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Season One. Today:  s1e1

Melissa George


Night of the Beast


Clips and collages from some rotting driftwood of a movie sometimes called Night of the Beast and sometimes Lukas' Child.  Here are the reasons to nominate it as a bottom ten stinker - 1) The lead actor, an old guy with a few teeth missing, is simply the worst performer in the history of cinema.  How someone can simultaneously underact and overact is a mystery but this guy hits it.  His delivery is either wooden or over-caffeinated, often in quick succession.  Some folks IMDb praise him but that has to be his mom writing the review.  He blows and he is on screen all the fricking time. 2) A bunch of gals show up in one role or another and wind up in lingerie, get to speak a few lines (badly... real badly) as potential victims of a winged humanoid creature called The Child, but they add nothing to the plot.  And they don't get nekkid so they add nothing there either; 3) The police are idiots, with deductive skills akin to those of Officer Barbrady from Southpark, but their stupidity is not played for laughs or irony - it simply must be for the movie to continue.  I hate that crap.  So in the end a few veterans of the Funhouse get down to some level of undress.  Lisa Comshaw does, as one of three women who beds the chief detective, even though they are parts of the investigation.  Toni Alessandini sort of, kind of shows off the hooties in ritual dance of some sort but get this - it is the same performance/dance that showed up a year earlier in a movie entitled Mind, Body and Soul (Tuna's caps are in the Encyclopedia).  Former pornstar Jacqueline St Claire (she is called Jacqueline Gorman in this movie) shows off some T and a little A.  Then there are the one-time-wonders.  Elizabeth Young strips down, talks on the phone and takes a shower, all the while showing off one rockin' bod.  And Jacqueline Moen shows off her mighty-fines while demonstrating her own style o' acting, which incorporates mouth agape with eyes a-bug.  Look out Meryl Streep.

Today's clip: Jacqueline Moen


The TV caps this week come from Two Guys and a Girl (aka Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place). It was made over 4 seasons from 1998 to 2001. Obviously, no nudity but I've always had a bit of thing for Traylor Howard.

These episodes complete the second season and were made in 1999.

Two Guys and a Girl

Episode 13 Two Guys, a Girl and a Gamble

Traylor Howard

Episode 14 Two Guys, a Girl and a Proposal

Traylor Howard

Episode 15 Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation

Traylor Howard

Episode 16 Two Guys, a Girl and Valentine's Day

Bobbie Phillips

Traylor Howard

Episode 18 Two Guys, a Girl and Ashley's Return

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 19 Two Guys, a Girl and a Fighter

Traylor Howard

Episode 20 Two Guys, a Girl and a Mother's Day

Traylor Howard

Episode 21 Two Guys, a Girl and Barenaked Ladies

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

Episode 22 Two Guys, a Girl and an Engagement: Part 1

Suzanne Cryer

Traylor Howard

"Orphan Black"

episode: "Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner" (s1e07)

Tatiana Maslany: partial boob with really cut-up body.

Evelyne Brochu: lesbian kiss with Tatiana.



episode: "The Serpent's Egg"  (s1e06)

Stephanie Leonidas: partial boob in wild sex scene.

Jessica Nichols: cleavage off-the-set but with really gross makeup.

CORRECTION: Kaniehtiio Horn:
That's her as the redhead space hippie in earlier episode (s1e04)

Hansel & Gretel

(2013 video)

Grimm's fairy tale readapted as modern slasher.

Sara Fletcher: bra and panties tied up Hankster-style.

Black Forest

(2012 TV movie)

Another Grimm's fairy tale readapted as modern slasher.

Tinsel Korey: clavage.


(2010 video short)

Short from the Vancouver Film School.

Nicole Ann Shery: sort of nude but she's wearing nipple pasties in one shot.

Whole New Thing


Rebecca Jenkins: full frontal.

Lisa Lelliott: side boob.

Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming

(2007 TV movie)

Marnie McPhail: slight pokies.

Tammy Fitzgerald: makeout double.

Anne Tager Page: GILF? (granny I like to fuck)

Dirty Singles

(2013; trailer)

Janet Porter: pokies, panties.

Inessa Frantowski: cleavage.



(2013; trailer)

Cynthia Crofoot: very nice cleavage.

Andrea Werhun: forcing Cynthia to go down on her.

Kate Stephen: getting spanked.

"Kesha - Your Drugs Are My Love"

(music video parody)

Perrie Olthuis: haven't seen hot pants this sexy since Daisy Duke.

"Dragon's Den"

(tv series)

Many of the models used on this reality show are part time actresses.

Amy Fulton: wearing nothing but a coat of bodypaint.

Margarita Giliadov: sexy in bikini.

"How to Live with Your Parents

(For the Rest of Your Life)"

episode: "How to Stand on Your Own Two Feet" (s1e07)

Sarah Chalke: nekkid as a jaybird as nude art model but with nudity bars.

Quebec portion...


(2007; aka "You")
Anne-Marie Cadieux: full frontal.


le tv series (2008)

This softcore tv series from France aired briefly in Quebec last year but got pulled when someone in Canada complained but all the gratuitous nudity. Stars Natacha Lindinger, Anne Caillon and Claire Dumas. The two seasons of the Hard series are available on DVD at



le tv series

Magalie Lepine-Blondeau: nude in season 1.

Lea Roy: sexy in season 2.


le tv series (s4e05)

Marie-Claude Sabourin: bra and panties as lesbian.

Edith Labelle

aka Edith Larente
This former female wrestler/UFC ring card girl also moonlighted as a nudie model.


Anne-Marie Losique

Finally dug up some nudie clips of this Quebec producer

chocolate: wearing nothing but a coat of chocolate.

bustier: full nude nut no coochie after getting out of body cast.

Film/TV clips

Gemma McCorry in the premiere episode of The Fall in 720p

Maria Yasnaya in Somnambula (2013)

Tracey Sheldon in Infected (2012)

Sienna Miller in Two Jacks (2012). Sorry, poor quality.

Tjitske Reidinga in De Verbouwing (2012)

Sara Forestier in Pirate TV (2012)

Henrike Von Kuick in Am Himmel Der Tag (2012)

Paz Vega, Biljana Hresnjek and Marija Tonic in Cat Run (2011) in 720p




Tessa Mittelstaedt in Tage Die Bleiben (2011)

Valeria Umanets in Blizkiy Vrag (2010)

Nina Podolska in Blizkiy Vrag (2010)

Alexandra Dahlstrom, Josephine de la Baume and Camille Rowe in Our Day Will Come (2010) in 720p


de la Baume


Julie Engelbrecht and Karoline Herfurth in Berlin 36 (2009) in 720p

Blanche Veisberg in Dans la Peau (2007)