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  • Other talk shows and series in the past two days: Fran Drescher, talk.
  • Elfman ... not really showing the goodies, but probably more than previously seen.
  • OK, Thiessen's weight is up again, but on the other hand, her chest seems to be following the general growth pattern of Pinocchio's nose.
  • Anna Karlstrom
  • Anna on the catwalk, showing off a little more than her dress.
  • Anna 100% au naturale on the beach.
  • Fiona Lewis
  • 60's and 70's grade b movie babe, last seen as an evil red head in "Innerspace". Thanks to Elliffen Graphix for this semi topless scan.
  • One more of Fiona from Elliffen Graphix.
  • Annie Morton
  • Next up on Scoopy's Catwalk, Annie caught topless backstage.
  • I often ask myself what exactly the photographers tell the models when they pose. Sure I guess sometimes it's "Be Sexy, Baby." or maybe "Pout, baby, pout". In this one I think the guy behind the lens said..."look stoned". But regardless of the blank stare, she still shows off her great body.
  • A sheer, see-thru dress in a normal model pose.
  • A fabulous B&W collage of Ms. Morton.
  • Cynthia Shepard
  • Vidcaps by RDO from a movie called "Prime Target". D'OH! When I tried to research the movie and the girl, I came up with squat. So instead of any real comments. Just look at the acting. A man in bed with a beautiful babe, and he looks more bored than a person forced to watch 80 straight hours of professional bowling on T.V.
  • Juding by this scan he just needed to double his dose of Viagra!
  • Fun House Variety
  • Sexy brunette, Melissa Wolf showing off her tan lines.
  • This is apparently a rare scan of Rose McGowan. Sing captured the busty young Rose in her second film. According to my e-mail, this movie never made it to the theatres, and in fact was released 2 years after being made, and only at the still barely known Austin Film Festival.
  • The most freckled woman I've ever seen without red hair, Minnie Driver. I finally got around to seeing "Good Will Hunting", and Minnie really looked good. Here she is mostly nude.