"Mississippi Mermaid"

Mississippi Mermaid (1969) stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and Catherine Deneuve at the top of their game in a film written and directed by François Truffaut. It is based on the novel Waltz Into Darkness by William Irish, who also wrote the novel Rear Window was based on. If the novel sounds familiar, it may be because it was also the source material for the Jolie/Banderos soft core, Original Sin, from 2001. Indeed, it is the same story, except in unimportant details. What follows should be considered a spoiler. If you haven't seen either film, the plot line does contain some surprising twists.

Begin Spoilers

Belmondo owns a cigarette factory on Reunion Island, and is to marry a women he met through personal ads but has never seen. Deneuve shows up, the two are married, and by the time he realizes that she is not the woman he was to marry, se has taken off with all of his money. Seems she and her male partner killed the real fiancee at sea.

Belmondo heads to France, and has a nervous breakdown. While he is recovering, he sees Deneuve, a hostess at a Riviera nightclub, on a TV special. He plans to kill her, but, when in her room alone with her, finds he loves her. He even goes so far as to kill a detective he had hired to keep her out of prison. Now the two are on the run together. She has decided to poison him, but upon learning that he has figured out her plan, but is allowing her to do it, decides she loves him after all.

End Spoilers

Deneuve shows breasts in two well lit scenes. In 1969, she would have been on everyone's 10 most beautiful list, and she gave a very good performance against type. IMDb readers have this at 7.1 of 10. It was not especially well received at the time of its US release, and is thought to be one of Troufaut's weaker efforts, but the US version was butchered by 13 minutes for the initial theatrical release. It was made by a French cast and crew, in France, in French, but according to IMDb is an Italian film. Unfortunately, having seen Original Sin, this original version had no surprises for me, so it was rather a long watch. There is much to observe and admire in Troufaut's approach however. This is a C, much better if you do not know the story going in.

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  • Catherine Deneuve (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    The Godfather Part III (1990):

    The final chapter of the saga features only minimal nudity - a fleeting glimpse of Bridget Fonda's tuchus


    Killing Me Softly (2002):

    This is a gimmicky film clip that I picked up. Somebody took one of those hot sex scenes between Rollergirl and Shakespeare and placed a portion of it on a repeating loop, so that it's basically just a tribute to Heather's jiggling bum.


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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    Grabbed this extreme strip and wiggle disk entitled Filthy Rich Girls because Jesse Capelli is in it. Jesse has used the name Jennifer Leone when she's made Hollywood movies such as Not Another Teen Movie and Van Wilder, and she's used the Jesse name when she's posed for Penthose and done all sorts of fetish things, if her entry in IMDB is to be believed.

    Anyway Jesse is in it and so are a bunch of other gals and what they do is get dressed up in fancy clothes and pearls and then take off the fancy clothes...but not the pearls...and then show off what God or man done gave them. Everybody shows everything. The gynocam got quite a workout. The women are terrific looking and everyhing is nicely lighted and well shot but of course someone then decided to compress the shit of the disk so that any movement of the babe or the camera put motion chatter all over the images, but I didn't mind editing these frames at all. I particularly like several of the Jesse things because they were lovingly constructed from a series of frames as the camera panned slowly over her body.

    In addition to Jesse, a couple of pornstars named Angel Cassidey and Tanya James show up. Tanya got the job because she has some resemblance to a real filthy rich girl. Both of these women show us the goodies at some length. Tanya, especially. And since she spent so much time with her legs apart it seemed rude to walk away without grabbing every frame I could.

    Another gal who strips and poses is Jelena Jensen. She is blessed with quite the set of hooters. And strutting her stuff is sometime B-movie actress Kira Eggers. She's got beautiful green eyes and ample bosom.

    No plot here...only nekkid women.

    And while I am at this, here are a few collages from the movie Erika's Hot Summer, starring 70's uber-babe, Erica Gavin, and former Heffer, Mercy Rooney (aka Merci Montello). Not exactly DVD quality, but plenty good enough to enjoy.

    Leelee Sobieski
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Leelee coming extremely close to being topless in scenes from Monday night's amazingly lame TV movie, "Hercules". (Sadly she is wearing modesty patches on her nipples.)

    I only caught about 10 minutes of this thing last night, but WOW! Talk about a stink-fest! Bad acting, lame plot and laugh-out-loud bad effects! How did they ever get Leelee or Timothy Dalton to do this?

    Sophie Marceau Here's one more look at the "Braveheart" co-star's red carpet oops at Cannes.

    Kate Winslet
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the "Titanic" star baring all 3 B's in scenes from "Iris".

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Jolie Has To Kill Her Now - In a poll by the women's magazine Eve, Catherine Zeta-Jones was chosen as the celebrity with the perfect female body, beating out Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry. An Eve spokeswoman said it shows that women prefer stars who combine great beauty with strong character and independence, and that women can retain their looks and sexiness after becoming moms.

  • All they need is a nanny, a hair and makeup staff, a personal stylist and a $2,000-an-hour trainer.
  • She keeps having kids, and only her husband looks older.
  • She has to look hot, or Michael Douglas might dump her for a younger woman.
  • Nicole Kidman complained that she has a body like a 12-year-old boy, so Michael Jackson voted for her.

    Jolie Has To Kill All Three Of Them, Too - In an In Touch magazine poll, readers chose Beyonce as the star with the best curves in Hollywood. She beat out busty Penelope Cruz at #2 and big-bottomed Jennifer Lopez at #3.

  • Most Hollywood actresses are so skinny, they don't have curves, they have angles.

    "The Slave" - Newsweek reported that the second "Apprentice" winner Kelly Perdew is now working in a tiny, windowless office next to Trump's wife Melania's assistant, and spends most of his day promoting Donald Trump. So does the first "Apprentice" winner, Bill Rancic.

  • Everyone who works for Donald Trump spends most of his day promoting Donald Trump.
  • Just to torture them, Trump comes in once a day and says, "You're NOT fired!"

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