Charlie's French Cinema Nudity site is updated. Monstrous update this week, which I believe to be his largest issue ever, and possibly his best. Lots of great stuff.

His comments: "A couple of former Miss France, last Cesar's best actress, a sitcom star in her first nude scene, some gifted newcomers, some big names in their youth or never aging, some TV stars and their regular topless scene, even obscure short movies: you name it, you get it."

Including Monica Bellucci in Le Concile de Pierre and (you're not gonna believe this) Charlotte Rampling naked yet again - at age 60! In all honesty, she looks pretty good. Offhand, I can't name anyone else her age who would look that good without clothes. Except maybe Paul Sorvino, but I can't really make that decision until I see Big Paulie in the buff.




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The Good German

A war correspondent (George Clooney) returns to Germany, supposedly to continue the job he had before the war, but actually to find and get back together with his pre-war lover (Cate Blanchett). He is met at the airport by an enlisted man (Tobey Maguire) who has taken advantage of his motor pool job, with easy access among all zones in Berlin, to build a sizeable black market and prostitution business. Oh - and his girlfriend just happens to be Cate Blanchett!

The first act is from Maguire's point of view, the second act from Clooney's, and the last from Blanchett's. A great deal of intrigue revolves around Cate's husband, and what she did during the war. The Russians and Americans are both very interested in her and her purportedly dead husband.

The Good German (2006) was an attempt by Steven Soderbergh (producer/director) to make a classic 1940s noir. He used nothing but 1940s vintage cameras and old film stock, and set it in post-Hitler Germany, shortly before the Potsdam Conference. There was no problem with Soderbergh's attempt to make a film in an old style. As a technical achievement, The Good German is wildly successful, and captures the exact look and feel Soderbergh was after. Additionally, he got vintage performances from most of his cast.

What he didn't do was create a good movie.

Like the films from the 40's, the visual style put emphasis on the story but, unfortunately, the story just didn't hold up well. The structure of the film required revealing the mystery a little at a time, which meant that we couldn't know too much about the main characters until it was time for the key plot twists, and hence never had anyone to root for.

For me, this was an interesting experiment, and proved that classic noir can still be made today. I would like to see more done in this vein, but starting with a more suitable story.

  • IMDb readers say 6.2. The film only grossed $1.3M against an estimated $32M budget.
  • The film was nominated for an Oscar for its music
  • C-, and only for a limited audience, despite the big stars and big-name director.


Robin Weigert, as Blanchett's friend and coworker, shows breasts as a stripper, and partial buns trying to seduce Clooney.










Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders

Today we look at a movie which I hated. However if does have one redeeming quality with the appearance of Brittany Daniel and some very nice T&A.


Joleigh Fioreavanti gives up some boobage.


Valerie Stodghill plays a naked victim in a "Babe in Bondage" scene.









The Breed

Five college students head to an isolated island for a weekend of fun. Heading up the group are two conflicting brothers, studious Matt (Eric Lively) and party boy John (Oliver Hudson). Also along for the ride are party girl Sara (Taryn Manning), Noah (Hill Harper), and Nicki (Michelle Rodriguez), the object of both the brothers' affections. But the kids are not alone; it appears a pack of wild dogs is roaming the island. And these aren't just any wild dogs, they are genetically enhanced, smart dogs from a training center located across the island.



Taryn Manning



Michelle Rodriquez


Lisa-Marie Schneider







Notes and collages

Ghost Whisperer

A break from my "A" ladies, these collages are from the latest episode of "Ghost Whisperer."

A few months ago when Ms. Hewitt was quoted as saying she will never do a nude scene she added that she was okay with displaying cleavage "eye candy" on her TV show.

I'm okay with it also.


Jennifer Love Hewitt











Hard Cash


Daryl Hannah

Sara Downing







They're Playing with Fire

1984's They're Playing with Fire is a fairly poor murder mystery (that was not very mysterious) spiced up by plenty of gratuitous sex and nudity by B movie queen Sybil Danning, who was especially hot in the 70's and 80's. She is still working today, having appeared in three 2007 productions as this is written in May 2007.

Danning plays a college professor, married to another college professor. She seduces one of her students while busily plotting with her husband to steal millions from his grandmother and mother, rather than wait to inherit the money.

To make matters more interesting, the pair enlist the student to break into the old women's mansion to scare them, hoping the old women will turn the mansion over to them and move to a retirement community. The mother catches the student and shoots at him with a rifle while he flees, and while all this is going on, the two women are murdered by a knife-wielding hooded figure.

More people start to die, and things really start getting messy for the trio who now find themselves in the middle of a bunch of murders. The ending, while attempting to be twisty, is just as confusing a mish-mash as the rest of the flick, but Danning makes it worth watching from a curiosity point of view.

Sybil Danning






Mr. Skin's tribute to obscure Miou-Miou films

D'amour et d'eau fraiche
Dog Day
      Marcia trionfale

Le Grande trouille
Julia Anderson in Masters of Horror (film clip)
Shannon Lucio in Starkweather
The uncensored version of that picture on the front page at
Uschi in some medium-core action
A film clip of Elizabeth McGovern in Johnny Handsome


The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Hillary Clinton picked up an unlikely endorsement from America's top porn star, Jenna Jameson.  Jameson told that she loves Hillary and "would love to have a woman in office," although she'd also love for Bill to run again because his administration "was the best years for the adult industry."  But she said she'd back any Democrat because the most important thing now is removing Bush.

*  If you've seen any of her movies, you know she's already taken care of that.

R. Kelly's interview in the upcoming Hip-Hop Soul magazine is raising eyebrows.  Explaining the responsibility he carries now that he has become much more than just a hip-hop singer/songwriter with a rumored thing for underage girls, Kelly declared, "I'm the (Muhammad) Ali of today.  I'm the Marvin Gaye of today.  I'm the Bob Marley of today.  I'm the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us.  And a lot of people are starting to realize that now...So I have to walk with a certain humility." 

*  Wow!  What does he sound like WITHOUT the humility?!