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"About Last Night ..."


Demi Moore 1280x688 clips here

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Bless this House

Bless this House was a English comedy series from the 1970s that ran for 6 series. There was no nudity but the highlight was Sally Geeson, who played the daughter of Sid James. However, a number of other actresses seemed to end up in their underwear for one reason or another.

Series 1 Episode 1 The Generation Gap

Gay Soper - a lot of cleavage

Series 1 Episode 2 Mum's the Word

Sally Geeson - brief upskirt

Series 1 Episode 3 Father's Day

Sally Geeson - brief upskirt

Series 1 Episode 5 Another Fine Mess

Vivienne Cohen - upskirt

Series 1 Episode 6 The Day of Rest

Juliet Hamer - down to her underwear

Series 1 Episode 9 Make Love Not War

Sally Geeson - a bit of leg

Series 1 Episode 11 If the Dog Collar Fits, Wear It

Sally Geeson - very sexy

Series 2 Episode 3 It's All in the Mind

Sally Geeson - sexy

Series 2 Episode 4 Another Lost Weekend

Sally Geeson - slight upskirt

Series 2 Episode 10 People in Glass Houses

Sally Geeson - a lot of leg

Series 2 Episode 12 A Touch of the Unknown

Sally Geeson - a whole lot of leg




Season 2

Here are the film clips of Tottie Goldsmith

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"Musee Eden"

(tv series; 2010)

Nine-episode series which recently concluded on Radio Canada. It's a Jack the Ripper sort of mystery which takes place in Montreal in the 1910s complete with hookers and dead bodies.

Mariloup Wolfe: boob and butt in her first nude sex scene.

Laurence Leboeuf: fully clothed sex.

Julie Williams: almost full frontal as hooker.

Emilie St-Germain: : topless as hooker.

Martina Govednik: topless as hooker.

Marie-Line Cloutier: topless as hooker

Nancy-Ann Michaud: topless on morgue table.

Sophie Bergeron: sexy as hooker.

Sonia Quirion: sexy as hooker.

Yorie-Poirier Vachon: sexy as hooker.

hookers: topless in episode 7.

"L'amour m... ou autres adjectifs"

(2007; short; (aka "Love m... or other adjectives")

This gem of a short has more sex and nudity than most R-rated features.

Madeleine Peloquin: boob and butt.

A mois narques... party!

(2007; aka "Taking the Plunge")

Quebec teen comedy-drama about competitive swimming.

Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin: bathing suit only. For some reason this movie has a lot of young males in bulging swim trunks.

Mariloup Wolfe: she only took off her glasses in this movie.

Sylvie Moreau: sexy as principal.

Roxanne Gaudette-Loiseau: very tight t-shirt,

Vanessa Blouin: bikini in 2009 sequel. The stacked redhead on her right is Montreal hefmag cover model Anne-Krystel Goyer.

Secret de banlieue

(2002; aka "Suburban Bliss")

A coming-of-age movie starring a young Roxanne Gaudette-Loiseau from above.

Veronique Clusiau: full frontal

La Capture


Movie directed by Carole Laure.

Catherine de Lean: bare butt having sex.

Pascale Bussieres: flash of bush.

La ligne brisee

(2008; aka "The Broken Line")

Fanny Labbe: fully clothed sex.

Jacynthe Rene: stripped down to her brassiere.

Je me souviens

(2009; aka "I Remember")

Celine Bonniere: fully clothed sex.

Le grand depart

(2008; aka "Honey, I'm in Love")

Helene Bourgeois Leclerc: partial boob by the daughter from Les Bougoon.

Sophie Desmaris: lesbian kiss with Cynthia Wu-Maheau,

La femme qui botte

(2001; aka "The Woman Who Drinks")

Alexandrine Agostini: topless.

"Bob Gratton, my vie/My Life"

le premiere saison

Caroline Bernard plays the busty cashier in this series. Brassiere, then wet t-shirt.

BONUS: National Lampoon's Barely Legal


Cory Lee is one of the locker room girls. My bet is she's the first topless one.




Rachel Weisz in The Brothers Bloom


Jewel on that MTV thingy

Saori Iwama in Zero Woman

Debbie Kopacz in Witchmaster General


Tatyana Kot in Witchmaster General

Susie Lorraine in Witchmaster General

Shana Montanez in Uncharted

Ava Fabian in Ski School

Cheryl Lynn Stallard in Never Surrender

Deborah Twiss in grav*i*ty

Karoline Lodyga in Im Angesicht des Verbrechens

Sabrina Machado in Never Surrender

Silvia Koys in Never Surrender

Steffi Gerard  in grav*i*ty

Magdalena Frackowiak

Vanessa Williams in Soul Food




Lucia Jimenez in The Kovak Box

Aymara Rovera in Nordeste

Helen Mirren in Caesar and Claretta

Michelle Markarian in Manje

Christine Tremarco in Gifted

Melanie Griffith in Stormy Monday

Cynthia Dale in The Boy in Blue

Kelly Lynch in Desperate Hours

Marion Cotillard in Love Me If You Dare

Ilaria D'Elia in Fakers

Glenda Jackson in The Romantic Englishwoman

Virginia Madsen in Candyman

Emmanuelle Beart in La Repetition