Frank and Ava
2019, 1080hd
This is an extremely low-budget film about that period in Sinatra's life, circa 1949-1953, when his music career had stalled and his serious movie career had not yet kicked into high gear. His personal life had added to his troubles. His politics were attacked by right-wingers during the McCarthy frenzy. His marital infidelities were attacked by the pious moral guardians.

Wikipedia sums up that period:

"Sinatra's decline in popularity was evident at his concert appearances. At a brief run at the Paramount in New York he drew small audiences. At the Desert Inn in Las Vegas he performed to half-filled houses of wildcatters and ranchers. At a concert at Chez Paree in Chicago, only 150 people in a 1,200-seat capacity venue turned up to see him. By April 1952 he was performing at the Kauai County Fair in Hawaii. Journalist Burt Boyar observed, 'Sinatra had had it. It was sad. From the top to the bottom in one horrible lesson.'"

I suppose that might make for an excellent film. This is not it. It was basically written and performed by amateurs, and it was directed by Michael Oblowitz, who has made some of the worst and most disjointed movies I've ever seen. In 2003, he made the two worst Steven Seagal movies, Out for a Kill and the especially incoherent The Foreigner (link goes to my review). Think for a second how good an average Steven Seagal movie is, and you'll begin to imagine how bad those must be. (3.3 and 3.4 at IMDb). And he has made two other films rated even lower than those on IMDb!

Anyway, that gives you an indication of what to expect from this film.

Emily Alicia Low is not much of an actress, but is a truly beautiful woman with incredible curves. Unfortunately, she never full exposed her massive breasts. She did bare her bottom, and flashed her crotch ever-so-briefly.

Jacqui Holland, as Lana Turner, and some others did some full frontal and rear nudity. To give you a taste of how ramshackle this film is, the woman playing superstar Lana Turner is a soft-core porn star who usually appears in films with titles like Dances with Werewolves, Dracula's Sorority Sisters, Hollywood Sex Wars and of course the immortal cinema classic Abner, the Invisible Dog.




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Juliette Lewis: full-frontal nudity

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Maigret's Dead Man


No nudity in Maigret's Dead Man but Amber Anderson,

Gabriella Fon and a lot of show girls show a bit of cleavage.

River of Grass

1994, 1080hd

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