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Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the Lita pic we linked to yesterday was actually fake.

  • Here is the original with Lita in a bikini top, by Penman.

  • Tuna
    "Bounty Hunters" (1996) and "Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball" (1997)

    After reading Scoops review of Hardball last night, I decided I might as well get these two, which I had already purchased, out of the way. I was really dreading it from what he said, and was sure I would be disappointed with Bounty Hunters. During the opening credits, Michael Dudikoff as bounty hunter Jersey Bellini is getting into his work gear at the back of his van. He selects a sawed off shotgun with a pistol grip, an Italian stogie and a pair of binoculars from their foam storage spots, then dumps a box of rifle cartridges into his pocket. At this point, I had my confirmation that I was watching a turkey. Then something happened. I began to like the characters, I became interested in the story, and I loved the over the top action.

    This had to be a pilot, as they go way out of their way to develop characters that are also found in Hardball. Jersey's on again/off again love interest, Lisa Howard, AKA B B or Ball Buster is also an expert bounty hunter working for the same bail bondsman as Jersey. Whereas Jersey is broke, gentle talking, and focused on bringing in the wanted men, B B is tougher talking and acting, but cares more about what happens to people. The Bail Bondsman is all about money, but obviously has a certain fondness for both of them. A female police sergeant has to pretend to be opposed to the way the two are constantly blowing away or beating up bad guys, but is actually on their side.

    Jersey is hungry, and asks his boss for another assignment. He is sent to give B B help she absolutely doesn't want. B B stakes out a chop shop figuring that the car thief they are to bring in will show up to sell a stolen car. Jersey stakes out B B. The car thief does show up in a Rolls that he didn't realize belonged to a Mafia bigwig. Jersey grabs him, but B B forces him to pull over. They argue about who gets the money, and the car thief escapes. When they return to the chop shop, they discover a hooker in the trunk of the Rolls. Seems she witnessed the Mafia boss committing a murder, and was being brought in to be fitted for concrete sneakers when the thief grabbed the car.

    Jersey and B B become targets. The mob also kidnaps a teenage black kid who lives next door to Jersey and has become a friend. The kid was great, but didn't make it into Hardball. Scoop mentioned that Hardball didn't take itself seriously for one moment, and that the exposure was gratuitous.The same was true in Bounty Hunters, but that didn't bother me. The hooker, Erin Fitzgerald, is seen topless in a flashback, and another hooker turned porn star, Shona Baxter, also shows her breasts. It didn't make me think, but it did entertain me. It is rough and tumble fun with quirky but invincible heroes. I give it a solid C.

    After enjoying Bounty Hunters, I was prepared to give Hardball a chance. Had I not watched Bounty Hunters first, much of Hardball would not have made much sense. That was not, however, the only problem with this sequel. There were many dead spots, and the action stuff was very much like what I had just watched in Bounty Hunters. We even had exactly two women showing their breasts. April Telek is seen through binoculars in a window, and then later modeling lingerie in the shop she works in. Jane Ferguson plays a masseuse seen through a two way mirror.

    It is easy to see why nobody picked this up as a series. The premise didn't allow enough variety of plot to sustain even a single season. In fact, it wore pretty thin by the end of the sequel, Hardball. It is, for me, a shame, as I liked several of the characters. I give Hardball a C-.

  • Bounty Hunters Thumbnails

  • Shonna Baxter (1, 2)
  • Erin Fitzgerald

  • Bounty Hunters 2 Thumbnails

  • April Telek (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Jane Ferguson (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Plenty of nudity in XChange, and within a watchable movie. My kinda entertainment. 


    Although there was no nudity in Pay it Forward, I remembered that I meant to share the pictures of Helen Hunt in her blue bra.


    The new issue of Celebrity Sleuth. This is a small percentage of the pictures that were new to me in the current edition. I picked some that I thought were interesting for one reason or another.

