"Three Daughters"

Three Daughters (1986) is a hard core sex film, a coming of age story, a tool used by many sex therapists as an example of normal, healthy sexuality and one of my ten favorite hard core films from the Golden and Classic eras.

My ten favorites, in no particular order, are:
Debbie Does Dallas (1978)
The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)
Behind the Green Door (1972)
Love You (1980)
Taboo (1981)
The Devil in Miss Jones (1973)
Three Daughters (1986)
Talk Dirty To Me (1980)
The Grafenberg Spot (1985)
Coffee, Tea or Me (1984)

The only one not available on DVD now is John Derek's Love You. Taboo, The Devil in Miss Jones, and Talk Dirty to Me all have good sequels. Of course, this list represents my personal taste, and they all have several things in common. I like some story with my celluloid boning, and they all have one. They plots are either sensitive or humorous, and are all respectful of women. Even Behind the Green Door, which, on the surface, is a kidnap and gang rape, actually plays to a common female fantasy, that of being helpless, and tenderly ravaged for hours. Which brings us back to Three Daughters.

In 1986, Candida Royale retired from performing in hard core films, and decided to make some of her own, but with a huge difference from the norm. She wanted to create hard core films that portrayed healthy consensual sex in a way that would serve as a positive role model, and appeal to women. In researching for the screenplay, she read a lot of women's erotica, and noticed that a frequent theme was the perfect first time, so that became the basis for her script. She eventually settled on a family with three daughters during Spring Break. The oldest is visiting from her great London job, and seeing her boyfriend, who has proposed. She is torn, as she loves him, but also loves her London job.

The second is a promising composer and pianist home from the music conservatory. Her parents worry because she seems to have no interest other than the piano, but she has been secretly having sex with her piano tutor. The last and youngest daughter is Heather, a High School senior, and still a gangly teenager, but becoming interested in sex.

First, Heather catches her sister and the tutor gong at it on the shag carpet (the pun was unintentional). That night, she pulls out her hidden stash of sex books and a hand mirror, and explores her privates, resulting in her first orgasm. The next day, she sees her sister trying on lingerie and getting ready for her boyfriend to visit. Heather promises to keep her secret from mom and dad, in exchange for permission to try some of the sexy under-things. We see the sister with her fiancee, obviously in love, and engaging in more imaginative sex play, including tieing each other up, doggy style, etc. The punch line for that scene is when he tells her he is willing to move to London to marry her, erasing her problem. This leads to a shower scene with Heather, where she fantasizes while she soaps her body.

The now engaged couple are to announce the wedding plans at dinner with her fiancee, the whole family, and one of the fiancee's friends, who was intended to get the middle daughter away from the piano. She, of course, is not interested, but young Heather is more than interested, and starts putting the moves on him. The next day, Heather invites her best friend, who graduated the previous year and is now a sexually active college student, for some girl talk. Her friend suggests that they practice sex, so Heather will know what to do when the time comes. The friend will play the boy.

Heather does succeed in attracting the guy, and they start dating. Eventually, she is ready to get intimate with him. Meanwhile, mom and dad find themselves alone in the house for the first time in 20 plus years, and take advantage of it having sex in the attic. Mom comments, it is great to be able to make noise again.

Heather's first time is everything Candida (and every woman) wanted it to be. Candida cast the female roles first, as that was the toughest part of the casting. She needed women who looked young enough that would be believable as sisters. She turned to her old friend, Gloria Leonard, to play the mom, and this was the last time Leonard did a hard core sex scene. The part of the pianist sister was played by a young Israeli law student, Nina Preta, who is probably practicing law somewhere in Israel now. The oldest sister was played by Annette Heinz, who only has a few other credits. Carol Cross, a fairly prolific porn actress, played the girlfriend. The crucial part of Heather went to Siobhan Hunter (pronounced sheh-bon, like chiffon, but b rather than f).

Siobhan had a huge porn career, and has more acting ability than the rest of the cast combined. She nailed the transformation from girl to woman, and the climactic first sex scene was amazing. Part of the reason for the believable sex scenes was that Candida ask the actresses whom they would like to work with, thus each of the cast was having sex with someone they actually wanted to have sex with. When they were ready to shoot the final sex scene, Siobhan broke into tears. It seems that her real first time was not a good experience. In fact, it was a near rape, and happened in a room the same color as the one they were shooting in. Candida convinced her to use this scene as a way to relive her first time, substituting good memories for the bad ones. When the scene was over, Siobhan was actually crying from happiness, and the entire crew was silent and frozen in place, not believing the honesty and power of what they had just filmed.

