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"The L Word"

moving on to season two

1080hd. s2e3

Katherine Moennig


Tessa Fowler

Here's the unidentified woman in Banshee, s2e2, thanks to Aesthete

Here is Tessa.

Seems to be the same woman. Note the tattoo.


Film and TV Clips

Here is one more bit of exposure from Kristen Wiig in Welcome to Me (2015), as slowed down by Mr Skin. That scene (second from the right) and the other one are pictured in the captures below.

Ex Machina (2015) is still in theaters, so these must come from some kind of screener. The clips are clearer than cam images, but not especially good quality. There is duplication between the two clips below. In terms of theatrically released films, Alicia Vikander's nude scene is one of the better ones so far this year.

Maria Schrader in Lose My Self (2014)

Maricel Alvarez in Biutiful (2010) in 1080hd

A classic in 1080hd: Pascale Ogier in Full Moon in Paris (1984)


Scarlett Johansson doesn't look as good in a bikini as she does in her superhero togs.