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"The Tudors"

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Lorna Doyle

Natalie Dormer

Rachel Montague

This week, the movies are from 2000:

Almost Famous

Almost Famous (2000) has some lovely breast exposure by a topless Kate Hudson, not that there is a lot of them.

There are also a lot of lovely women including:

Anna Paquin

Bijou Phillips

Fairuza Balk

Liz Stauber

Olivia Rosewood

Pauley Perrette

Zooey Deschanel

Dumb Criminals


Johnny's comments:

Dumb Criminals in a comedy movie where two mates, Rabbit (Paul Fenech) and Rongo (Kevin Taumata) are in prison with their druggie mates Jimmie the Junkie (Alex Romano) and Pothead (Benny Maclean). When trying to avoid a bikie named Tiny as he's fucked Tiny's girlfriend, sister, cousin and mother, Rabbit speaks with old friend Biker Bob (Andy McPhee), who dying and want Rabbit and Rongo to help get money to his daughter Sharnelle (Elle Dawe) who has a daughter who is sick and needs an expensive operation. They decide to uphold that pledge when the four friends get out of prison, but the only way they know to get money is through crime and they are not good at getting away with it. Biker Bob dies, but he haunts Rabbit who goes on an increasing ramshackle crime spree that only ends up pissing off the biker gang, The Hunters. The head of the gang, Angry (Angry Anderson) gets them to go to Las Vegas to kill the accountant that stole from them, but they also still have to get the money. Can they do both and save Sharnelle's daughter's life?

Dumb Criminals, a movie length version of the web series, which in turn is exactly the same as everything Paul Fenech (Housos, Housos vs. Authority, Fat Pizza vs Housos) has ever done, just with new characters played by the same people. Nothing is ever going to change in Fenech's world as he plays to his built-in audience and as per usual, Dumb Criminals is pretty bad, but there's a few laughs here and there and about a million misses. This is also the laziest Fenech has been in a while (and that's saying something), rehashing a fair chunk of his web series, but what else should we expect at this point.

Kateryna Taylor film clip (sample below)

Janice Waters film clip (sample below)

Summer Lee film clip (sample below)

There's Something in the Pilliga


There's Something In The Pilliga is a found footage horror movie where Peter (or as he wants to be called Jay) (Brendan Byrne) and his buddy Dylan go looking for a good time on New Years Eve. At a pub, they meet Liz (Leoni Leaver), who looks very keen on the boys and her friend Tammy (Rebecca Callander) who just wants to get away from a persistent pest. They leave the bar to go to out to their friend Hermie's house to have a bit more fun, but find he isn't home and has seemingly disappeared with just sketches and details of a local monster, the yowie, on his wall. Jay and Dylan go looking for him leaving the girls in the truck for 4 hours before they decide to head to the road to hitch back to town, but Jay and Dylan catch up with them and now their dog is also missing. While looking for the dog, Dylan finds the dead body of a woman they saw earlier at the pool, but instead of going to the cops, Jay harangues the group into dumping the body where the pigs will finish her off. With all disgusted with Jay, they continue on and after a brief encounter with a cop, Jay hears his dog barking and goes to get him and then night comes ...

Not a lot happens in this movie, very little suspense and then 20 minutes of Blair Witch-style running in the forest with a camera style action where we never really see what's going on. I'm not sure whether this movie is supposed to be scary or not because if it is supposed to be scary, it does not succeed. Plus that final shot is completely baffling, I can't work out what's happening, who's doing what or even why it happening or it's significance to the rest of the movie. I just don't think this movie works.

Tamsin Baker and Sara Innocenzi film clip (sample below)

Movie/TV Clips

Celine Sallette in Je vous souhaite d'etre follement aimee (2015) in 1080hd

Gabriela Ostos and Natalie Kline in Divine Access (2015) in 1080hd

Madeleine Stowe
in China Moon (1994), one of the better clones of Body Heat, in 720p


Petra Nemcova in a see-through top

Elizabeth Reaser nip-slip in 2010