Candida didn't use any monster shots (genital closeups) or money shots (cumming outside). She showed either full bodies, or head shots to catch the expressions. This has been far and away her most successful film for sales, and has earned her a position as a sexuality researcher. She is frequently used as a guest lecturer, and this film is often prescribed by sex therapists. IMDb readers have it at 7.0. which is unusually high for a hard core sex film. This was an era when the porn industry was moving closer to real films. Unfortunately, it takes performers who can do more than bone, a real budget, and more than a two hour shooting schedule to make a real film, and the money is there for the gonzo boning material they are churning out now. Some recent indies, however, are including some hard core scenes in real films, which is encouraging. My hope is that we will finally get a great film, that also includes some great sex scenes. By our system, a hard core film can be more than a C+, but this one comes very close.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Angel Heart (1987)

    I've reviewed the movie before, as has Tuna. We both like it. Here's the Movie House page.

    I'm looking at it again because of the Special Edition DVD. Don't bother to get it if you have the previous DVD, unless you would like to hear some (occasional) commentary from The Mickster. This chart says it all.

    Special Feature Found on
    Brief new Alan Parker interview Special Edition only
    Selected scene commentary by Mickey Rourke Special Edition only
    Six documentaries on Voodoo practices Special Edition only
    Behind the scenes footage Both
    Full-length director commentary Both
    Production Featurettes Both

    The Rourke commentary is the only worthwhile new material which is related to the movie itself. The new Parker interview is insignificant, and the rest of the new material is just general background on voodoo practices.




    Sex and the City. Season 5, and Season 6 Part 1


    Season 5

    Short intermediate season with 8 episodes.

    Episode 5 - only the very slightest hint of areola from Kristin Davis

    Episode 7 - buns from Kim Cattrall, She gets out of a tub.


    Season 6

    18 episodes, but only the first 12 appear on this three-disk set.

    Episode 1 - Kim Cattrall - buns, and just a hint of pubes in two different sex scenes (1, 2, 3)

    Episode 2 - Kim Cattrall - very brief glimpses of breasts in a very wild sex scene (1, 2, 3)

    Episode 3 - only the very slightest hint of plumber's bum from Kristin Davis

    Episode 11 - sex scene with Cynthia Nixon, but I'll be damned if I can see much. The dark spot may be areola, or not.

    Episode 11 - Kim Cattrall again. Two more fleeting looks at her breasts.(1, 2)

    Episode 12 - Kim Cattrall again. This is, by far, the nudity highlight of the disk. Cattrall wears a red merkin. She found a gray pubic hair. She decided for a dye job. She screwed up. Also some very good looks at her breasts, which are excellent. (1, 2, 3, 4)





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    • Lana Clarkson in Barbarian Queen. In case you've been on Mars, Lana is the victim in the Phil Spector murder trial. There are some great (if long-winded) scenes in this clip. (.avi, .wmv)

    • Kelly Lynch in Cold Around the Heart (.avi, .wmv)

    • Moira Kelly in Chaplin  (.avi, .wmv)



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    When I cap big brother's I use hypercam mostly & sdp & asfrecorder if the set up allows me. I stopped using camtasia cause the file sizes were always too big, could never figure out the process, over my head lol, plus it cost too much to buy in my opinion.

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    I made the .wmv versions of each video. The codecs for these: Windows Video V8, Windows Audio 9. The upside of these is that you know the codecs, and they'll play in the Windows Media Player. The downside is that they are slightly larger, and slightly lower quality.

    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    I don't know why I rented Naked Betrayal (2002). And a week after I watched it and capped it, I don't remember the first frigging thing about the plot. IMDb says it's something about gambling and I do recall what seemed to be an endless sequence of cards being shuffled and dealt. Not a series of poker hands, mind you, just the same act of shuffling and dealing the same cards, repeated over and over, ad finitum, ad nauseum. Director thought it was art.

    Watched the R-rated version. Me thinks there is an unrated version, 'cuz everytime a gal would make like she was interested in some other gal, the scene would end. Dead stop. To be followed by a closeup of hands shuffling and dealing cards. Two lessons then: 1) Practical. When you show girls doing girls the rating goes from R to something toxic, so you must save the lesbotronics for the unrated version; 2) Metaphorical. Poker is a perfectly reasonable substitute for two women getting it on... or something like that.

    Ava Lake shows up and shows off. Her robohooters. IMDb says this woman has been in 31 movies. Half of them she has been either Mia Zottoli or just plain Mia. Used Mia in her first three performances, when her breasts were made of hydrocarbons, but switched to Ava Lake even before two gallon-sized Glad bags full of silicone were wedged between her ribs and nipples.