    Name Info Her website
    Arban actress, works in b movies (Heavy Metal 2000)
    Rebekka Armstrong current picture of former POM (September, 1986), who is now active in AIDS awareness issues. (She is HIV-positive).
    Amy Ballard nude model and b-movie actress ("Evil Ambitions", which is actually reviewed at I don't think she has one, (contact: Amy B Fan Club, PMB 130-198, 6300 N. Wickham Rd. Melbourne, Florida 32940)
    Barbara Moore
    (1, 2, 3)
    current pictures of former POM (December, 1992)
    Echo Johnson
    (1, 2)
    current pictures of former POM (January, 1993)
    Neriah Davis
    (1, 2)
    current pictures of former POM (March, 1994)
    Tylyn John current picture of former POM (March, 1992)
    Cynthia Myers current picture of former POM (December, 1968, but you'd never know it. She looks better now than in 1968, in my opinion, although she is 50+)
    Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst current picture of former Bunnymag covergirl (Jan 1992) and member of the "Swedish Bikini Team"
    Masuimi Max
    (1, 2)
    actress in grade-b movies and erotic novelty act performer (contortionist and fire-eater, to name two of her avocations)
    Nikki Fritz actress in grade-b movies (The Bare Wench Project)
    Glori-Anne Gilbert and Melissa Wolf model, and actress in grade-b movies (Vampire Call Girls)
    Graphic Response
  • Jennifer Connelly, the official Fun House babe showing her wonderful breasts in "Waking the Dead".

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • L'Helvete
    Bérénice Bejo Excellent, full dorsal nudity, plus a little side breast view to boot. Scenes from the movie "Meilleur espoir féminin" (2000).

    Élodie Bouchez Side breast exposure as she gets it on in scenes from "Les Kidnappeurs" (1998).

    Frédérique Bonnal From 1985's "Rouge midi". She is fully nude, but all we get to see are her breasts, and a nice curve or two.

    Laetitia Pesenti
    (1, 2)

    Link #1 features a full frontally nude Laetitia in scenes from "À la vie, à la mort!" (1995). Link #2 is topless only, but breasts like hers are nothin' to sneeze at. (truly an odd expression)

    Nicollette Sheridan Topless and very nice bare bum views from "Raw Nerve".

    Elisabeth Shue
    (1, 2, 3)

    A few extreme close ups of her breasts from "Leaving Las Vegas".

    Kim Basinger
    (1, 2)

    Very nice breast visibility as she gets' it on with Richard Gere in scenes from the Hitchcockian thriller "Final Analysis" (1992). Not a bad little movie. Gere seemed to coast through this one (thankfully without a Lucky Charms accent a la "The Jackal"), but Basinger and Uma Thurman were both very good.


    Thumbnail index pages
    (1, 2)

    Annie and Alica Sorrell
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
    9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

    The twin babes from "Cruel Intentions 2". Maybe it's some kind of sick, lesbo, doublemint fantasy, but I think these girls rock!

    The images are all about the same...full screen 'caps of the ladies in the shower. The only differences are minimal (smiles, arms up or down, etc.) Feel free to use the thumbnail pages as a guide to pick your favorite.

    Linda Hamilton
    (1, 2)

    Hamilton fans will appreciate these. Here are full screen (1024x768) images of Linda in her topless love scene from "The Terminator".

    Melissa George
    (1, 2, 3)

    Great full sized 'caps of the sexy Aussie from "Dark City". #1 is topless only, the others offer more boobs and bum. It also looks like #2 has an ever so subtle hint of pubes.

    Kristin Scott Thomas Full frontal nudity as she gets out of the tub she was sharing with Ralph Fiennes in scenes from "The English Patient". In case you missed the announcement a few days ago...FYI, Scoopy has changed the pronunciation of his name to "Rafe". Naturally it will still be spelled Scoopy.

    Shannon Tweed
    (1, 2)

    The term "rare nudity" is not often used when talking about Shannon's career. After all, her goods are pretty well documented on film, and you can even rent her movies in Utah!

    Amazingly enough however, here are scenes from 1984's "The Surrogate", a movie not available on DVD or VHS, and too old to be played on Skinemax! Kudos to DeVo.

    Amber Smith Showing us a great thong view, plus some breast exposure in scenes from "How to Be a Player" (1997).

    Carole Laure Also from "The Surrogate". Nice breast exposure, and some upskirt views.

    Denise Richards Nothing new, but "Wild Things" 'caps always turn out well. Collage by Pro.

    Julianne Moore An another excellent collage by Pro featuring topless scenes from "The End of the Affair".

    Liz Hurley If you're looking for a new desktop theme, here's a glamorous Liz with a sexy bit of see-thru nipple exposure. Collage by Monty.

    The Funnies

    You think the play the King and I is about Elvis.
    You have ever put Catsup on Chinese food.
    You ever listed Fuzzy Dice on an insurance claim.
    You list tick removal as a skill on your resume'.
    Your most expensive work of art is held up by thumbtacks.
    You've ever worn camouflage pants to Church
    Your local funeral home is also a U-Haul franchise.
    Your favorite kind of wine is strawberry.
    Your Uncle Bob died peeing on an electric fence.
    Your mama is banned from the front row at wrestling matches.
    You think espresso means 8 items or less.
    You've ever phoned ahead to make dinner reservations at Shoney's.
    Your arms are hairless from checking your knife's sharpness.

