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Julie Ann Emery

Charlie Says

Hannah Murray (no clip yet)


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Lauren Lapkus

Continuing with the penultimate week of British movies and TV.


"Tales of the Unexpected"

Tales of the Unexpected was a TV series over 9 series with 111 episodes and made mainly in the 1980s. The show was initially based on short stories written by Roald Dahl. Most episodes were based on the horror genre with a twist at the end. From the FH point of view, there is limited nudity but lots of cleavage and pokies. Also, the quality of the images is poor.

Today: season two

S2 E1 Royal Jelly (1980)

Susan George

S2 E2 Skin (1980)

Lucy Gutteridge

S2 E5 Poison (1980)

Judy Geeson

S2 E8 My Lady Love, My Dove (1980)

Joan Collins

S2 E10 Depart in Peace (1980)

Gloria Grahame

S2 E16 The Man at the Top (1980)

Rachel Davies

My Days of Mercy

2019, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

My Days Of Mercy is a drama where Lucy (Ellen Page), who with her sister Martha (Amy Seimetz) and her younger brother follow around anti-death penalty activists joining in protests. This is mainly done as their father (Elias Koteas) is condemned to death for killing their mother and they are convinced that he did not do it and are desperately trying to save him from his upcoming execution.

At a protest, Lucy catches the eye of an opposing protestor Mercy (Kate Mara) and they begin to strike up a friendship that becomes far more. Despite their different positions on the death penalty, their relationship blossoms; but with her father's death looming, Lucy is looking for comfort and Mercy's standoffish behaviour may be a hindrance to their relationship lasting.

OK movie that attempts to show that people with opposing beliefs can attract but I couldn't work out Mercy's continual role at these protests and why she kept turning up. The relationship angle of the story is well done although the movie tacks on a happy ending it doesn't seem to deserve. Not bad but nothing special.

Ellen Page and Kate Mara film clip (collages below)



Lindsae Klein in Crazy Right (2019) in 1080hd

Alessia Navarro and Francesca Agostini in Hope Lost (2015) in 1080hd

Lilly Fleur Pointeaux and Gala Besson in Horsehead (2014) in 1080hd

Michelle Ruben in Six Feet Under (s1e11) in 1080hd

Veronica Hart in Six Feet Under (s1e5) in 1080hd

More naughty foreign ads:

"I Am Wax" showed a close-up of a waxed crotch

An old Telefunken commercial featured a topless beach babe

Love Lube used naked lesbians to sell their goop

Halle Berry on the set of Frankie and Alice