    Then it was back to Mia after the implants, one 1999 film as Mia Zottoli, back to Ava Lake, a short couple of Emmanuelle films as Phyllisha, between which she was Ava Lake again. Over to Mia, back to Ava, Mia, Ava, Mia for the 12th time, Ava Niche for one movie (to repeat a lame comment made by the bozo who capped that one... it was a performance for a niche market) ending up as Mia.

    So I'm wondering. What the fuck? There is no rhyme, no reason, no discernible pattern as to when Miss Robohooters uses this name or that. She's been Mia or Ava when she does guys, Ava or Mia when she does girls. Please, this is bugging me. Does anyone know why she changes names? If not, can someone please make up something?

    Where was I? AvaMiaLakeZottoli shows breasts in a couple of sport-humpin scene withs guys. Nothing you haven't seen before. THIRTY times before.

    • Ava Lake (1, 2, 3)

    A gal named Chennin Blanc also shows her robohooters. Chennin has been in a lot of movies with Blowjob in their titles. Must be her day job.

    Two other (ahem) adult stars also give their kits off. One is Jacklyn Lick and the other is Heather Lyn. Neither is impressive. They and Chennin (who, by the way, gives a full-bodied, intoxicating performance with a very fine nose)are ancient by the standards of their chosen industry. And that makes less sense that quasi-random name changes. Note to producer: you want to get gals who have no problem taking off their clothes in front of a camera? Fine. Hire one of a few dozen 20-yr-olds who come and go through adult films every six months. Do NOT give us thirty-yr-olds who have known more men than the aggregate female population of L.A. city and county. Please.

    This one really pissed me off. Do don't rent it. For the love of all this holy, do not buy it. Look at the caps if you are interested... that's why they are there... but then turn and, blissfully forget.

    Also today....
    Here's a follow up from yesterday's review of "Can It Be Love" aka "Spring Break Sorority Babes" (1992). This one was accidentally left behind, but belonged in the "Women who are named and who get darn close to goodie exposure but not quite" category.

    • Cindy Rich. There is some see-through action going on in her scene but most everything interesting is well-hidden. BTW, Cindy has also posed for the Hefmag.

    Mandy Moore
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    One word...WOW! The young singer and actress looking absolutely spectacular at the premiere of her new movie "Saved!". The movie has had a few film festival screenings and is set for a limited theatrical release later this month.

    Robin Tunney
    (1, 2)

    Tunney topless in scenes from the sci-fi flop "Supernova" (2000).

    Radha Mitchell
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    The Aussie actress we Yanks know best from the Vin Diesel movie "Pitch Black". Here she is looking great in a bikini in scenes from the Aussie film "Visitors" (2003). 'Caps by Johnny Moronic.

    Adrienne Corri
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    Carol Drinkwater
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Cheryl Grunwald
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    The Skin-man takes a look at the Stanley Kubrick film, "A Clockwork Orange" (number 75 in the IMDb top 250). As pretty much everyone already knows, the scenes with Corri and Grunwald are rape scenes, so these may not be for everyone. However, the nudity is of the highest quality and in excellent lighting. Besides, this movie truly is a classic.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    The Sprinkles Are Anchovies - Roman chef Rossano Boscolo has combined two of Italy's most popular foods, pizza and ice cream cones, into a new sensation: konopizza. It's a cone-shaped pizza baked in a special oven so the dough remains crispy, and the hot cheese and tomato sauce doesn't soak through and get on your hands. A spokesperson for his company said konopizza is the biggest fast food invention since the hamburger, and is so easy to carry, you can even eat it while jogging without spilling any.

  • Good thing, because to jog off all the calories, you'll have to run 35 miles.
  • That's why I always eat ice cream cones while jogging.
  • You can add dessert by sticking the point of the cone through the hole in a donut.
  • He got the idea from Luciano Pavarotti, who orders pizza with ice cream on top.

    I'm Just A Music Pirate! - University of Saskatchewan student Brandon Buchan was shocked when he bought an MP3 player from eBay and was mistakenly mailed a Smith & Wesson .22-caliber pistol and a gun permit. He gave it to the police, saying, "I'm not a hit man."

  • He just wanted to play hits, not make them.
  • If he kept that gun, he could steal music without having to download it.
  • That gun would've come in handy when the RIAA goons showed up at his door.

    Waiting For Kaufman - Andy Kaufman's best friend and prank partner Bob Zmuda is hosting a bash at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on May 16, the 20th anniversary of Kaufman's death. Kaufman once said he'd like to fake his death, then reappear 20 years later. VIP tickets include a celebrity reception, "hopefully with Andy."

  • And if not him, then a lot of other celebrities you thought were dead.
  • It would also be like Andy to die just to fool stupid people into paying for VIP tickets to see if he'd come back.
  • And where has he been for the past 20 years, where nobody ever saw him? Making movies with Pauly Shore.