TV Round-Up

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Spartacus: Vengeance

Episode 7, 1080p

Delaney Tabron

Hannah Mangan Lawrence



May 17 is a public holiday in Germany so, for that reason and no other, I have decided to make it an all-German contribution this week. The main show is Saturday, but here's some to get us started:

Agnes and His Brothers

Not a lot of nudity in Agnes and His Brothers aka Agnes und seine Brüder (2004), mainly some breasts by Susan Anbeh.

The rest of the women are flashing a lot of cleavage or are only partially dressed:

Katja Riemann,

Kelly Trump,

Marie Zielcke,

Romy Fenninger,

Zora Holt

and some not identified.

Did You Ever

Did You Ever (2003) is an episode in the Erotic Tales series of shows.

Ali Gage is naked.

Love Camp

Lots and lots of nudity in Love Camp aka Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps (1981) by Laura Gemser,

Veronika Schecker

and many not identified.

Simone Brahmann looks sexy.

The Sinful Bed

Lots of nakedness in The Sinful Bed aka Das sündige Bett (1973) by:

Edith Teichmann,

Gabriele Heine,

Heidrun Hankammer,

Judith Fritsch,

Lore Calvies,

Rena Bergen,

Renate Heuer,

Vanessa von Brandenburg

and a couple I couldn't identify.


the other



Barbie Benton



Elle Wood in Dead Time (2012)

Alex Marieka Hanly and Emily Welch in Dead Time (2012)

Russia Hardy in Femme Fatales, s1e2, in 720p

Alexis Bledel in The Kate Logan Affair (2010) in 720p
(She's the young woman who did the almost-topless scene on Mad Men last Sunday.)


Three big stars in classic nude scenes now available in 1080p:

Angelina Jolie in Wanted (2008)

Halle Berry in Swordfish (2001)

Kathleen Turner in Body Heat (1981)


A nice downblouse from Miley Cyrus

Sandra Pohl in Pulsar (2005)