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Illicit Behavior (1992)

This film is also known as Criminal Intent

If I tell you that this is a non-theatrical erotic thriller starring Kent McCord and Robert Davi, you can probably figure out immediately that it is not likely to be confused with Branagh's Henry V. It's about what you would expect from the description. An out-of-control cop is being investigated by Internal Affairs. The Internal Affairs guy ends up having an internal affair of his own with the cop's smokin'-hot wife (Joan Severance). The results ain't pretty.

For the record, here are the positives and negatives, as I see them:

In the plus column:

1. The plot of this film is actually pretty good. The first half progresses predictably based upon the premise I described above, but the film then starts to go off in some crazy directions, and we find out that almost nothing has been what it seemed to be. Several surprises follow in rapid-fire order, and the various intrigues and misunderstandings result in more corpses than the final scene of Hamlet. Although I have seen my share of films, I did not expect many of the surprises, and I did not find them to be excessively contrived or illogical, so the storyline was sort of fun in an over-the-top way.

2. Joan Severance looks beautiful in this film and showed some skin here and there.

3. The film is finally on DVD, 13 years after it went to video.

In the minus column:

1. The erotica is sub-par. The nudity basically consists of fleeting glimpses of isolated body parts in dark sex scenes. The actual sex scenes don't generate much electricity, as you might guess from the identity of the male leads.

2. The DVD transfer is uninspired. The colors are faded and there's a lot of motion blur. It is available in Region 2 only, PAL format only.

So, based upon your expectations for a straight-to-video erotic thriller, you'll probably find it to be a more interesting thriller than you might expect, but also far less erotic.


Joan Severance



The DVD is Region 2, PAL, from The Netherlands. Clicking on the image below will take you to the American importer.

Illicit Behavior DVD Joan Severance (1992)


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Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Motor Home Massacre (2005)

This is a straight to video slasher movie in which seven friends make off with an aging motor home and head to the woods, where someone with night vision goggles is using a machete to play a Benihana Boogie on campers. Since there were only eight people in the cast and seven of them were the campers, I correctly guessed the killer to be the other one. The only dramatic tension was wondering who would be sliced and diced next. That game was so much fun, people kept coming back to life so they could be hacked up again.

It is not that I am against 80s style slasher films, but this one needed to show at least 7 more breasts, should have had at least one swimming or shower scene, and needed sympathetic characters. None of the characters have any appeal. They are either obnoxious (a white gangsta and an alpha male asshole), or whiny wimps. Even the main premise, that these seven were friends, was hard to accept, because none of them seemed to like each other. Of course, that may have been an impression created by the universally poor acting. The film also has technical negatives. Most of the photography is entirely too dark and grainy, and the sound is bad enough that a lot of the dialogue is hard to hear.

Now that I think about it, the fact that you can't see or hear the film is probably a positive rather than a negative.

IMDb has this at 6.2. {Cough} Clearly, the cast voted, as there are 7 tens. Once my vote is counted, there will also be 7 ones. This is an F.

Neither of these women has any other credits at IMDb. Given their after-market body parts, I am guessing that they are either clothing removal specialists, or have appeared using other names. 

Diane Picallo

Nicole Crisp









We're kicking off today with Zoe Paul in "Frost: Portrait of a Vampire." Breasts from Zoe with the final scenes being dead in a bathtub.

Then it's off to the "House of the Dead".

Erica Parker topless in the water.

Penny Plang shaking the boobies.

Sonya Salomaa sexy in a short skirt and topless.




Dann reports on Odyssey 5:

Odyssey 5, Showtime's 2002 Sci-Fi series, was one of my favorites. I was bummed when they cancelled it, and even more bummed because I missed the last couple of episodes, so I didn't know how it ended.

I was pretty excited about the release of "the complete series", as the 5-disc DVD was billed, because I thought I'd finally know the ending. Fat chance! Turns out it didn't end. Well, actually, it DID end, but on a cliff hanger, so they obviously didn't know it was going to be cancelled. Bummer. Strange, too, since this was allegedly Showtime's second highest rated series. Thanks a lot, folks.

Anyway, the 19 episodes are still great stories, about the crew of a space shuttle that witnesses the destruction of earth. They are rescued by an alien called the Seeker, who is able to send their spirits (but not their bodies) back 5 years in time, to try and discover why the earth imploded, and save it. Just imagine suddenly being in your body 5 years ago, but knowing what you know now.

Great show, just too bad they didn't end the damned thing. Incidentally, the collage has the names of all the actresses, taken from different episodes, and it's not a misprint; Katia Corriveau did appear in two separate episodes.

various women






Presidential niece Lauren Bush with a bit peeking out from beneath.
Marisa Tomei in public
Christina Ricci caught in a bikini
Penelope Cruz in Don't Move

Pat's comments in yellow...

Wisconsin's Supreme Court reversed a lower court and ruled that Milwaukee police did not violate a suspect's constitutional right against unreasonable searches when they gave him a laxative called "Go Lightly" to retrieve a bag of heroin he had swallowed.  His attorney called it "a tragic defeat for human rights."

* What a load of crap...


Last night, NBC aired the last episode of "Will & Grace," the sitcom about a handsome, wealthy gay man and his scatter-brained platonic surrogate wife

* If you really miss it, try watching the media coverage of Tom and Katie.