From my mailbox:

"The older topless woman with Jessica Chastain in Jolene (2008) is Frances Fisher, Clint Eastwood's ex. For a moment, I thought it was Suzy Amis, AKA Mrs. James Cameron, but I checked IMDb and saw it was actually Fisher."

Scoop's note:

I thought she looked familiar, but I never made the connection. Right you are.

Here is the scene the reader is referring to.



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Lovin' Molly


Low-res Blythe Danner film clips


Scoop's notes:

Lovin' Molly has never been issued on a Region 1 DVD. It was available on Region 2 for a while, but is now out of print, and the used copies are selling for more than $100. This is quite a shame because the film features nude scenes from two lovely and beautiful actresses in their prime: Blythe Danner (Paltrow's mom) and Susan Sarandon. Aesthete made clips of the Danner scenes from VHS, and the quality is not bad for such a tiny image.

  • The raw output of VHS images was 320x240. Since the number of vertical lines is limited to 240, and the number of horizontal lines can be no higher than 320, widescreen VHS tapes would have useful output of something like 320x170.
  • NTSC DVD images are a rather awkward 720x480, which doesn't fit any standard screen resolution, so most Region 1 DVDs are calibrated to modify the images anamorphically to 640x480 (full screen), or approximately 852x480 (wide screen). Films with ultra-wide 2.35 aspect ratios also include 480 lines of info on the raw DVD output, but that includes about 59 lines of blank space on the top and bottom, so they adjust anamorphically to about 852x362.
  • Raw Blu-Ray images are 1920x1080. That is just about the right aspect ratio for must standard widescreen films. I have never seen a Blu-Ray film in a full screen aspect ratio, so I don't know how they adjust for that. Blu-Ray films with a 2.35 aspect ratio are still 1920x1080, but they include something like 130 lines of blank space on the top and bottom, making the useful output about 1920x820.

Lovin' Molly is not a good example, because it was presented in a full screen aspect ratio, but you can see that the capturable images of standard widescreen films have gone from 320x170 (VHS) to 852x362 (NTSC DVD) to 1920x1080 (Blu-Ray). The resolution of Blu-Ray is thus approximately 38 times greater than VHS, based on the number of individual pixels which comprise the equivalent images in each format.

Forrest Gump


Robin Wright film clips Collages below.

Scoop's notes.

Better is not always better! While the quality of this clip is spectacularly good, it destroys the illusion. You can see that Robin is obviously wearing a flesh-colored thong. Sigh!







Devil Hunter


Today we have part 2 of "Devil Hunter."

Ursula Fellner is still in a ton of trouble. she shows it all and has another "Babe in Bondage" encounter. Caps and 3 clips.




TV Land


Over in TV Land Courtney Friel of Fox News puts on another leg & thigh show. Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

Death to the Supermodels

Jaime Pressly









Scorpion continues a multi-part tribute to a B-movie favorite, Maria Ford

Today's epic: The Turn-On (Part 1 of Three. See below)














Model Frankie Rayder

Steven Seagal feels up Katherine Heigl

(some years ago)

Tamara Bourbon loses a breast from her top

Tamara is a princess of some kind, a member of several phony-baloney royal families, ranging from those of France and Poland, where they are mere pretenders, to those of Spain and England, where they still have royalty which is only semi-phony-baloney. She is something like #2166 in line for the British throne, which places her, I believe, right behind Carrot Top. And even if the Topper turns it down, Tamara would not really be able to grab the brass ring, because she is Catholic.


Film Clips

Dita von Teese doing various naked stagy things

Jenny Wright in The World According to Garp. I think I have mentioned before that Jenny is in the center of a mystery. Nobody in the world seems to know what happened to her. Industry people have been unable to locate her for reunions, DVD commentaries and such.

Laura Smet in Corps impatients

Louise Monot in Nos Vies Revees

Miou-Miou in Marcia Triunfale

Olga Sekulic in Virilite

Savine Gersak in Cudo Nevidjeno