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Niamh Algar


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"Get Shorty"

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Sarah Stiles

Continuing with the penultimate fortnight of British movies and TV.

The Lobster

No real nudity in The Lobster (2015) but partially dressed are:

Angeliki Papoulia

Ariane Labed

Jessica Barden

One not identified

Fair Game

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Johnny's comments:

Fair Game has always had a bad reputation and well, it more than earns it. It is quite obvious that there was a lot of mucking around done just to make the movie work in some way, but the plot is silly and manages to get more ridiculous the longer it goes.

Basically, some Russians want Cindy Crawford's lawyer character dead for reasons so perplexing that if the Russians just ignored her, they would've got away with what they were doing. Billy Baldwin's cop character helps her escape but the Russians have a hacker that can find them whenever they use any sort of technology, the type of thing that's only possible in movies, especially in mid-90s movies. Anyway, after evading them for a while, the Russians take a wild stab in the dark and wouldn't you know it, they find Cindy and Billy on a train and take her. Hang on, weren't they trying to kill her? Wouldn't you know it, Billy tracks down the Russians on a boat in the middle of the sea and manages to stop their plan and save Cindy.

So much bad stuff happens throughout the movie that it's better to just enjoy the silliness than to try to make sense of it. And the only reasons to watch the movie is for the not bad action scenes and for those fleeting glimpses of Cindy's breasts including during a most preposterous sex scene. Also something I didn't know is that Salma Hayek turns up in a couple of scenes as token hotheaded Latina. Apart from that, the movie is best forgotten because if I get started, I could go for another 5000 words or so and nobody wants that. Fair Game is beyond awful, let's just leave it at that.

Cindy Crawford film clip (collages below)

Robin Kurtz in Earthkiller (2011) in 1080hd

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Sissy Spacek in Missing (1982) in 1080hd

Dianne Hull in The Fifth Floor (1978) in 720p