TV Round-Up

Last night's Camelot (episode 7) featured quite a bit of nudity

In the opening scene, Eva Green showed her butt and some oblique views of her breasts. Sample below.

Later on, the scheming Morgan (Eva Green) staged a nude dance followed by an orgy for Arthur's knights. The dancers were not identified. The scene cut back and forth from nudity to other action. Rather than interrupt the continuity of the action, I let the clip run straight through, so it's about a 5 minute scene. There's even an occasional peek of pubes (or merkin) - see below for an example.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Beyond Re-Animator


Elsa Pataky clips (caps below)

Raquel Gribler clips (caps below)




All today's movies are from 2006

American Pie Presents The Naked Mile

With a name like American Pie Presents The Naked Mile (2006) we are not disappointed. There are plenty of naked women (and men, if you're that way inclined). The full nakedness comes from some runners not identified.

The other women are shown in different stages of undress:

Alexis Maitland

Alyssa Nicole Pallett

Angel Lewis


Candace Koslak


Jaclyn A. Smith


Jessy Schram

Joann Alderson

Jordan Madley

Lauren Boutette

Melanie Merkosky

Michelle Cormier

Michelle Suppa

Mika Winkler

Stephany Sexton

Trisha Echeverria

The Break-Up

The nudity in The Break-Up (2006) comes from a blurry Jennifer Aniston bum, if you don't count her breast shots that appeared in a French magazine a few years ago.

Special features:

Some unknown women are in their underwear

 and Joey Lauren Adams is looking good.

Bring It On: All or Nothing

No nudity in Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006), just some cleavage by Hayden Panettiere, such as it is.


No real nudity in Broken (2006), maybe a bit of a nipple slip by Heather Graham.


The other women look good: Bianca Lawson,

Jessica Stroup,

Linda Hamilton

 and Valerie Azlynn.

The Darwin Awards

Juliette Lewis flashes a nipple in The Darwin Awards (2006)

 and Winona Ryder is in her underwear.

Date Movie

No nudity in Date Movie (2006). Pokies by Sophie Monk


 and Carmen Electra is wearing very little.

Carmen in the DVD extras

The others are looking good: Alyson Hannigan,

Marie Matiko

(Marie in the DVD extras)

, Valery Ortiz

(Valerie in the DVD extras)

 and some not identified.

Deja Vu

Some breast exposure by Paula Patton in Deja Vu (2006).

The Elder Son

No nudity in The Elder Son (2006). Leelee Sobieski


 and Regina Hall are looking good.

Friends with Money

More Jennifer Aniston in Friends with Money (2006), and I love her French maid's outfit.

Grandma's Boy

Some enhanced breasts shown by Heidi Hawking in Grandma's Boy (2006).

Gray Matters

No nudity in Gray Matters (2006). Bridget Moynahan is in her underwear,

as is Gillian Hutchinson.

 Molly Shannon flashes a bit of cleavage,

and Heather Graham


and April Telek are looking good.

The Hoax

Julie Delpy briefly flashes a bit of breast in The Hoax (2006).

A movie of Julie's scene is attached. (Index below)


The nudity in I-See-You.Com (2006) comes from Baelyn Neff's nipple which pokes out.


 Rosanna Arquette shows her bum, but it is more likely to be a body double - it looks a bit too good.


Tiffany Baldwin looks good.

Movies showing Rosanna's and Baelyn's scenes are attached. (Indices below)

Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy

Sarah Chalke is down to her underwear in Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy (2006).

and Ursula Campbell shows some pokies

Live Once, Die Twice

The topless nudity in Live Once, Die Twice (2006) is by a stripper played by Patricia Stasiak.

Kellie Martin is also supposedly naked, but nothing is shown.


Cindy Sampson

 and Sadie LeBlanc are both in their underwear.

Love Is the Drug

Some side boob by Lizzy Caplan but not a lot can be seen in Love Is the Drug (2006).

Jenny Wade looks sexy in a bikini.

Marie Antoinette

A bit of nudity in Marie Antoinette (2006). Kirsten Dunst shows her bum and some see-through nipple.


from the special features;

The Marine

Pokies by Kelly Carlson in The Marine (2006)

 and Christina Lindley looks good in a bikini.

The Marsh

Pokies by Gabrielle Anwar in The Marsh (2006).


The nudity in Park (2006) is by a topless Anne Dudek  and Melanie Lynskey.

 Izabelle Miko is in her underwear

 and Dagney Kerr keeps the goodies hidden taking a bath.

The Shaggy Dog

No nudity in The Shaggy Dog (2006). Kristin Davis

and Zena Grey are in bikinis.

Something New

Sanaa Lathan is in her underwear in Something New (2006).

 Tanya Wideman-Davis shows some pokies.

The TV Set

The TV Set (2006) has Lindsay Sloane in her underwear

 and Kaitlin Doubleday showing some cleavage.




Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty