TV Round-Up

As usual, the Saturday TV focus shifts to Europe, where Xanadu continued its naughty ways. DeepAtSea was all over it:

Episode 5: Penelope Leveque (sample below)

Episode 5: unknown (sample below)

Episode 6: Penelope Leveque (samples below)


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



The Swinging Cheerleaders

(1974 drive-in classic)

Rainbeaux Smith clips (caps below)




Roseanne Keaton clips (caps below)


Jo Johnston clips (caps below)







Continuing the third season of Baywatch and starting the fourth season. These were all made in 1992 and 1993.

Season Three

Episode 9 - Masquerade

Stacey Pickren - a bit of cleavage

Episode 10 - Lifeguards Can't Jump

Leslie Ackerman - interesting

Lisa Canning - sexy

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Episode 11 - Dead of Summer

Mary Morrow - sexy

Pamela Anderson - the usual

Unknown - nice

Episode 12 - A Matter of Life and Death

Nicole Eggert - pokies

Episode 16 - Vacation Part 2

Alexandra Paul - nice

Episode 18 - Stakeout at Surfrider Beach

Fabiana Udenio - sexy

Episode 21 - Kicks

Pamela Anderson - yes, cleavage

Unknown - sexy bikini show

Season Four

Episode 1 - Race Against Time Part 1

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Michelle Williams - curiosity only, showing what Michelle looked like in first credited role

Unknown - sexy

Episode 2 - Race Against Time Part 2

Alexandra Paul - underwear

Episode 5 - Sky Rider

Unknown - bikini babes, including Cindy Margolis

Episode 6 - Tentacles Part 1

Kristian Alfonso - nice

Episode 9 - Ironman Buchannon

Lisa Stahl - cleavage

Nicole Eggert - pokies

Therese Kablan - cleavage



Zone 39


Zone 39 is a sci-fi thriller set in the near future about Leo Magaw (Peter Phelps), who is a lieutenant in the Federated Republics army, who are still fighting a war with the New Territories Union. When his pregnant wife (Carolyn Bock) is assassinated after she accesses classified information about the goings on in the disputed Zone 39. Racked with grief, Magaw is forced into doing border patrol work in Zone 39, a job that is notorious for sending previous patrolmen crazy. And slowly Magaw becomes crazy, because of the poisoned water source which he discovers thanks to the apparition of his wife. It seems that some high-up members of the Federated Republics have poisoned the water and are covering it up. Dying from being exposed to the water, Magaw must work with the enemy to get the message out to the locals that they are in danger of being poisoned to death by the callous leaders.

Strange little sci-fi film that has pretty much disappeared off the face of the Earth, but is surprisingly efficient considering its obvious budget restraints. Filmed in both Melbourne (Flagstaff Station looks decidedly appalling, I wonder how they did that as it's never looked that putrid) and in Woomera for the Zone 39 scenes (close to where Pitch Black was later filmed), the film is basically a single hander with Peter Phelps on screen for at least 90% of the film and he does pretty well. Sci-fi isn't a genre done much in Australia or well for the that matter, but this film has a pretty decent stab at it and has some success.

Carolyn Bock film clips (The collages are below)



Film Clips

Charlotte Ross in Drive Angry in 720p (2011; see below)

Christa Campbell in Drive Angry in 720p (2011; see below)

Katie Boland in Daydream Nation (2011) Unfortunately, Kat Dennings showed nothing in this film, despite appearing in many, many sex scenes.

Maricel Alvarez in Biutiful in 1080p (2010; see below)

unknown in Biutiful in 1080p (2010)

Amanda Harris in The Devil Within (2010; see below)

Elizabeth Bell in The Devil Within (2010; see below)

Sofie Lassen Kahlke in Familien Gregersen (2004; see below)

Maria Isabel Lopez in Silip (1985; 720p; see below)



Shari Solanis in Now & Later (2011)

Shari Solanis from the special features on the Now & Later disc (2011)

Jessica Biel. DeadLamb's gorgeous composite of several frames of Powder Blue