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Nine Miles Down


Kate Nauta 1920x816 clips here

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It's all-British today.

Bless This House

Bless This House (1972) is a movie based on the TV series, which I will cover tomorrow

Sally Geeson is sexy in her bikini,

and Carol Hawkins

and Wendy Richard are looking good.

From Russia with Love

The original book on which the movie From Russia with Love (1963) is based has a lot more nudity. In the film the only nudity is some brief backside by Daniela Bianchi, and even that could be a body double.

The rest of the women just supply the eye candy we've come to expect from a James Bond movie:

Aliza Gur,

Eunice Gayson,

Jan Williams,

Lisa Guiraut,

Martine Beswick,

Nadja Regin.

On the Buses

On the Buses (1971) is the first of three movies based on the On the Buses TV series that went for 74 episodes over 7 seasons from 1969. There is no nudity but various amounts of cleavage and underwear by

Andrea Lawrence,

Brenda Gogan,

Linda Regan,

Pat Ashton

and some unidentified women.

Mutiny on the Buses

Mutiny on the Buses (1972) is the second movie in the series and, again, there is no nudity with just a bit more exposure by the women:

Anna Karen,

Janet Mahoney,

Jan Rennison,

Pat Ashton

and a bevy of unidentified women.

Holiday on the Buses

The nudity is left to the final movie in the series Holiday on the Buses (1973).

We see some bare breasts by some unidentified woman

and Anna Karen shows some bare butt, although it could be a double.

Gig Gatti,

Kate Williams,

Maureen Sweeney

and Sandra Bryant show some cleavage.

Ooh... You Are Awful

Ooh... You Are Awful was a catch phrase used by Dick Emery in his TV series, which is why the movie based on his show was also called Ooh... You Are Awful (1972) (It is known in America as Get Charlie Tully.)

There is some breast exposure by an unidentified woman

and plenty of butt shown by  Cheryl Kennedy,

Julie Crosthwaite

and Liza Goddard.

Anna Gilchrist shows how hot pants ought to look

and Vanessa Shaw is in her underwear.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

There is no visible nudity in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) but Jane Seymour


and Taryn Power are both topless with some serious side boobage.

A couple of belly dancers are also looking good.

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

No nudity in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974) but Caroline Munro shows some sensational cleavage

and there is a harem girl dancer for good measure.

This That and the Other

Plenty of nakedness in This That and the Other aka A Promise of Bed (1969).

Nearly everything was shown by Vanda Hudson.

Cleo Goldstein,

Heather Barber

and some unknowns show some bare breasts.


Valerie Lyon shows some see-through nipple,

and Yutte Stensgaard

and Angie Grant some side-boob.

Alexandra Bastedo,

Sheila Ruskin

and Vanessa Howard look good.


Another movie with some nice nudity is Xtro (1983).

Maryam D'Abo shows the lot,

and Bernice Stegers

and Vanya Seager show a bit of sex appeal.



Linda Blair classics in good quality

Anna Paquin in True Blood

Megan Fox showing some pubes


Hot off the presses, here's Estelle Vincent in episode three of Marion Mazzano, a new French TV series.  "A former policewoman, Marion works every day with dangerous criminals as they prepare to be released."

Julianna Guill in Exposed: The Final Cut, one of the top nude scenes from last year.

Lindsay Lohan as the non-nude stripper in the immortal cinema classic, I Know Who Killed Me - in 1080p.

The women of Popcorn and Himbeer Eis (Ursula Buchfellner, Dolly Dollar, Gesa Thoma, and Bea Fiedler)