  • Pine Cleaner
    Pine Cleaner is a columnist who hosts a celeb discussion board on Yahoo. From time to time he come up with some interesting food for thought....

    Here's a recent column

    These actresses have done nude scenes in films in the 90's and 00's, but they have been of poorer quality. Before hoping that Winona Ryder and other actresses who have refused to do nude scenes will do one, we should hope that these actresses will do a better quality one, although a few have subsequently said they will not.

    1.Gillian Anderson The Turning 1992
    2.Fairuza Balk Tollbooth 1994, American History x 1998
    3.Jennifer Beals The Prophecy II 1998
    4.Amy Brennaman Your Friends and Neighbors 1998
    5.Saffron Burrows The Loss of Sexual Innocence 1999
    6.Linda Cardellini Strangeland 1998
    7.Claudia Christian The Hidden 1987
    8.Courtney Cox Blue Dessert 1991, Commandments 1997
    9.Amanda de Cadenet The Hunger
    10.Kim Delany Temptress 1994
    11.Karen Duffy Synapse 1996
    12.Kathryn Erbe Dream With the Fishes 1997, Stir of Echoes 1999
    13.Debrah Farentino Malice 1993
    14.Colleen Fitzpatrick (AKA Vitamin C) Dracula 2000
    15.Kerry Fox An Angel at My Table, A Village Affair 1994, Shallow Grave 1994
    16.Cynthia Gibb Youngblood 1986, High Stakes 1997
    17.Carla Gugino Judas Kiss 1998
    18.Laura Harris Habitat 1997, The Faculty 1998
    19.Katherine Heigl My Father, the Hero 1994, Prince Valiant 1997
    20.Kate Hudson Desert Blue, Almost Famous 2000, About Adam 2001
    21.Milla Jovovich The Fifth Element 1997, He Got Game 1998
    22.Catherine Keener Living in Oblivion 1996, The Real Blonde 1997
    23.Mia Kirshner Love and Human Remains 1993, Exotica 1994
    24.Carey Lowell Dangerously Close 1986, The Guardian 1990, Road to Ruin 1991
    25.Jamie Luner Tryst 1994
    26.Paula Marshall The New Age 1994
    27.Debi Mazar Love is Like That 1992, Money for Nothing 1993
    28.Kylie Minogue The Deliquents 1989
    29.Elizabeth Mitchell Gia 1998
    30.Radha Mitchell High Art 1998
    31.Carrie Ann Moss The Soft Kill 1994, Red Planet 2000
    32.Dedee Pfeiffer The Horror Show 1989, Double Exposure 1993, Deadly Past 1995
    33.Christina Applegate Streets 1990
    34.Bijou Phillips Black and White 1999
    35.Sara Polley Guinevere 1999
    36.Teri Polo Quick 1993
    37.Alexandra Powers Last Man Standing 1996
    38.Cyndy Preston The Ultimate Weapon, Whale Music 1994, Total Recall 2070
    39.Emily Procter Breast Men 1997
    40.Laila Robins Live Nude Girls 1995, The Blood Oranges 1997
    41.Jennifer Runyon Killing Streets 1991, Till Death Do us Part 1992
    42.Kelly Rutherford Angels Don't Sleep Here
    43.Keri Russell Eight Days a Week 1997
    44.Alicia Silverstone Rebel Highway
    45.Sherry Stringfield N.Y.P.D Blue
    46.Hillary Swank Sometimes They Come Back... Again 1996, Boys Don't Cry
    47.Maura Tierney Dead Women in Lingerie 1991
    48.Jennifer Tilly Shadow of the Wolf 1992, The Getaway 1994, Bound 1996
    49.Liza Walker Mauvaise Passe, Wavelength (E=MC2) 1996
    50.Kelli Williams Wavelength (E=MC2) 1996
    51.Kimberly Williams Elephant Juice 1999
    52.Michelle Williams If These Walls Could Talk 2 2000
    53.Bridgette Wilson The Real Blonde 1997
    54.Beth Winslet The Scold's Bridle 1998
    55.Alicia Witt Four Rooms 1995, The Sopranos 1999
    56.Emily Woof Velvet Goldmine 1998, Passion 1999
    57.Robin Wright Moll Flanders 1996, State of Grace
    58.Sarah Wynter The 6th Day 2000
    59.Amy Yasbeck Denial 1998

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