Top One Reason why Cannes is the best film festival

1. Nobody gets naked at Tribeca, Toronto or Sundance.

Today's Cannes paparazzi shot: Lily Allen's coochie


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Back Stab


Back Stab (1990) is a Canadian whodunit staring James Brolin as a meek architect who has been a workaholic since the death of his wife. After a meeting where the company is introduced to the team that has just leveraged a hostile takeover, he is persuaded by his female assistant to go to a bar for a birthday celebration. There, he picks up by a very attractive young woman, and screws her in her car. The next night, she takes him home, they do it on the floor, and he falls asleep. When he wakes up, she is gone. He looks around, and finds the new owner of his company dead of multiple stab wounds.

Certain that he has been set up, he gets an attorney and turns himself in. He is indicted for murder one, and is amazed to discover that the woman who was married to the stiff and has admitted to having an affair with Brolin is not the same woman he really had sex with. He also realizes that his attorney doesn't believe him, and that he will have to take matters into his own hands.

This is not a bad mystery at all, although it is not hard to figure out long before the last scene.

Isabelle Truchon, as the woman who seduced him, shows breasts and buns.










Frankie and Johnnie ... Were Lovers



Rene Bond is back one more time on our oldies tour of the seventies. Once again Rene shows all as she cavorts with her then-husband, Ric Lutze. She was not the most beautiful girl in the world, but she had that kind of "girl next door" look. Caps and 10 sometimes funny clips.









Hollow Man


Rhona Mitra

film clip

Hollow Man to be continued ...







Notes and collages

Murder Set Pieces


Christina Holsinger


Swamp Thing


Adrienne Barbeau

(obscure scene not previously covered)









30 Naked Supermodels. Very impressive

From Crash 3rd, the "rarely capped scenes" guy:

A young (23ish) Jennifer Aniston in The Edge, pre-Friends, circa 1992.

Two collages of Tatu's nudie video


Film Clips

TaTu in a "making of" documentary about their nudie video. Includes some angles and set-ups not in the actual video.

Sarain Boylan in Bon Cop Bad Cop.

This film now holds the Canadian box office record for the highest gross from a Canadian film, breaking the old record which was held for more than two decades by Porky's. Although its performance was unimpressive in most of Canada, Bon Cop went absolutely lines-around-the-block nuts in Quebec. It grossed more than $11 million in Quebec and only one million in the rest of Canada added together! The population of Quebec in 2006 was 7.5 million people, so it grossed $1.50 for every man, woman and child in the province - the proportional equivalent to a $450 million ultra blockbuster in the USA.

Porky's is still the highest-grossing Canadian film of all time if the definition is total gross worldwide. In fact, Porky's is still the highest grossing Canadian film in Canada when the results are expressed in inflation-adjusted dollars, ticket sales, or beaver pelts. (The number of tickets sold was twice as high for Porky's as for Bon Cop.)

Christina Aguilera being interviewed in a semi-see-thru blouse

Kate Ashfield in Secret Smile (2005)

Minnie Driver in The Governess (1998)


Elena Anaya in Alatriste (Sample right)