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  • A funny line. You remember the guy with the Hollywood Hi-Fi page? He's also a professional gag writer, and he wrote this one. A major retailer recently moved Monica Lewinsky's book into the half-price bins. The book was actually selling well as a book-on-tape, but we all know that oral books are not really books. (You can order his book or read samples by clicking here.)
  • Larry Flynt worked out a plea-bargain with Cincinnati prosecutors, paid a fine, and agreed to stop selling porno videos in their downtown store. The jurors were dismissed, much to their disappointment, as they will now have to pay to see the material, and will have to drive all the way out to the suburbs to buy it.
  • In Singapore, the Austin Powers movie will not be called The Spy Who Shagged Me. Their board of film censors banned the title. It will be called The Spy who Shioked Me. Their board of floor covering censors also insisted on shioke carpeting.
  • Laura Flynn Boyle told Premiere magazine that she got rug burns on her butt from having sex with Christian Slater on a blackjack table in "Mobsters", and she had to soak her butt in ice in between takes. I'm just curious, how many takes did they need to do this scene? Did they have to wait until somebody beat the dealer?
  • A funny parody of those Mastercard "some things are priceless" ads.
  • The Realist
  • Here is the deleted scene from "Another Day in Paradise", which has been restored on the DVD. Although it is a graphic scene cut to avoid a NC-17 rating, the nudity is all the guy, and not Natasha Gregson Wagner. The best she does is a not-quite-visible BJ. You can see on the bottom left that the guy's dick is quite clearly visible, probably erect or close to it.
  • These next three are the scenes that were not cut. Here Miss Wagner (Robert Wagner's stepdaughter, Natalie Wood's daughter) is in the throes of passion.
  • One more lovemaking scene.
  • The OD scene.
  • Melanie Griffith in the same movie. No nudity, but maybe you wonder how Mel is aging. She seems to look fine.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones flashed her breasts very briefly in Zorro, when she turned around to reach for something to cover her. If you look at the lower middle frame, I believe you'll see the goodies. Is this the most phogenic woman you've ever seen? Does she ever take a bad picture?
  • Here's the upskirt. In these caps it is clear that she was wearing some undergarments.
  • Here is the dueling scene. Zeta didn't actually fall out of her top, but she sure made a dandy effort.
  • This is a related scan. Interzone's scan of Zeta from the May issue of Loaded.




    ! Great Expectations, from Aesthete
  • Here are Aesthete's gorgeous caps from "Great Expectations". As usual, they consist of two sequences. These sequences show the entire strip and pose scene. First the smaller pictures, then the enlargements. There is no nudity, except in the frames where I specifically mention it. Smaller caps #1
  • Smaller caps #2.
  • Smaller caps #3. Her back is bare, but no naughty bits
  • Smaller caps #4. Out-of-focus nude as the camera focuses on Hawke's hands
  • Smaller caps #5. Some flesh, but no face
  • Smaller caps #6. The side of her breast and a non-nude nude of her with her legs covering everything.
  • Smaller caps #7. Artistic nudes. You can see the top of her breasts and crotch, but no exactly what you'd really like.
  • Smaller caps #8.
  • Larger caps #1. Bare back only
  • Larger caps #2. The crotch portion of the non-nude nude.
  • Larger caps #3. The side of her breast.
  • Larger caps #4. Enlargement of the nude pose where you can't quite see the goodies.
  • Larger caps #5. She's on her tummy. You may be able to see a nipple through her fingers. Not sure.





    Susannah York in The Shout

  • I asked Graphic Response if he would send me his film pack on The Shout, for a bunch of reasons. First, the film had a special signifricance in my past. There's nothing special about the film. It's a stylish, well-acted, creepy British mystery which you might love or which might cause you to break your VCR. It's one of those quirky, highly personalized films that the British seemed to churn out by the bushelful for a while. The film is just a film, but it was significant in my past. Second, Susannah York is a dead ringer for my first wife (Scoopy Jr's mother) at the same age. Third, I figured it would be a good chance to see what GR has in his film packs. He had between 50 and 60 640x480 captures, almost all of them with nudity. From that I cobbled together a few more files from that film. I guess I should have had one of the pros do it, but I had some time to kill while waiting for some guys, so ... Here's York in the tub.
  • Here she is in bed alone.
  • Here's York completely naked, scurring across the floor on her hands. Very sexy, actually.
  • Here's a nice upper body shot
  • Here's GR's collage. Not surprisingly, his is professional looking!







    Some new ones from the Germans

  • Sophie Schuett in "Sieben Tage bis zum Glueck". These are from the guy I used to call DP. He wrote in and asked to be called by his full name, Dildo Porn. I think that gives him the most graphic name of any if the current imagers, unless we receive any more from the retired artist formerly known as Motherfucking Pissdrinking Cocksucker (MPC, as I used to call him). All kidding aside, there is nothing pornographic about Dildo Porn's images.
  • Two from Jedilein. This is Nicole Eggert in Blown Away.
  • and this is Ann-Kathrin Kramer in ????



    OOPS! Some Luxembourg Celebs

  • I received some mail from the country of Luxembourg, and the writer told me that I shouldn't lump Desiree Nosbusch in with the German Celebs, because Desiree comes from Luxembourg. In fact, Desiree is the most popular thing in Luxembourg, except for those low priced petrol stations on the motorways. Desiree is such a monster star there that she's kind of a combination Babe Ruth, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Sinatra in the eyes of her countrymen. So, I apologize for that, and here's two more he sent in, of Nosbusch in "After Midnight". These are not new images. This one is an old Figgis collage.