lesbians. I guess the UK can match us for shit TV, even on BBC. Who knew? Oh, well, does it matter when there's girl-on-girl action? That's what we really care about.

Maggie Williams in The Girl's Guide to Depravity, episode 12

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Episode 9, season 2, 1080p

Stephanie Fantauzzi

Before returning to The Love Boat, I decided to cap some shorter shows. I have included caps from three TV series/shows for this week - Action, Over There and Sleeper Cell.


This show is about a self-centred TV producer who is desperate for a top-rating show. There were 13 shows made in one season in 1999 - 2000.

Episode 1 Pilot

Illeana Douglas - upskirt

Episode 3 Blood Money

Illeana Douglas - sexy

Episode 5 Mr. Dragon Goes to Washington

Rene Ashton - side boob but is wearing nipple patches

Episode 11 Dead Man Floating

Various including Serenity, Tamie Sheffield, Traci Dali - they're topless but the goodies are censored

Episode 12 One Easy Piece

Jennifer Lyons - cleavage and the world's biggest nipple patches

Over There

Was another one season show made in 2005. It was the story of a US infantry unit deployed in Iraq. There were 13 episodes made. Not a lot of nudity.
Nicki Aycox bares her bum,

while Brigid Brahagh

and Cathryn de Prume show a fair bit of cleavage.

Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell was an 18 episode show over two series in 2005 and 2006. They were one hour shows but we saw them in pairs, which is why I am unsure of the episodes for some of the caps. The show is about an undercover FBI agent who is to infiltrate a terrorist sleeper cell in Los Angeles. There was some lovely nakedness by a variety of women.

Series 1 Episode 1/2 Al Fatiha/Target

Axelle Grelet - topless

Melissa Sagemiller - topless

Unidentified - topless

Series 1 Episode 3/4 Money/Scholar

Joanna Flores - down to her underwear

Series 1 Episode 7 Immigrant

Marika Taylor - cleavage

Maureena Galindo - topless

Series 2 Episode 2 Salesman

Unidentified - topless

Series 2 Episode 3 Torture

Unidentified - topless

Series 2 Episode 4 Faith

Sarah Shahi - topless

Unidentified - topless

Series 2 Episode 5 Home

Unidentified - topless

"Dirty Deeds"

(web series)
Bunch of teaser videos using nudie models to promote an upcoming album "Let's be Friends" by C4ENT to be released July 1 (Canada Day). For more uncoverage go to

Jennifer Krukowsky: full nude and gyncocam.

Lea Reto: full nude.

Kitsune Soleil: full nude.


Jennifer Krukowsky: nude modelling shots.

Lea Reto: nude modelling shots.

Kitsune Soleil: topless with pasties as burlesque dancer Scarlett Behave, The Cat's Caboose Cabaret.


(2012 trailer)

Film directed by David Cronenberg which premiered at Cannes last week.
trailer: unknown nude woman having her way with man at gunpoint.  Cronenberg reaches a new low sexual depravity!

Super Hybrid


Movie about a killer car.

Shannon Beckner: bra and panties.

The Corridor


Horror to be released to DVD soon.

Heather Salsbury: fully clothed sex.

Come as You Are


Sex comedy shot in Los Angeles but surprisingly has some Canadian content.

Barbara Fixx: topless in her only nude role.

Michelle Harrison: sexy as bellydancer.

various: mostly fully clothed sex.


tv series

This unheard of comedy skit series was recently cancelled. From the various clips on youtube it could have used a bit more lesbian action from the two comediennes Cheryl Hann and Evany Rosen


episode: "Masters of Delusion" (2005)

Michelle Jeanpierre: stuntbabe showing her stunt boobies.

Jaime Koeppe

Some explicit nekkid pics of the WWE Diva have been circulating on the
internet the past number of years. Full frontal and gyno-cam.

Laurence Leboeuf

Sexy in underwear pics and even less.

"Tapis Rouge Gala Artis"

April, 2012

Mariloup Wolfe: boobs almost spilling out on to the red carpet.


Trish Stratus: rare nipslip by former WWE wrestler.

Sarah Butler: dancer with tape of breasts in the play Cabaret.

Erin English: butt shot and side boob by 2009 Miss CHIN Bikini contestant.

Marianne D'Vaz: boob and butt in naughty twitter pics.

Melissa DiMarco: in her 40s but still able to fill out a bikini!


"Bikie Wars"

(2012, s1e1)

Scoop's tip o' the day:

Hey, Aussies. I know you have your own slang, and it's probably the coolest slang in the English-speaking world, but if you happen to travel to the USA, remember not to use the word "bikie" to describe bikers, their bikes, or their activities. (Well, at least not in their presence. You'll get your ass kicked.)

And if you need to erase or correct some pencil marks, don't ask the women in our offices for a "rubber." Just trust me on that one.

Also, while I think of it, if you want to go to an upscale watering hole, don't say you'd like to go to a "swish bar." That means something VERY different here.

Samantha Bennett film clip. Sample/summary below.

Giselle vander Weil film clip. Sample/summary below.

Jody Kennedy film clip. Sample/summary below.

Molly Cooper, Erin Profilio and Kira Brown film clip. Sample/summary below.



Sasha Grey in I Melt with You (2011), 1920x816

Eva Mendes in We Own the Night
(2007) in 1080p

Sarah Stern in Les amants du Flore (2006) in 1080p

Anna Mouglalis, also in Les amants du Flore


Kristen Bell - a bit o' plumbers' crack