"Truth or Consequences N.M."

Truth or Consequences N.M. (1997) is essentially a road story of 6 people. No, wait a minute, it is a tragic romance. No, that isn't right, it is a crime drama. Well, whatever it is, it is a lot of fun. Vincetn Gallo is released from prison, and is picked up by his main squeeze, Kim Dickens. Cut to a few weeks into the future, and the two of them are teamed with Mykelti Williamson and maniac Kiefer Sutherland (who also directed) to rip off a drug supplier. Good plan, but a few problems develop. The warehouse where they intend to grab the dope isn't empty. The drug supplier is there, along with someone else. Sutherland blows both away, only to find that the other man was a DEA agent, and they kill several cops making their getaway. They hotfoot it out of town. Meanwhile, back at the DEA, we learn that they were caught on surveillance cameras and that Williamson is also a DEA agent.

They (rightly) figure out that their car is made, and hijack a motorhome, keeping Kevin Pollack and Grace Phillips as hostages. The plan is to sell the drugs to a Mafia type, then head for Mexico. Unfortunately, the Mafia type was the actual owner of the stolen drugs. Meanwhile Pollack begins to be lured by the criminal lifestyle. All of this leads to a three-way showdown in Truth or Consequences, N.M.

Dickens shows breasts in a sex scene late in the movie. IMDb readers have it at 6.1 of 10. For me, it worked best during the darkly comic moments. Although the ending was completely appropriate, I was disappointed as they had made Dickens and Gallo a little too sympathetic. This is a C+. It moves briskly, is violent enough that they had MPAA struggles over the rating, and is well acted.

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    Somersault (2004):

    Some nice (zipped) .avi clips of Abbie Cornish in Somersault. (Not mine. I haven't seen the film.) The Aussie actress is 23, but I guess her special charm is that she would have no trouble passing for 14 or 15. You can see caps from this film in the back issues of Feb 28th and March 1st.

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    Christine Boisson

    Jane Birkin

    Romy Schneider

    First up from Hugo, a few nekkid babes in scenes from the 1974 French film "Le Mouton enragé". Boisson and Birkin both give triple B performances. Schneider is topless only.

    Claire Danes Claire showing off her A-cups in scenes from the indie (and arty) film "Stage Beauty".

    Daphne Zuniga She'll always be Princess Vespa from "Spaceballs" in my book....Here she is kinds sorta showing all of the goodies in scenes from "Last Rites" (1988).

    Kelly Preston
    (1, 2)

    Kelly in her early 20's, baring all, and still droolworthy even though I've seen this scene about a billion times. The woman is just plain well made. Here she is in scenes from 1985's "Mischief".

    Kirstie Alley
    (1, 2)

    Marina Sirtis

    Hey Trekkies! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 1984's "Blind Date" may be the only movie to feature two Trek babes going topless in the same film. Alley of course was the original LT. Saavik in "Wrath of Khan" (Shatner fans should click here). For those who may not remember, once upon a time she was 1/3 her present size and pretty darn hot. Counselor Troi also had quite a bod on her back in the day.

    Pamela Anderson
    (1, 2)

    The official blonde and big'unned poster girl. Here she is going topless in scenes from her first movie "Snapdragon".

    Salma Hayek
    (1, 2, 3)

    The sexy Latina actress looking amazing in undies and bikinis in scenes from "After the Sunset".

    Another batch of HD 'caps featuring some of this week's Prime Time Skin.

    Ann Coulter The political columnist, author and talk show junkie showing a whole lot of leg on Leno.

    Evangeline Lilly The ultra-cute Canadian showing a little cleavage and some Prime Time-style shower scene partial exposure from last week's episode of "Lost".

    Jolene Blalock Stuffed into her skin tight T'pol outfit one last time for the amazingly lame series finale of "Enterprise". If any Trek fans out there want my opinion...I think I figured out why "Enterprise" was not as much of a hit was the only Trek show to have a theme song...and a very wimpy one at that.

    Helena Bergström
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    Johnny Moronic 'caps of the Swedish babe topless in a couple of scenes from "Sprängaren" aka "Deadline" (2001).

    Marciee Drake
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    Kelly Nichols
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

    Señor Skin takes a look at the 1978 Horror/Thriller "The Toolbox Murders". Drake shows off some very lovely toplessness while former Pet-turned-adult star Kelly Nichols bares all. Interstingly enough, Nichols is still semi-involved in adult films...even in her mid 40's.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    And He's A DEFENSE Witness! - Wednesday at Michael Jackson's trial, his 12-year-old cousin Rijo testified that when he visited Neverland two years ago, Michael's accuser and his brother invited him to join them as they masturbated while watching naked women on TV.

  • This was to prove that kids at Neverland were never exposed to anything inappropriate.
  • See, Michael didn't touch them...He just watched them.
  • Michael added, "It's not sexual."

    Diana's Already There...Wait, That's Michael - The judge ruled that "character is not an issue" in the case, and the prosecution would be allowed to call rebuttal witnesses to defense character witnesses. This means there probably won't be a parade of big stars like Liz Taylor and Diana Ross called to laud Michael.

  • Think how relieved they must be!
  • So if you already paid scalpers' prices for your trial tickets, touch luck.
  • The judge did allow a "friend of the court" brief from Bubbles the chimp.

    He Loved To Show His Boss The Finger - The man whose finger ended up in Wendy's chili was not in on the scam. His mom said he lost it when he slammed his truck tailgate on it, and when he was broke, he gave it to the claimant's husband to settle a $50 debt. He didn't know the man's wife and didn't realize that was his finger. His mom said he's a "happy-go-lucky guy" who used to show the finger to girls in the office as a joke. She said a woman wouldn't do a thing like that, adding, "It's a man thing."

  • No, a woman would do something practical, like putting it in her chili and suing.
  • There was a lot of interest on that debt...Originally, the amount was a single digit.
  • He could have drawn the face of Jesus on that finger and sold it on eBay for thousands.

    Skip The Prom, Go To The Party At Her House! - Shawnda Lawson, 18, a senior at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick, Maryland, was barred from her prom this weekend after she refused to sign a pledge not to drink. She told the local newspaper that she likes to drink, and she planned to do it on prom night. Her father said the principal shouldn't have punished his daughter just for something she said, and he doesn't believe she drinks.

  • Dad doesn't read the newspaper too often.
  • And when she says she plans to have sex in the limo, he knows she's just kidding.
  • Maybe if they got her drunk enough, she'd sign it.

    Some Like It Not - Tony Curtis has decided to prove that he can still be a sex symbol by posing nude for Vanity Fair magazine to mark his 80th birthday. But Curtis isn't completely exposed: he posed discretely covering his privates with his pet Yorkshire terriers named after the "Some Like It Hot" characters, Daphne and Josephine.

  • They're both really boys.
  • If he were really excited, it would have to be a three-dog night.
  • Personally, I'd need a couple of German shepherds.
  • You know, Jamie Lee Curtis decided she's too old to pose nude anymore, and she's his daughter.

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