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Look in my Shorts


Look in my Shorts (2004) is a collection of five erotic short stories. While they all have sexual themes, only two contain any nudity. Note that "Whacked" is strong fetish material.


Freshening Up (2002)


Gretchen Mol and her husband go to a new club on their anniversary. He suspects that she has sex with a man in the ladies room. Actually, she had sex with a woman.


It's Hard (2000)


A High School girl obsesses about giving her boyfriend a handjob for the first time.


Whacked (2003)


A woman (Sirena Irwin) visits a male prostitute who specializes in spanking.


The Last Time I Had Sex (2002)


A woman (Mary Monahan) picks up a young black man in a club and takes him home for the night. Later, she obsesses over whether or not he will rob her, and goes off the deep end.


Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light (1997)


A man tries to talk his wife into a threesome to save their troubled marriage. It turns out the other woman was no stranger to him, The two women find that they like each other far more than they like the husband.


Look in my Shorts (2004)

Sirena Irwin

Mary Monahan











A little break today from the "Oldies" tour as we had to return home with the Time Machine to tend to some personal business. The tour will resume tomorrow.  For today we played around with a recent film clip in the "Fun House". So here's Debora Cali with a very explicit masturbation scene in "Sogno". The girl shows it all.



Getting into Heaven


The rest of the caps of Uschi. (See the film clip in yesterday's page.)








Rome Season 1


Polly Walker

film clip







Notes and collages


Molly Ringwald










I certainly expected the comedy/horror flick Teeth to be dumber than a bag of hammers, but this story of a young woman with a toothed vagina is not only very funny with a cool story and excellent acting, but it's also pretty decent horror, a bit bloody at times, but really cool to watch.

The story starts out looking like a church propaganda film as high school student Dawn (Jess Weixler) is a leader in a local chastity group preaching abstinence until marriage. Things quickly switch gears.

Unfortunately, Dawn finds herself in a situation where, although she forcefully says no, her suitor forces himself on her. The surprise is on him, though, when he finds his penis ripped off. More distraught even than the young man, Dawn goes to the gynecologist where, after he loses four fingers of his right hand, she discovers she has a condition called "vagina dentata", a mythological condition which means toothed vagina.

As you might imagine, having a toothed vagina leads to a lot of interesting situations, and Dawn eventually realizes that, in a man's world, this might be more an advantage than a disability.

This is a really enjoyable movie, and while it doesn't take itself too seriously, it's so well done and believably acted that it's hard not to like.

Jess Weixler







Model Agyness Deyn stark naked. You have to love the platinum pubes!

The usual daily picture of Aniston in a bikini

Michele McCool's breast falls out in a rasslin' match at Survivor Series 2007


Film Clips

Pamela Anderson in Snapdragon

Yekaterina Golubeva in Twentynine Palms. Quite explicit for a non-porn film.

The big buzz on the net yesterday was the uncensored music video from the faux lesbians "Tatu," which include the first-even nudity from Lena, the redhead. Film clip here. Sample right. (The pic is a consolidation of five frames.)