"Things Behind the Sun"

Things Behind the Sun (2001) is an Independent film from writer/director Allison Anders, in large part based on her own rape at a very young age. As the film opens, Kim Dickens, drunk, passes out on the lawn of a house. We have no idea why. We soon learn that she doesn't either, but this is the third year in a row that she has done this. Normally, she is kept busy being a drunk, lead singer of a band whose music, in large part, talks about her gang rape as a young girl, and being a pain to her manager and wannabe savior and lover, Don Cheadle.

Meanwhile, an LA music reporter helps his girlfriend champion a project to interview Dickens. The editor wants no part of the travel budget until the writer, Gabriel Mann, mentions that he knows who the rapist is. He is assigned the story, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend who unearthed it, Alison Folland.

So Mann is off to Florida. Along the way, he visits Eric Stolz, who plays his brother, in prison. Through a series of flashbacks, we eventually learn all about the gang rape, actually one of many committed in the house, all spearheaded by the Stolz character. As if gang rape wasn't enough for a 12 year old to endure, she ended up with VD, leaving her sterile. Also, she can only be intimate with men she doesn't know, and then wants to be restrained and have sex with more than one at a time.

This is not a typical rape story where the victim is a sweet, sympathetic character and all of the rapists pure evil (although the Stolz character is pretty much all bad). Rather, we see that the experience turned the victim into a dysfunctional adult, and that she was not the only one permanently affected. The film takes place long after the rape, and shows the long lasting effects of this crime. It is hard to imagine that anyone could watch this film without being moved by it. So much of it has the ring of truth.

Dickens shows breasts in a sex scene, and again in a shower scene. Folland also shows breasts. IMDb readers have this at 7.5. It premiered at Sundance. As it is distributed by Showtime, and garnered an Emmy nomination, I am guessing it went to TV from there. It was shot on a very aggressive schedule on digital, but is technically sound. Since both leads are part of the music business, the songs and sound track were very important, and Anders got clearance on an amazing number of songs for the soundtrack. All of the performances were spot on. The flashbacks where specially adjusted to have a very different look than the current time stuff. They were shot highly saturated, desaturated, then pumped with yellow and red , for a very distinctive feel that was nonetheless very clear. This is not a feel good film, although each of the characters finds all the redemption they deserve, but it is certainly an effective one, and will give most many things to think about. C+

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    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Prozac, You Need! - The New York Sun reports that people waiting in line to see "Revenge of the Sith" may have a psychiatric disorder. Cornell Prof. Alfredo Nudman said people who skip work to wait in costume for "Star Wars" have "significantly low self-esteem" and are trying to escape into a childish fantasy world where good and evil are sharply defined and they feel safer and more fulfilled than in their own lives. He said they don't have a clear sense of self so they identify with fantasy characters and project onto them an ideal of what they feel they should be and never will. But he said it's only when people start spending their vacations at "Star Wars" conventions or all their money on Yoda collectibles that they really need treatment.

  • In other words, they all really need treatment.
  • For treatment, he prescribes three nuclear wedgies and an Indian burn every hour until the nerdiness goes away.
  • Don't waste your vacation in a childish fantasy world! Go to Disney World!
  • Personally, he goes to psychiatric conventions dressed as Sigmund Freud.
  • Or maybe they're just waiting in those lines because they thought it would be a good place to meet girls.

    "Adults"? - In a Cosmopolitan magazine poll, almost two-thirds of women said they've had a one-night stand, but nearly all said they regret it. 30 per cent of women do it once or twice a month, and 1 per cent do it on most weekends. Many blamed it on alcohol, getting over a break-up, irresistible chemistry, or a "why not, we're consenting adults" attitude. Nearly half hoped it would turn into a relationship and were disappointed, and 62 percent regretted most one-night stands. However, 40 percent of men said they'd have a one-night stand anytime, and 49 percent said they'd never regret it.

  • The other 51 percent have done it, and their wives found out.
  • And 100 percent of men NEVER want it to turn into a relationship.
  • They never regret it until they wake up sober and see who they did it with.
  • If you're having one-night stands every weekend, maybe you just regret being a loose drunk.

    Lean Girls - There is a lot of gossip about how once-curvaceous Lindsay Lohan suddenly looks unhealthily thin, but Lohan denied to Teen Vogue that she has an eating disorder. She said she's just lost her "baby fat," she feels good about her new emaciated figure because "you can fit into more things," and most amazingly, she said, "Compared to a lot of actresses my age, I'm actually overweight. There are so many really, really thin girls out there."

  • Why, when she goes out with the Olsen Twins, she's the only one who casts a shadow!...It's SO embarrassing!
  • She's so overweight, the other day, she stepped on a scale, and the needle moved!
  • She can fit into lots of things now! Like a clarinet case!

    It's Taking Off - In a record default, United Airlines is handing its pension plans over to a government insurance program that can't guarantee $9.8 billion in obligations, so five flight attendants created an alternate retirement plan. The five, all very attractive women aged 55 to 64 who call themselves "The Stews," are selling a 2006 calendar showing them posing on various planes wearing nothing but strategically-placed items like a feather boa. The calender is for sale at and is called "Stewardesses Stripped (Of Their Pension?)"

  • This calendar gives new meaning to the term "Hot flashes!"
  • They hope to raise $9.8 billion.
  • They're also planning a video in which they move their tails for you.
  • Unfortunately, all the men aged 55 to 64 are buying the Hooters Airlines calendar.

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