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That Obscure Object of Desire

part 1 of 2


Angela Molina film clips (samples below)







Lust Connection


A little softcore stuff today as we have busty Glori-Anne Gilbert showing off all of her assets as she gets it on with one lucky dude before she is strangled and drowned in Jim Wynorski's erotic flick "Lust Connection". Caps and 2 clips.





TV Land


Over in TV Land Lara Spencer shows off her gorgeous gams on "The Insider." Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

Half Baked

CJ Fiedler










Scorpion continues a multi-part tribute to a B-movie favorite, Maria Ford

Today's epic: Showgirl Murders (Parts 3 and 4 of seven. See below)









Rachel Weisz - very hot

Vicki Blows

Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive

Hayden Panettiere at Cannes

Tara Reid at Cannes

Vera Fogwill in Kept and Dreamless

Rebecca De Mornay in Risky Business


Olga Kurylenko in The Hitman

Linda Hardy in Immortal

Lauren Holly in Dumb and Dumber


Film Clips

Chiara Caselli in Fiorile

Emma Suarez in La Ardilla Roja

Jennifer Aniston in Management. She is clothed, but she bends over and invites Steve Zahn to touch her butt. This just opened Friday (quietly, in 212 theaters, 17th place, total gross of $376,000).

A quick one from Johnny Moronic: Libby Tanner in "Fireflies"

Lizzie Brochere and Olympe Borval in Le chant des mariees

Natalia Verbeke in Nobody Knows Anybody


Sigrid Spoerk in Und Ewig Schweigen Die Maenner (samples right)