TV Round-Up

Thandie Newton got nekkid again in the new episode (s1e8) of Rogue in 720p

She looks great now as she approaches 40. She looked spectacular in her early 20s, back in 1997, when she did nude scenes in Gridlock'd (1080p)

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


"Parade's End"

BBC mini-series


Episode Two

You will notice that the new Star Trek villain played her husband in this mini-series.

Rebecca Hall


Night of the Beast


Clips and collages from some rotting driftwood of a movie sometimes called Night of the Beast and sometimes Lukas' Child.  Here are the reasons to nominate it as a bottom ten stinker - 1) The lead actor, an old guy with a few teeth missing, is simply the worst performer in the history of cinema.  How someone can simultaneously underact and overact is a mystery but this guy hits it.  His delivery is either wooden or over-caffeinated, often in quick succession.  Some folks IMDb praise him but that has to be his mom writing the review.  He blows and he is on screen all the fricking time. 2) A bunch of gals show up in one role or another and wind up in lingerie, get to speak a few lines (badly... real badly) as potential victims of a winged humanoid creature called The Child, but they add nothing to the plot.  And they don't get nekkid so they add nothing there either; 3) The police are idiots, with deductive skills akin to those of Officer Barbrady from Southpark, but their stupidity is not played for laughs or irony - it simply must be for the movie to continue.  I hate that crap.  So in the end a few veterans of the Funhouse get down to some level of undress.  Lisa Comshaw does, as one of three women who beds the chief detective, even though they are parts of the investigation.  Toni Alessandini sort of, kind of shows off the hooties in ritual dance of some sort but get this - it is the same performance/dance that showed up a year earlier in a movie entitled Mind, Body and Soul (Tuna's caps are in the Encyclopedia).  Former pornstar Jacqueline St Claire (she is called Jacqueline Gorman in this movie) shows off some T and a little A.  Then there are the one-time-wonders.  Elizabeth Young strips down, talks on the phone and takes a shower, all the while showing off one rockin' bod.  And Jacqueline Moen shows off her mighty-fines while demonstrating her own style o' acting, which incorporates mouth agape with eyes a-bug.  Look out Meryl Streep.

Today's clip: Toni Allesandrini (collages below)


This week, the movies come from 1983 - 1984. The quality and standard are the usual wide variety.



Lots on show in Bolero (1984) by Ana Obregon,

Bo Derek,

Mirta Miller,

Olivia D'Abo

and a few not identified.

I have included 720p movies (recaps below each) of Ana Obregon,

Bo Derek (several clips)

and Olivia D'Abo

and one of D'Abo and Bo

Film/TV clips

model Monica Jagaciak posing for Vogue Germany (June 2013) in 1080p

Melissa George in "The Slap" (2011 tv) in 1080p


Heather Graham. She's not nekkid, but Rollergirl is still spectacular at 40

Cristin Milioti in Year of the Carnivore (2009)
She is the Girl With The Yellow Umbrella (story here) in How I Met Your Mother

Evelina Bledans in the immortal classic of international cinema, Gitler Kaput! (2008)

Ania Bukstein in The Secrets (2007)

Michal Shtamler in The Secrets (2007)